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Kevin Paradis - Mithridatic - I Will Harm

w_mac » 6pm - February 25, 2016

Kevin Paradis - Mithridatic - I Will Harm

Mithridatic « Miserable Miracle » out March 11th on Kaotoxin Records


Full Streaming:

Recorded at DLM studio, and mixed at Sainte Marthe studio.

The drums on ‘I Will Harm,’ off the forthcoming “Miserable Miracle,” were recorded in three completes takes. Take 2 was chosen as the main one. No quantification was used. No trigger except on kick drum (trigger and microphone).

There is no special effect on the snare. The pitch is changed while playing by blowing in a pipe that goes in the snare drum through the decompression vent.

The goal with my drumming on this song was to play something very full, overpowering, and agonizing. Hence, very long double bass drums single stroke roll was an evidence for me. Then this technique of the “breathing snare drum” appears to me like the perfect solution to make the song stranger. Please listen with a good audio system.

Kevin proudly endorses Trick Drums USA drum pedal and trigger.

Gear Used In This Video:

Pearl Masterwork mahogany for rack toms, floor toms and kick drums. Birch and mahogany for the snare drums. Rack tom and floor tom shells are 10-ply. Snare drum and kick drum shells are 12-ply.


18” x 24”
6.5” x 13”
10” x 10”
12” x 12”
13” x 13”
14” x 14”
16” x 16”

Cymbals - Left to Right:

Istanbul Mehmet Samatya 16" China
Paiste Twenty Custom 16" Thin China
Paiste Alpha Metal-Edge 14" Hi-hat
Paiste Signature Reflector 16" Full Crash
Paiste Signature Flanger Bell 12"
Paiste Twenty Custom 18" Metal Crash
Paiste Rude Mega Bell Ride 24"
Istanbul Mehmet Samatya 18" China
Custom Hi-hat with Alpha Metal-Edge hi-hat bottom 14" and Paiste PST8 china 16"

Evans Drumheads and ProMark 808 oak drumsticks.

Mithridatic facebook:
Kevin Paradis website:
Kevin Paradis facebook:

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