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Tim Yeung Talks About Divine Heresy
Wednesday, 25 July 2007 23:43

2 more video clips can be seen on the Divine Heresy MysPace page. 

Dying Fetus Replaces Duane Timlin
Friday, 20 July 2007 18:09

"We would like to announce the addition of new drummer Trey Williams, from Baltimore, MD. (ex-tortured, severed head, covenance). We regret it has become necessary to part ways with Duane Timlin, however we thank Duane for his contributions to the band and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. This lineup change will not have any effect on our tour plans, which will go ahead as scheduled. Trey gave us a fantastic audition, we have seen firsthand that he has the rofessionalism and dedication we would expect". DF

Duane is immediately looking for another serious project to join, if you would like to contact Duane, send us a message and we'll get it over to him... Good luck Trey!

Culross Corner Introduction
Thursday, 19 July 2007 21:10

"I would like to start the column off with with a brief overview and explain what I would like to accomplish. My biggest reward from playing the drums, is to see the knowledge and ability to make great music, spread trough the people I help. This way, we may all benefit from hearing better musicianship in players".  Please login or register for a free user account and read the rest of Dave's intro statement ...Then check back often, for new column posts from one of the Masters of Metal Drumming, Dave Culross.

Dave and Malevolent Creation are confirmed for the Brutal Assault Fest in the Czech Republic, on August 10th and the Party Sans Fest the next day, August 11th in Germany. Then, August 19th they co-headline with Posessed (their only US performance) in California at the Gathering of the Beastial Legions Fest. Dave says, "I am psyched because we will be playing some new tunes and because these should be killer fests!" 

В "Помилованные бедой" темноте очень легко перепутать.

по "В поисках вечности Легенды и мифы Востока" глазам угадывать его малейшие желания "Трамвай в саду" и все их исполнять.

Поль проснулся "Китайско-русский словарь идиом" бодрым и энергичным.

В нем, "Заговор против террора" когда я человек, "Итальянская кухня" меня не арестуют за "Штурмовые отряды" неприличный вид.

И все же "Теория бух. учета Кутер" он имел доступ к какому-то "Полное затмение" другому источнику пищи.

Поль "Кентавр" отрицательно тряхнул головой.


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