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Hugo Olivos
Thursday, 08 May 2014 17:31
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Vomitile is a Death metal band from Cyprus that was established in the early summer of 2007 by Khatch Yildizian and Panos Larkou. After many live shows and some member changes, Vomitile entered the studio in the summer of 2009 to record their first self-financed and self-released EP, 'Rotting Life.'
In 2010 just after the recording & release of the Rotting Life EP, there were a couple of changes in the band. The addition of Hugo Olivos on drums and George Yildizian as second guitarist.
Many live shows were played throughout 2010-2011and the band felt it was time to record their first full-length album. Late in the Summer of 2011, Vomitile entered the studio once again to record. The band also opened for German thrash metal legends Sodom and Florida death metal legends, Obituary.
Hugo Olivos Interview:
SDM:  How important are your kick pedals to your playing?
Kick pedals are really important to me because a big part of my playing is based on the use of double kicks. I use 2 different double pedals: Iron Cobra when I practice and I do rudimental work with my feet and a Demon Drive when I record or when I play on stage. This combination is helping me to develop good endurance while practicing and to save energy when it is required. 
SDM:  How do you prepare yourself before a show and recording?
Stamina is required for this style of music along with good technique to be able to play a show with the same endurance and attack. Thus, I prepare myself jogging like 30 minutes every day if possible, and I also practice rudiments every day with a metronome. Before a show I warm up my hands with rudiments on my practice pad, maybe 15 minutes earlier, I stretch my leg muscles and I never drink alcohol before a show! hahaha!! I have learned my lesson. 
When I have to record, before entering the studio I practice my parts with pilot guitars and a metronome, in order to save as much time as possible to get good takes and to feel more confident in the studio. 
SDM:  How do you practice?
At this point of my life, being more mature, I understand perfectly how important is the fact that I cannot waste any day without practicing. I have wasted enough time without practicing properly during my early years of drumming. I play repetitions of rudiments (Singles, ruffs, rolls, diddles, flams and drags), I do a small routine playing every rudiment for 1 minute at a specific tempo and gradually I increase the tempo after every repetition. If I cannot handle fast tempos for 1 minute in some of those rudiments, I start again to count from zero in that tempo until I’m able to maintain the rudiment for 1 minute. 
SDM:  Did you ever take drum lessons? Do you play any other instrument? Can you read music like drum notation or guitar tab?
I took private lessons in Mexico when I started in 1996, and right after that, in 1997, I applied for the Conservatory of Music in my hometown Toluca, where I studied for a couple of years. After this period everything I have learned about drumming has been on my own. However, drumming has become my main activity (teaching, recording and playing) since I moved to Cyprus In 2009. From the beginning drumming has been my biggest passion in life.
I know how to read drum notation. In fact, being able to read and write music has helped me to have access to more sources of information, to be able to write down my drum parts and exercises. And yes I also play some other percussion instruments like congas and bongos.
SDM:  What kind of gear do you use?
My pedal is a Pearl Demon Drive, I use Vic Firth Extreme 5B sticks and my set of cymbals is: 
Hi-hat 14” AA Sabian Fusion
2 Crashes 16” Sabian AAX
2 Sabian Max Stack Cymbals Effects: 12” China on top of a 14” crash and 10” mini china on top of a 10” splash 
Sabian Chinese 14” AA 
Sabian Chinese 18” AA  
Sabian Medium Ride 20” AA. 
My drum heads are Evans G2, my snare is a 13” Blaster from Mapex, and my drum set is a Black Panther from Mapex as well, which is my endorser.
SDM:  Do you have any touring planned for your latest release and if so with who and where?
The plan for this year with my band Vomitile is to promote as much as we can our second full length album called 'Mastering the Art of Killing'. In April of 2014 we opened for the polish legends Vader here in Cyprus. Also a couple of festivals in the summer have been confirmed and we are just about to be confirmed for a tour over Europe with death metal legends Master during October, so we are extremely excited about things that are yet to come.
SDM:  Where did you record your latest album 'Mastering the Art of Killing'?
Drums were recorded at Zen Productions Studio and guitars/bass and vocals were recorded and mixed at ‘Nuevo-Studio’ in Nicosia Cyprus and Andy Classen (Krisiun, Legion of the Dammed, Asphyx, Destruction) has done the mastering of the album in Germany at Stage One Studio.
SDM:  Do you use triggers in the studio or live? What’s your opinion on triggers and drum modules?
In my opinion, technology gradually is changing the way to record and do things in the studio and triggers are part of this development. I did use triggers to record our latest album. Many people out there think that the trigger will do a drummer's work, but that is not true at all. Neither the most expensive pedal nor the most modern set of triggers will make you play better. In fact those are tools that we use either on stage or studio to get more definition about the hits produced especially at fast tempos. Eventually, your personal sound is very important and with the drum modules you can carry that sound wherever you play so I think that is a considerable advantage especially if you have to be touring and playing at different venues every night. 
SDM:  What band or drummer may have influenced you on your latest recording?
Pete Sandoval, Steve Asheim and Gene Hoglan are drummers that I admire a lot. Morbid Angel, Deicide and Death are three of my favorite bands of all time so I’m sure they have influenced me a lot for this album and in general. 
SDM:  Who are some of your main drumming influences today and back when you first started? Do you listen to different styles of music outside of the metal realm?
The bands that inspired me to start playing drums a long time ago were Helloween and Iron Maiden. I remember that their drummers Ingo Schwichtenberg (R.I.P.) and Nicko McBrain just impressed me a lot!  I got very excited and curious about their music especially the drums to the point that I wanted to know how they were able to play like that!
My influences today, are Pete Sandoval, Steve Asheim and Gene Hoglan. I also follow every metal act of Dave Lombardo, Tony Laureano and Paul Bostaph. To me they are the guys who paved the road of extreme drumming. Nowadays, Robert Prominski, Tim Yeung, George Kollias and Derek Roddy are setting the high standards of extreme drumming, so it is normal that we get inspired and influenced by their work as well. 
I do listen to some other styles of music. I like Latin jazz and Brazilian music, especially because of the percussion and all those tasteful rhythmical patterns but my favorite style of music to listen to is death metal all the way!
SDM:  How long did it take you to record the drums? Who recorded the album and were you happy with the final product?
The whole production was planned properly this time. After our first experience with our debut album 'Igniting Chaos' we wanted to do a better job in all the senses. Thus, we made our plan without rushing. We rehearsed intensively during January-April 2013 and we wrote the 10 new tracks. We recorded our demo tracks in April and after that I recorded the drums in 2 weeks during May. We recorded guitars during June and vocals in September. Eventually we started the mix during October-November and mastering was done in January 2014. We are extremely satisfied with this job. 
SDM:  Did you record the drums to a click track in the studio? Do you find playing to a click track challenging?
Yes I did. Actually playing with the click has become a must in every rehearsal of the band. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to get used to it, but after some time I realized it is one of best things you can do in order to play with accuracy. Definitely it is challenging to play and record with a click track. I believe that in the studio you always challenge your skills as a musician and the click never lies, there is no mistake if you play accurately. I heard some people saying that they don’t use a click track because your playing might become more robotic but I personally believe that your playing gets more accurate and you can put your own taste to make it sound organic and natural. But obviously every drummer uses whatever is more convenient for him/her. 
SDM:  How often does the band practice?
The band practices 3 times per week. Thankfully because of our jobs, we are able to practice in the mornings. We start practicing at 9:30 or maybe 10 for a duration of 2 hours. We are taking this in the most serious way as we can, slowly things are happening for us and we are very motivated and looking forward to promote our newest album.
SDM:  How long did you have to create and track the drums?
I recorded the 10 tracks at Zen studio in Nicosia. The recording was done in 2 weeks, but the creation of the whole concept and music of the album is a result of more than 6 months of composing our new album. 
I would like to congratulate Sick Drummer Magazine for their amazing job, updating us with the most interesting drum content, and a big thanks for the opportunity that the magazine gives to new drummers and bands like us to be exposed out there! I believe that Sick Drummer also serves as a great link between people that share the same passion: DRUMMING! Cheers and thanks to my friend Noel Smart for his support and the opportunity to give this interview.



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