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Josh Mathis - Cyborg Octopus - Data M1nefield - Exclusive Drum Play-Through
Wednesday, 09 November 2016 20:00

Josh Mathis and Cyborg Octopus are not afraid of being musically different. Although they are labelled a metal band, one can expect to hear smooth jazz sections, groovy latin riffs, bouncy funk passages, electronic dubstep drops, and other genres that have never been mixed in with metal. Their open mindedness that is prevalent in their music can also be found in their lyrics. No subject matter is taboo as they can be found confessing personal flaws and emoting anguish at their past in one song while expressing their disdain for major Macroeconomic problems in another. Cyborg Octopus is for the open-minded.

Original Video:

Preorder "Learning to Breathe" Here:

Josh’s Gear In Video:

Tama Drums 

Axis Pedals

Mienl Cymbals

Sabian Cymbals

Gibraltar hardware

Vic Firth 8D Sticks

Evans Heads 

Roland SPDX Pad & Roland Triggers

Roc-n-Soc Throne.

Upcoming Shows:

December 3rd, American Legion Post 795 South Lake Tahoe, CA

Keep up with the band here:


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