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Dirk Verbeuren - Recording Deconstruction With Devin Townsend

w_mac » 5pm - February 16, 2011
Devin and I went over the 5 demoed songs and provided beats and structures to some new tunes. 'T was all good times and loud laughs. I chose a Meinl Classics 8" Low Bell to complement my 22" Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride. In respect of Gene "The Machine" Hoglan's legacy of thunderous beats, it would've been blasphemy not to have some double ride style bits on this record. Other cymbals I used include a Meinl Generation X 6/10"Attack Stack- producing a wet, crisp percussive sound- and a 20" Mb20 Heavy Crash which almost sounds like a ride, and completely sounds killer. I placed a Tama Warlord Brass snare on the far right, almost out of reach, and ended up playing it in mostly silly ways. For the speedy double kick parts, it's bliss to have the brand new Tama Speed Cobra pedal which, in combination with my dB drumshoes, has become my new weapon of choice. I usually go with Evans EC2 on the toms, but this time I used the basic G1 heads, allowing the natural tones of the kit to shine through. Snare and kick were equipped with the superb Evans Hybrid and GMAD respectively. All in all, this was a spontaneous, creative and exhilarating affair. Devin's continuous enthusiasm and humor throughout made for a very relaxed and fun vibe for everyone. But don't be mistaken: the music is as relentless as it gets. There will be some serious damage when this baby gets released! Dirk
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