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Corey Harnish - An Inspiration
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 17:41

Corey HarnishMy name is Ccorey Harnish, I was paralized until the age of 15, which is when I decided to play the drums! I had only the movement of my left arm and my friend decided if the guy from def leppard could do it, so could I. So on New Years eve 2003, me and my best friend Joel sat down to try and figure out how I could play. For some reason, we put my hi-hat stand on the right side and my snare on the left.  It all started from there...

We realized that I would have to be able to hit 2 things at once, but I only had the use of one hand. Some how we figured out that I had to hold one stick normally and one stick between my ring and pinky fingers. I also had to force my left leg to work. I owe everything I am today, to Joel Nix, for never giving up on me. At first, when I would tell people I played the drums, they would just laugh at me and say "yea right", but that is what motivated me 2 practice the drums 8 hours a day. (everyday). So now, no one can laugh anymore!

I have been in and out of many bands, but this is the band for me. We play our music, with the hopes of changing kids lives! and I really hope my story will be the reason for a change in someone's life someday... 

You can contact Corey and his band, "They Were Outlaws" on their MySpace page .

Brutal Truth Euro Shows
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 17:29

Reunited seminal grindcore / extreme metal outfit Brutal Truth are currently grinding it out over Europe with a number of headlining shows and festival appearances.  The band most recently performed as part of Hellfest in France, Graspop in Belgium and Trashfest in Holland. Brutal Truth drummer Rich Hoak comments on the shows: “All 3 shows were amazing!!  We were blown away by both the turnout and the response of the crowds and the enormous crazy moshpits!!  Brutal Truth would like to send our thanks to all fans who came out for their support!!!  It was awesome to see old friends too!!!”  

Sean Reinert Promoting Us!
Sunday, 01 July 2007 14:20

Sean Reinert in Norway, playing with Cynic, GrindStix and wearing his T-Shirt! Nice.... Thanks Sean! The link would not work for me in Internet Explorer, I had to play it in The FireFox browser...  


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