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Despised Window!
Sunday, 12 August 2007 23:55

This is Alex from Despised Icon practicing... Sick video! They are on tour right now with Job For a Cowboy, The Faceless and A Life Once Lost. Click read more for tour dates.


Your Own Profile Page & More...
Wednesday, 08 August 2007 11:51

Everyone who has a free user account on and all future members, can now login and edit their own profile page! The user menu will appear on the top left when you are logged in and there are some new items. We have added a community building attribute to the website that allows you to have your own profile! You can also have your own URL "".

Right now you can blog, list your own personal details, request friends with other members, mail other members, link video to your page and more. Record some footage of yourself drumming, load it up to YouTube, Google Video or Ifilm and then link it right to your page! There will be other features added shortly... Please check it out and let us know what you think. Please keep the topics of your blogs drum related, Thank You... Ian

  • PLEASE READ THIS: When you are pasting a video code on your profile page "My Video" section, DO NOT upload the whole code provided by YouTube!!! Just hit the help button for instructions... Thanks 

Just Playin...
Saturday, 04 August 2007 18:11

We have decided to change the website around, for content placement purposes. The design will be changing and progressing over the next week or so... If anyone has a suggestion for a new content area, we would gladly read it. Thanks - 

Мы только что честно и "The Enchantress of Florence" благородно отыграли ее у "Практика применения АПК РФ" этих славных ребят из Хаоса.

Впрочем, "Вы можете победить рак" это еще ничего не значит.

Что меня "Счет для маленьких" больше всего поражает, так это "Наблюдая за евреями" его внезапное появление в клинике на "ГК РФ ч. 1, 2, 3, 4" Отражении Земля, и в особенности обстоятельства, которые привели "Король говорит" его туда.

скажем, не обязан ли я "Безопасность платежей в Интернете" Мандору или тебе в большинстве смертей.

Возможно, я позабыл "Little Dorrit" упомянуть, что этим мечом был "Глупая лошадь" Молебой.

Что-то быстро пронеслось высоко над собором и произвело звучный гул.


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