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Dublin Death Patrol Re-Emerges!
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 20:10

Friday The 13th Dublin Death Patrol Re-Emerges From The Bay Area Thrash Scene!!! 

The  collaboration of long time friends and members of  the Dublin Death Patrol (DDP) Testament Vocalist Chuck Billy originally teamed up with fellow Dublin California ragers;  Willy Lange (Rampage, Laaz Rockit),  Steve ZETRO Souza (Original Testament Vocalist/Exodus Vocalist) and three of the  Billy Brother s as well as some other local Dublin boys. The seeds were planted in or about 1980 with a bay area thrash band called Dublin Death PatrolRampage featuring neighborhood kids from Dublin California, Chuck Billy with his brother Andy Billy, Greg Bustamante, Ernie Boehm and Willie Lange. The guys were about 18 years old and had all known each other since they were about 5.  The guys grew up listening  to a variety of bands from Zepplin, Kiss, Aerosmith to The Dead Kennedys and The Sex Pistols; and were influenced by the sounds of the  late 70’s and early 80’s.  This  time period was a great time for a bunch of kids who lived out in the burbs, and the boys from Dublin with their long hair and their naïve attitudes would go to the clubs to rage and see The Dead Kennedy’s and  whatever punk shows that  trails through the Bay area.    Willie Lange recalls,  “ We learned quickly that people in the big city were a little different”. The boys from Dublin got into more than a few fights before any reputation was established and hence the Dublin Death Patrol was born. Most of the guys that comprised the “Patrol” were big boys with quite an edge to them. Willy states, “We were out to make a name for ourselves and word spread quick that we were not to be fucked with!  

One legendary incident that gets brought up (and laughed about) is the time that Willy Lange was playing his first gig with Laaz Rockit in the  early 1980’s and The boy’s from Metallica were doing a radio show with Ron Quintana on a college station, Willy remembers, “ Everybody used to listen to Ron on KUSF in the beginning of what now is known has the famous Bay Area Metal scene of the early eighties. Ron was talking about our show that night and the fact it was my first gig with Laaz. Lars and James were making fun of my name calling me Lilly Wang. People were calling me and telling me this. Word got back to James and Lars that the “Patrol” were about to inflict maximum damage on them”.  One day Chuck Billy and Greg Bustamante and Willy Lange were kicking back at their apartment when they received a call from Lars and he was begging that the DDP didn’t fuck them up because they didn’t mean any disrespect and didn’t have insurance. Willy told Lars, “We never had any intention of fuckin with them and that we were totally cool. That was the kind of reputation we had.”

Sounds Of The Underground Tour
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 20:04

World Premier - Hot Topic Presents Sounds of The Underground and Unveils A Killer Lineup for the Third Annual Tour Engagement Featuring GWAR, Chimaira, Every Time I Die, Job For A Cowboy and More!

With two stellar years behind them, Sounds of the Underground is thrilled to announce the lineup for their third neck-snapping, skull-splintering tour.  With what might be their most high-powered offering to date, SOTU remains THE cutting-edge summer tour. Following two straight appearances in the middle of the day, the event will be closed most nights by splatter metal champions, GWAR; ensuring that fans will remain blood and gore-free until the closing hours of the show. Three other bands will rotate in the headlining position prior to GWAR bringing the house down: a block-buster artist yet to be announced, face-shredding metal pugilists Chimaira, and experimental noisemakers Every Time I Die.

The day will be completed with a devastating bill including Necro, Darkest Hour, Amon Amarth, The Acacia Strain, The Devil Wears Prada,
Heavy Heavy Low Low, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Goatwhore, This Is Hell, and 2 Cents. Expect additional special guest headliners
to join the bill on select dates. The monumental event launches in July and runs into August.

Beneath The Massacre - Summer Slaughter
Friday, 06 April 2007 21:35

Montreal's Beneath The Massacre , have been confirmed as one of the support bands on the Summer Slaughter tour, which also features headliners Necrophagist along with Decapitated, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, As Blood Runs Black, Arsis and Ion Dissonance.
Currently in Canada and prepping for the band's first entrance into the United States, Beneath The Massacre will make an appearance at this year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival as part of the Brutalitour 2007 supporting Animosity, As Blood Runs Black and The Faceless, then transition directly into the Summer Slaughter tour. More dates will be announced shortly.
The in-depth touring for Beneath The Massacre is in support of the band's debut full-length, 'Mechanics of Dysfunction,' released through Prosthetic Records in February. Click "Read More" for tour dates...


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