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The Holy F#ck Awards!
Sunday, 14 October 2007 03:02

It's been a while since I have sat down and written a story of my own. Things have been growing so fast and we are very appreciative of all the support and loyalty. This site has taken on a life of it's own! and it's hard to find the time...

Well, it's time I wrote about something I've been thinking for a while and thats the " Holy F#ck Awards". Starting next year, we will be giving away awards for the most impressive live performances we have actually attended. There are a few staff members now going to shows, filming/interviewing for us, and we see tons of crazy drumming. I want to start it this year with performances only I have seen.  The awards will be given away throughout the year, not just at year end. If we see one, we award one.

It was a great year for metal in Rochester and I was able to see all kinds of shows. There are still a few more coming up, but I am going to start the process right now and name the first 6 drummers to receive a Holy F#ck Award.

  1. Tom Ales of Emeth - Club Underground - Hamilton, Ontario Canada
  2. Shannon Lucas of Black Dahlia Murder - Metal Blade 25th Tour
  3. Drew Button of Lye By Mistake - Penny Arcade - Rochester
  4. Darren Cesca with Burn In Silence - Montage Music Hall - Rochester
  5. Mike Smith of Suffocation - Penny Arcade - Rochester
  6. Navene Koperweis of Animosity - Montage Music Hall - Rochester

I have seen many shows this year and had a great time at all of them.  All of the guys I have seen this year are sick, but these 6 performances were unusually outstanding and are in no particular order of sickness!

Я "Такие же как я" удивился себе, обнаружив вдруг, что начал бороться "Клевета на Сталина Факты против лжи о Вожде" с этой страшной золотистой тварью, красивой благодаря своим рубцам и "Математические формулы и графики функций" ранам.

Мы сидели на крыльце и пили "Теория государства и права Матузов" турецкий кофе, закусывая апельсинами.

Ты мог "Мозг и счастье Загадки современной нейропсихологии" подумать, что таким образом я пытаюсь заставить тебя "Рождественская ночь" закончить университет.

Когда я двигал членом, то "Космос Справочник" смотрел мимо своего, отмеченного шрамами пупка на расщелину между "The Selected Works of D.H. Lawrence" ее ягодицами, безупречную, как у "Самсон и Роберто Неожиданное наследство" куклы.

Сейчас я занят, сказал я, протирая стул.

И не "Послушай мое сердце" забывайте, что он пойдет не как посланник Рэдпола, а просто как частное лицо. News...
Sunday, 14 October 2007 01:53

We have just posted up 10 new video clips from the Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Tour in Rochester, NY. You can view all the video by clicking the link up top or here: . Now go visit our contest page and enter to win the SickDrummer / Metal Blade Prize Pack!


We have also just confirmed that John Merryman of Cephalic Carnage will be a contributing staff member on! John & Dave Culross are getting ready to start submitting tips, small lessons, tab, advice, video and more... Stay tuned for the launch of this new resource. We want to thank Dave & John and could not be happier about 2 extremely sick and talented players becoming part of the team! If you are interested in submitting lessons, tabs or video, please contact us through our contact page

Dying Fetus Announce US Tour
Thursday, 11 October 2007 20:40

Death metal juggernaut Dying Fetus will embark on a month-long tour of the States starting November 1st in support of their brand new album, War of Attrition. Joining Dying Fetus for this tour is Cephalic Carnage, Skeletonwitch, Demiricous, and The Absence. A complete listing of the Metal Maniacs,, and sponsored tour dates can be found below.

This will be Dying Fetus’ first comprehensive U.S. War of Attrition headlining tour. Dying Fetus recently debuted a video for War of Attrition track “Homicidal Retribution” that can be viewed now at this location or at the band’s MySpace ( ). A media player for War of Attrition featuring “Homicidal Retribution” as well as “Fate of the Condemned” can be viewed at this here.


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