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NAMM 2014 - Crush Drums Booth - M1 Series Pedals and Hardware - Life Tree Sculpture - New Colors and Sizes
Thursday, 30 January 2014 20:26
The Crush M1 Series Pedal was light enough, yet very solid in construction. We have seen the double pedal (with case) for sale ranging from around $399.00 to $420.00 and would easily say the price is fitting for the quality of the product. The single pedal with case retails for around $229.00.
The Crush M1 Series Double Bass Drum Pedals offer customizable, high-performance features and amazingly durable construction. This Crush M1 Pedal features an adjustable footboard, a quick and easy conversion from standard to longboard, double glide chain, dual-surface beaters and heavy-duty coatings. In addition, the double pedal includes a direct-drive adapter and a hard plastic case.
Pedal Specs:
• Machined Aluminum Footboards
• Pressed Brass Heel Plate Bearings
• Adjustable Cam
• Independently Adjustable Footboard
• Double Smooth Glide Chain
• Direct Drive Adapter Included
• Pedal Tool Included
• Modular Design Allows Conversion of Single to Double Pedals
• Dual Surface Beater
• Heavy Duty Coating
• Hard Plastic Case For Single and Double Pedals
New to the series is the M1 Hi-Hat Stand. Constructed with a solid aluminum framework, machined footboard, 2-leg support and heavy duty 1.1” tubing, the M1 Hi-Hat Stand delivers rugged durability and precise functionality. We stomped on this stand and the video is correct, it's very durable and super-stable.
Additionally, the Crush Booth was the talk of NAMM due to this amazing "Life Tree" sculpture by Sawbladehead Designs. This thing was absolutely amazing, details everywhere we looked and it apparently only took about 20-25 minutes to put together. There was not one stroll we made past their booth that didn't have swarms of people checking it out and taking photographs. It was simply stunning.
Crush Drums also introduced three new kits at NAMM this year, a bunch of new colors and some new sizes, adding to their existing product lines. The Crush Acrylic Series is now available in Red. A 20", 10", 12" and 16" configuration is now available in both Red and the original Clear acrylic finish. The new Eminent Birch Series kits feature 100% North American Birch shells and four killer new finishes: Blue/Silver Sparkle Fade, Satin Walnut, Satin Vintage White and Red Sparkle. The Chameleon Complete Series includes a 5-piece hardware pack (standard) and comes in four finishes: Black, White and the new Light Blue Sparkle and Metallic Orange colors. The Sublime AXM Series kit is now available in two new finishes: Trans Satin Black w/ Silver Sparkle and High-Gloss White w/ Silver Sparkle.
Winter NAMM 2014 took place in Anaheim, California, January 23rd - 26th and was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.
For more on Crush Drums, please visit their website here:

NAMM 2014 - Billy Cobham - TAMA 40th Anniversary Party
Thursday, 30 January 2014 18:15
This footage was taken during the TAMA Drums 40th Anniversary Party, which was attended by the entire Hoshino family. Players included: Billy Cobham, Lenny White, Charlie Benante, Spanky McCurdy, Simon Phillips, and Mike Portnoy, all with insanely talented bands playing with them. This was taken from the front row with one camera and an external mic. Anton and I were lucky enough to have gotten there early enough for front row! We sat next to Billy's family and Ronald Bruner Jr's Mom! It was amazing... We hope you enjoy this inside look at a NAMM special event!
The evening started off with a video history of the brand from the early 1970's, leading up to today. The room was amazing, equipt with ultra-huge LCD display screens on either side of the stage and the sound was immense. We would like to thank Aaron Vishria for making sure Sick Drummer Magazine had VIP access for covering this stellar evening of drumming. 
Each group played for about ten minutes and there were video appearances in between from some who could not attend. Stewart Copeland of The Police was even on scene for a quick speech, and was his usual entertaining self. Closing the event was a five-kit drum circle that featured Rayford Griffin, John Blackwell, Billy Rymer, Blake and Ronald Bruner Jr.
Winter NAMM 2014 took place in Anaheim, California, January 23rd - 26th and was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.
More new gear pictures and news can be found on the TAMA website:

Sick Drummer Magazine - Top 25 Drumming Albums of 2013
Thursday, 30 January 2014 17:18

Our team has gone back and forth over a few different lists and have decided on these 25 records. They are not in any particular order of most to least favorite, but simply in a list. We do not like to say one is better than another, but feel these 25 performances were the best of what there was to choose from last year. Sure, there were other great records! We can't list them all, but these just happened to be our favorites. 
Thanks to all the amazing drummers for giving us such great works to enjoy and share.
Mike Hamilton - Deeds of Flesh - Portals To Canaan
Dave Culross - Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam
Robin Stone - The Amenta - Flesh is Heir
Luis Martinez - Oblivion - Called To Rise
Dirk Verbeuren - Soilwork - The Living Infinite
Daniel Wilding - Carcass - Surgical Steel
George Kollias - ADE - Spartacus
Mike Hamilton - Exhumed - Necrocracy
Phil Dubois - Revocation - Revocation
David Husvik - Extol - Extol
Jamie Saint Merat - Ulcerate - Vermis
Ron Nelson - Rivers of Nihil - The Conscious Seed of Light
Sami Latva - Rotten Sound - Species At War
Billy Rymer - The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us is the Killer
Adam Jarvis - Fulgora - Crutch/Spliter EP
Danny Walker - Intronaut - Habitual Levitations
Francesco Paoli - Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth
Steve Shalaty - Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy
Andrew Baird - Fallujah - Nomadic
Lille Gruber - Defeated Sanity - Passages into Deformity
Peter Wildoer - Darkane - The Sinister Supremacy
Doug Bohn/Dave Culross - Pyrexia - Feast of Iniquity
Anthony Ipri - Mortal Decay - The Blueprint for Blood Spatter
Steve Asheim - Deicide - In The Minds of Evil
Pete Webber - Havok - Unnatural Selection


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