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Chad Smith - Since I've Been Loving You - Bonzo Bash - NAMM 2016
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 20:06

Bonzo Bash Jamm 2016Chad Smith "Since I've Been Loving You." Bonzo Bash is a yearly celebration of John Henry Bonham, brought to you by Ludwig Drums, and produced by Brian Tichy at each years NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Be sure to check out the facebook page about the event, and more importantly, go see one! They're stacked with talent, and are a blast to watch!

Chad Smith, drummer best known for his work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, showed up and gave an amazing performance. Laid back and just grooving, much like the man being honored would have done himself. Chad played "Since I've Been Loving You," with backing band The Moby Dicks, and it was pure joy to watch.


The Drummers This Year Included:

Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross/Slayer)
Ray Luzier (Korn)
Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction)
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)
Mike Terrana (Rage/Yngwie Malmsteen/Tony MacAlpine)
Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/Whitesnake)
Simon Wright (AC/DC/Dio)
And many more…

The Moby Dicks Are:

Michael Devin (bass)
Stephen LeBlanc (keys)
Brian Tichy (gtr)
Brent Woods (gtr)
Chas West (vox)

Sick Drummer Magazine captured the entire evening and will be posting more videos here in the coming days. We also captured most of the "HURRY! A Celebration of Rush Music," and some of the "Randy Rhoads Remembered Tribute." Be sure to check back, and feel free to share the link wherever you like! There is no other footage out there like this footage! We were honored to be part of it, the only ones with stage/kit access, and are more than happy to bring this footage to you.

To see Sick Drummer Magazine NAMM Footage from last year, click here.

SDM Welcomes Jeanne E Thomas - Interview Staff
Monday, 18 January 2016 20:32

Sick Drummer Magazine is extremely happy to announce our newest contributing interview staff member, Jeanne E. Thomas (better known as JET) of Metal Messiah Radio. We have been working with JET for years on various promotions, including the SDM Brutal Beatings Compilation, where she has provided tons of airplay and conducted many interviews with the artists featured on our compilations. Her contribution to the world of metal is nearly immeasurable, and we are looking forward to a continued working relationship, and now partnership. Below are just a few examples of bands she has covered over the years, under different outlets, and a link to some of her print interview samples:

Music Underground Entertainment News 2006-2010 (Distributed hard copy and digital): Cattle Decapitation, Cannibal Corpse, Abigail Williams, Psyopus, Otep, Yigael's Wall, Artep, Razor of Occam etc...

Rock Thiz Magazine 2012-2013 (distributed hardcopy and digital): Scorpions, Third Eye Blind, Def Con One, Barren Earth, Speed Kill Hate, Catamenia, Whiplash etc..

Metal Messiah Radio DJ and Administrator 2009-present - Interviewed 100's of artists like: Obituary, Rotting Christ, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Devin Townsend, Machine Head, Hate Eternal, Mayhem, Behemoth, Demonica, Nile, Deicide, Testament, Grave, Marduk, Flotsam and Jetsam, Gruesome, and on and on… Plus Sick Drummer Specials with drummers including: Kevin Talley, Gus Rios, George Kollias, Derek Roddy and Tim Yeung. 

Jeanne also appears in 2 books in the "Metal Queens" series by Carnifex press: "Metal Queens Death Metal" Volume 1 number 1, and " Metal Queens Black Metal" Volume 1 Number 3.

Interview Print Samples -

Welcome to the team JET! Here’s to an amazing 2016 together… SDM

Adam Jarvis ‘Conjuring The Cull’ Video Contest Winner Announced!
Thursday, 03 December 2015 22:28

In conjunction with Season of Mist Records, Sick Drummer Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the drum play-through video contest, with drummer Adam Jarvis of Misery Index/Pig Destroyer. While all the entries were great to watch, and much appreciated, Adam picked Matthew Paulazzo’s entry as the winner. Matthew will be receiving a 16” Sabian AA Rock Crash, signed by the members of Misery Index and Pig Destroyer, as well as a copy of “The Killing Gods” CD from Misery Index. But that's not all... EVERYBODY WINS on this contest! Read below for details, and thank you Season of Mist.

A Little About Matthew Palazzo:

Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Matt has been playing drums for 8 years. He currently play drums in numerous local acts in the twin cities, such as: Upon His Flesh, Amiensus, and Aetheric and has also played for other acts like: By The Thousands, and In Search of Solace. Matthew loves drumming, particularly extreme metal drumming, and recently started a youtube channel where he intends to start having more covers up on a regular basis. Matt has been hugely inspired by drummers such as: George Kollias, Alex Rudinger, Chason Westmoreland, Hannes Grossman, Anthony Barone and of course Adam Jarvis, to name just a few. He works hard to continue improving, with the intent to be truly great one day. Matthew understands that this can only come through continued hard work and dedication. 

Matt’s Gear:

Gretsch Catalina Birch Kit:

Kick 22" x 20"

Tom 10" x 8"

Tom 12" x 10"

Floor Tom 14" x 16"

Tama S.L.P Snare - 14" x 6” with Evans Hybrid Head

Evans Heads

Paiste Dark Energy Signature Crashes 16" and 18"

Paiste Signature Hi-Hats 14"

Paiste RUDE China 18"

Paiste 2002 Cup Chime 6"

Paiste Alpha Splash

Sabian HH Raw Bell Dry Ride 20"

Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double Pedal

Trick Sb-1 Laser Trigger System

Db Drum Shoes

EVERYBODY WINS! - As there were only a handful of people crazy enough to attempt covering Adam Jarvis, some being as young as 11 years old, Adam and Season of Mist Records have decided to give everyone who entered a prize. All other contestants will be receiving a Limited Misery Index ‘The Killing Gods’ Digibox, which includes: CD in jewel case with slipcase (alternate art on the cover - with bonus track), a metal pin, a printed patch and 3 vinyl stickers!

Here are the other contestants and their entry links:

Jesus Fernandez:

Ethan The Drummer:

Felipe Burgos:


Unbreakable Hatred:

Little Simon:

Congrats to all and thank you for taking the time to enter! Stay tuned for more great contests and prizes from Sick Drummer Magazine!


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