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Duane Timlin Interview Available
Tuesday, 10 July 2007 10:24

Our interview with Duane Timlin last night, is now available in our PodCast Downloads section. You need to be logged in to access the free Mp3 interview files. Feel free to login and choose "PodCast Downloads" from the User Menu. The User Menu will become available in the right side navigation when you login. Thanks and spread the word... Next week we will be interviewing Mike Ranne of My Bitter End.

New Video Interviews Posted
Sunday, 08 July 2007 20:17

Check out the SickDrummer YouTube Channel and see some new interviews. There is new footage of Mike Laughlin (Cattle Decapitation) and interviews from Duane Timlin, Eric Park, Elliott Sellers and more on the way! Don't miss our Live PodCast Interview with Duane tomorrow night @ 9:00pm EST. Check out the PodCast Details page for all the information...

Подвал весьма редко посещался кем-либо еще, "Скачать семен слепаков mp3" за исключением технического "скачать фильм ты мне я тебе" персонала.

Душа в ней всколыхнулась до самой глубины.

Как я "программы для мобильный телефонов скачать" и говорил в этом совсем нет необходимости, продолжил Спайер.

ГНЕВ "список игр человек паук" КАРДИНАЛА Возвращались мы сквозь толщу фиолетового тумана или взвеси, не мешавшей "музыка michel telo скачать" дышать, но мешавшей видеть и слышать, "русский майнкрафт скачать" как мне показалось, несколько дольше, чем когда въезжали в "голоса для навигатора скачать" континуум.

Скорее всего, он сейчас наверху с "игры для мальчиков звездные войны" Барэном или с Королевой, или они все вместе.

x x x Танатос "файн ридер скачать программу" сидел на костяном троне и изучал "вверх вниз вверх вниз туда сюда скачать" модель дворца, которую вызвал к жизни.

Corey Harnish - An Inspiration
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 17:41

Corey HarnishMy name is Ccorey Harnish, I was paralized until the age of 15, which is when I decided to play the drums! I had only the movement of my left arm and my friend decided if the guy from def leppard could do it, so could I. So on New Years eve 2003, me and my best friend Joel sat down to try and figure out how I could play. For some reason, we put my hi-hat stand on the right side and my snare on the left.  It all started from there...

We realized that I would have to be able to hit 2 things at once, but I only had the use of one hand. Some how we figured out that I had to hold one stick normally and one stick between my ring and pinky fingers. I also had to force my left leg to work. I owe everything I am today, to Joel Nix, for never giving up on me. At first, when I would tell people I played the drums, they would just laugh at me and say "yea right", but that is what motivated me 2 practice the drums 8 hours a day. (everyday). So now, no one can laugh anymore!

I have been in and out of many bands, but this is the band for me. We play our music, with the hopes of changing kids lives! and I really hope my story will be the reason for a change in someone's life someday... 

You can contact Corey and his band, "They Were Outlaws" on their MySpace page .


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