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Doug Anderson - Unfathomable Ruination - Exclusive ‘Finitude’ Behind The Scenes Montage
Tuesday, 20 September 2016 17:21

An exclusive behind the scenes look into the writing and rehearsal process behind Unfathomable Ruination's new album 'Finitude,’ with drummer Doug Anderson. Check out some exclusive video clips of him recording and writing. These demos were the final stepping-stone in the writing process before the band finalized their Sophomore release.

Doug recorded the drums at his home, using an H4N Zoom recorder, an SM57 and his Alesis DM5 module. The kit is a Pearl Export ELX, and the cymbals are Sabian HHX, HH and AAX (plus a couple of cheap Staggs). The snare is an old model Mapex Black Panther in steel, and Doug plays Pearl Eliminator pedals.

Darren Cesca - Eschaton - Behold The Nexus - Exclusive Play-Through
Wednesday, 31 August 2016 14:25

This Darren Cesca - Eschaton - Behold The Nexus - Exclusive Play-Through video is a multiple-angle video of the track “Behold the Nexus” from Eschaton's Sentinel Apocalypse, the band's 2015 debut on Unique Leader Records.  "Behold the Nexus is an aggressive and dynamic track that takes you on a journey throughout. We wanted to reveal the many layers of this composition in order to give a better sense both of how it sounds and how it looks when played."


Equipment used in this video

Drum Gear:

Spaun Drums (Used my former drumkit in the video)

TRX Cymbals

dB Drum Shoes



Guitar gear:

Guitars: Jackson SLATTXMG3-6 Soloist and Ibanez ARZ307

Amp: Peavey JSX

Cab: Marshall

Picks: Jim Dunlop Jazz III XL Series

Pedals: Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and MXR Smartgate


Eschaton has begun work on a new release set for 2017. It's currently in the pre-production phase but we hope to have more news on it soon! For now check out the video and thank you everyone for the support!
Check out the band and follow us for updates!

Deeds of Flesh Welcome Drummer Darren Cesca
Wednesday, 10 August 2016 15:32

Brutal tech death behemoths Deeds of Flesh are very pleased to welcome drummer Darren Cesca (Eschaton, Goratory, Pillory etc.) to the fold. Cesca takes the place of longtime basher Mike Hamilton (Exhumed) who amicably parted ways with the band late last month.  

Offers Deeds of Flesh in a collective statement: "This was a tough one but we -- the band and Mike -- all felt it was in the best interest for everyone for us to part ways. By no means are we not still great friends and always will be. It was a great ride and Mike was always there for anyone who needed any kind of help and a killer drummer. We wish him all the best on future projects.

We are pleased and very excited to announce that Darren Cesca will be featured on the next release on percussion. He is well-known within the drummer community and highly looked up to for his talents. For those of you who do not know Darren, he is a beast behind the drum kit, has a lot to offer to the Deeds of Flesh sound dynamically and fits perfect with what all our visions are. Darren has composed all the drum patterns from start to finish on all the tracks and is doing an amazing job. We will have more news in the weeks ahead in regards to the new album."

Adds Cesca of the union, "I am excited to announce that I will be working on the new Deeds of Flesh record and am definitely pumped about the opportunity. I remember back in the day the first time I heard Path Of The Weakening and the sheer brutality and unrelenting style of death metal that came across. Deeds of Flesh has evolved over the years and It's great where they're at musically in 2016. Their style is even more technical and dynamic now which I think fits perfectly with what I do. I'm excited at the chance to collaborate with the band and enhance the music with what I bring to the table. My goal as always is to help be a part of the best album that an artist can put out to date and create a memorable listener experience. I'm looking forward to the challenge and can't wait for everyone to hear what lies ahead!"


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