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Sick Drummer Magazine is always looking for E-Street Team members who want to help us promote the magazine online, in exchange for advertising space and other compensation.

Any applicant should have decent internet skills and a willingness to learn additional skills. The applicant should also have acceptable grammar, as we do not want anything mis-spelled or presented in a less than professional format. These tasks need to be carried out in a thorough fashion and will be added to as the website grows. The applicant will receive advertising space in SD Magazine for any band they are currently a member of, or will be given a free subscription to the magazine, assorted freebies as they become available and listed on the site as a staff member.

Content from our website needs to be posted to our social outlets on a regular basis. We have several different outlets and each has similar, but varying ways to present the content. Our list of social outlets may be revised or updated frequently, to adapt to current trends.

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,, and other specific web forums, are all part of our current social focus and need to be updated regularly.

Anyone who would like more information or is interested in applying to be on the team, please send an email to: copy[at]

Thank You,
Sick Drummer Magazine


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