Page 3 - Sick Drummer Magazine Issue 29 - Hannes Grossmann
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We hope you are all enjoying the new magazine plat- form and its added functionality, including the media and social sharing attributes. We are certainly more happy with it and plan on adding to it shortly.Our reach and numbers continue to grow and we would like to thank all of you for the support! We now reach a total near 310,000 subscribers and those who follow or subscribe to our social media pages. This number would not normally be that impressive, but when you look at the interaction we experience on our social pages, it just blows minds.What started off as just an idea has grown to become a massive online community of drummers and continues to gain respect. We are now one of the most recognized drum resources in the world, and possibly on other planets as well ;)If you are able to film yourself doing song play- through’s, short lessons, gear reviews/demonstrations, we would love to see what you have and feature your material on our sites! Additionally, we are always open to gear reviews, tour blogs and any other number of ways to help you promote! Just get in touch...Thanks for the continued support!Until next time...Stay True, Ian Macdonald - SDMSEAN REINERT DEREK RODDY BOBBY JARZOMBEK DAVE CULROSS TIM YEUNG GEORGE KOLLIAS STEVE ASHEIM CHRIS PENNIE ADAM JARVISJOHN MERRYMAN ELLIOT HOFFMAN DUANE TIMLIN GUS RIOS,DROSS OF SOTHIS MIKE HELLER EYAL LEVINIR NAKAVDAVID MCGRAW JAMES PAYNE TOMASZ PILASIEWICZAND MANY OTHERS...

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