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To learn more, visit or with all of us prior to reforming the band, careers.
visit us at family, etc. which hindered the reformation. Frank
Buffolino and Ray will not be making their way back
to the band, but as stated earlier, Chris and Brian
SDM: How did the last album Onward to Mecca are back in and Frank Rini will be doing some stuff
turn out for the band? as well. The current lineup is: Chris Pervelis: Guitar,
Me: Drums, Brian Hobbie: Guitar, Jason Liff: Bass
Production-wise it was one of our better produced and Keith DeVito: vocals. It s a killer lineup and we
albums. We recorded with Joe at Full Force Studio. have become so mature as musicians and people
He did a great job. The band was able to tour twice that things seem to be a lot easier than they were.
in support of this CD and the tour was received
rather well. The recording of the album just didn t
feel the same - I mean I didn t really feel the magic SDM: Back in the day of the NY death metal days
ya know? I guess the first time not having Chris what were some of the band s that really stood out
and Brian recording and playing live with us made for their intense drumming?
things feel pretty empty and incomplete.
At the time bands like, Afterbirth, Necorsis,
Dehumanized, were rippin it up with great material
SDM: When you look back at your days with and live shows. Human Remains always blew me
Internal Bleeding what was your best album away, and of course Anthony from Mortal Decay is
as far as playing, and great drum sounds are not to be trifled with.
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW I think The Extinction of Benevolence was the SDM: Do you remember being featured in Pete from

BILLTOLLEY even though the production wasn t quite there. metal drumming printed magazine) back in the late
Nile s Dead Beat Magazine (Editor s note: A death
best as far as my drum sound and drumming,
sub Headline interest text
90 s?
Everything from us playing our instruments to the
song structures was more technical and on a much
higher level than before. I had a lot of creative
Voracious Contempt at the time. I gotta find that
freedom on that album and worked really hard on Totally! I think we were in the studio recording
making sure every fill and every beat was just right. interview. Pete is an incredibly a cool guy.
internal bleeding BY: NOEL SMART I m glad we re working some of these tunes into our
SDM: What has been one of Internal Bleeding s
main problem for staying alive as a band? Was their
successful European tour with Disgorge and SDM: What is it like to be part of the NY Death trouble with former labels or members?
Beheaded and we just signed a two album deal metal scene?
SDM: What have you been doing since Internal Well... the record companies were never really
Bleeding has been put on hold since 2004? with Unique Leader records. Our album Imperium behind us which really is disheartening. We did one
should be out sometime in the fall a date hasn t It s definitely an honor to be part of a well-recog-
been set yet. nized and respected scene. So many great bands tour for the Voracious CD and had offers for many
I was entering the FDNY Fire Academy which took have come out of New York. more, but Pavement dropped the ball. It would
up a few months to complete. I got married in 2008, This album is really going to take the Internal have been great to tour the daylights out of those
started a family in 2009 and just recently, bought a albums. We had to do most everything ourselves
house. Quite obviously we are not on hold anymore Bleeding sound to a new level. All the groove and SDM: Will Internal Bleeding ever reform? Any and it becomes exhausting and leads to burnout
slam is there, but there s also some really cool and
and we ve been busy writing new material, playing different things going on as well. We re all really chances of the older members like Frank Rini, Ray and personnel changes. What s it like being the
shows and generally having a good time. My life excited because this is surely the best stuff we ve Lebron, Frank Buffolino or Chris Pervelis back in the only original member of Internal Bleeding? Chris
is very full and I feel quite lucky to have so many ever done. band? and Brian are back as well.
wonderful things happening at this time.
Check out a smaple from a video we shot The band reformed in March of 2011. Chris, Brian
A lot has happened with Internal Bleeding in the and myself always kept in touch and finally in SDM: Have you been keeping track of all the
past few months. We finished a killer and very here: 2011 the time was right. There was a lot going on original and ex-members of Internal Bleeding like
watch?v=Sx_uxjk9FtE Guy Marchais and Brian Hobbie for example?

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