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Brutal Beatings Volume XIII
Thursday, 26 September 2013 22:28
Welcome to Sick Drummer Magazine's 13th Brutal Beatings E-Compilation!
This 13th compilation features: Jamie Saint Merat and Ulcerate, Ronnie Bergerstål and Grave, Doug Bohn with Pyrexia, Marshall Wieczorek of Wretched, Ron Nelson with Rivers of Nihil, Luis Martinez and Oblivion/Sidian, Roel Sanders with Kill Division (featuring members from Legion of the Damned, God Dethroned, Asphyx, and Inhume) and lots of other great tracks with killer drumming!
Our last compilation featured Mike Hamilton and Deeds of Flesh, Ken Bedene and Aborted, Max Kolesne and Krisiun, as well as Howl and Mumakil from the insane Relapse Records roster.
We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts.
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Formed in 2011 former members of Grave Defier and members of Long Suffering joined together with the simple goal of writing some new material for fun, with the word spreading of this coming together they wrote new material and revived old Grave Defier material and began to get there stuff together adopting the former name they played there first show in the summer of 2011 under the name grave defier, dec 2011 they decided to drop the name a start fresh, come out to a show to pick up there new EP "In Nomine Patris"
Consuming Fire has a mission to spread the real truth of the only God, Jesus Christ. This world has hindered the name of Jesus through unfaithfulness, greed, perversion, and egotism. Jesus was a rebel who fought against the hypocrisy of religious leaders of His time, and defended the: poor, lame, blind, lepers, thieves, prostitutes, depressed, and even the demon possessed! It is Jesus who has inspired us to do what we do, and we do our best to be like Him.
Consuming Fire is:
Robert Davis-Vocals/Guitar
Pancho Cabrera-Bass
Ray Banda-Drums

Drawing inspiration from such forward-thinking metal heavyweights as Decapitated, Meshuggah, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Oklahoma City's Dischordia brings a fresh perspective to the scene by combining tried-and-true US death metal brutality with far-flung ideas from a multitude of global inuences. The band's music-first ethos has been forged through years of stylistic refinement and questing for a sound to call their own.
October of 2011 saw Dischordia release the debut EP, Creator, Destroyer, with which the band made a noticeable impact. Positive press and relentless independent touring across the USA for this oering led the band to sign with Rogue Records America for the release of their debut full-length album, Project 19. Due out on July 23rd, 2013 this new opus presents Dischordia’s punishing rhythms, vicious vocals and dizzying riffs in grand style, leaving no questions unanswered about the band’s musical intentions. The band is currently previewing and supporting Project 19 across the USA on the Speaking Ring Tour.
Dischordia have performed live across multiple states and secured opening slots for the likes of The Faceless, Between the Buried and Me, Job For A Cowboy, Revocation, Dying Fetus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour, Periphery, The Haarp Machine, The Human Abstract, As Blood Runs Black and more. Their innovative assault stands tall alongside these names, and with Project 19 on the way, the band is set to continue conquering fans across the metal scene.
Dischordia Is:
Josh Turner - Vocals/Bass
Keeno - Guitars/Vocals
Josh Fallin - Drums
Rogue Records America

Sweden’s legendary death metal kings Grave have returned home. Never let it be said they don’t know how to make an entrance.
“Home” in this case is Century Media, ground zero for their 1991 launch with “Into The Grave” and six more albums of sonic violence before seeking out new avenues following “As Rapture Comes” in 2006 with the now defunct Regain Records. And although the two records that surfaced while Grave was away – “Dominion VIII” (2008) and “Burial Ground” (2010) – continued to uphold the band’s penchant for quality mayhem, new outing “Endless Procession Of Souls” hits like a ton of bricks thanks to its relentless speed, crushing groove, and unexpectedly rich clarity.
Released at a time when death metal is enjoying unparalleled popularity and competition for the crown is fierce, “Endless Procession Of Souls” takes the best of what Grave has offered in the past and chalks up a bigger and meaner spin on things. The band's sole remaining founding member and musical director, vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren, is only too happy to be back on familiar turf and spearheading what has been deemed by some of Grave's long time supporters as their strongest and most diverse album since “Soulless” was issued in 1994.
“When we came back, Century Media asked what kind of direction we were going in – if it was something new or more like the older stuff – but they left us alone to do our own thing,” says Lindgren. “We sent the label some early mixes of the three songs and they loved the music, which was great, and when we delivered the master they were super excited and very satisfied with it.” Lindgren is joined on “Endless Procession Of Souls” by Mika Lagrén (guitars), Ronnie Bergerstål (drums) and Tobias Cristiansson (bass), which he considers one of the strongest Grave line-ups in years. The album’s dynamics are owed in large part to this injection of new blood, which took the pressure off Lindgren, who has been doing the vast majority of the songwriting on his own for almost 10 years. Most of this album was written at Grave’s rehearsal space, and in some cases Lindgren wasn’t involved at all in the early stages of the songwriting.
“It was a big relief, actually,” Lindgren admits. “There were a few times when it was just Tobias and Ronnie at the rehearsal space, and they came up with two or three songs. I just came in at the end and put the arrangements and finishing touches together with them. That kind of set the tone for the album and the direction we ultimately decided to take. There’s definitely a deeper and heavier groove feeling than the last few, and I think that drew me back to albums like “Soulless” a bit, which was also very song-oriented. Every piece of input from the other guys was good whether or not I liked it. I just had to put it through the Grave filter to decide if it could be on the album or not.”
Grave recorded “Endless Procession Of Souls” at their own Studio Soulless, with Lindgren taking on the role of producer and mixing / mastering the album himself. The results are savage, brutal and crushing, the way the band wanted it, yet the sound is clear and vibrant. Perhaps not what diehard fans want to hear when describing an epic death metal record, but this was one element in particular Lindgren was striving for: “It doesn’t sound like a washing machine, so you can hear what all the instruments are actually doing.”
When all is said and done and the bodies have been counted, “Endless Procession Of Souls” will serve as a reminder as to why Grave has been tagged as “legendary”. A weird honor to have according to Lindgren considering the band is still alive and kicking, but he’s grateful that the band’s 20+ year history is held in such high regard by so many people.
“Our status as a band doesn’t really hit me until we’re out playing for the fans and people we’ve had a musical impact on. Especially the older fans that have been around since the first couple albums came out. It’s a very cool thing but we don’t have our noses in the air about it. We’re just a death metal band from Sweden with a long history (laughs).”

Death. Grind. Thrash. If you like your metal authentic then welcome to the force that is: Kill Division.
Taking their experiences from Legion of the Damned, God Dethroned, Asphyx, and Inhume, Richard Ebisch (guitars, bass, vocals), Susan Gerl (guitars, vocals) and Roel Sanders (drums) decided it was time to release their combined sound to the world with their debut album, Destructive Force.
Destructive Force was recorded at Toneshed studio, the place they called home for many late nights, and mixed and mastered in Andy Classen’s Stage One studio with hammer, care, and kerosine.
Musically, Destructive Force represents the group’s collective efforts. When the band first began rehearsing, they used some of Richard Ebisch’s old recordings as a starting point. Ebisch clarifies that they “had some very old recordings we used as a starting point for the first two or three songs, but changed and omitted riffs together. After the first three songs had been written that way, Susan and I started writing different, new riffs and combined them into songs.” Drummer Roel Sanders also added to the album, either by simply humming riffs, or rearranging song structures. In any case, Ebisch states clearly that “this entire album was written in the rehearsal room as a band process to which each band member contributed equally.”
Lyrically, Susan Gerl explains that Destructive Force draws on their every day life experiences and world events. Gerl, who penned the lyrics for the entire record, adds that “Locked Up Forever” was written about Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian woman who was held prisoner and tormented in a cellar for nearly nine years. “Mechanic Domination”, on the other hand, Gerl explains are “inspired by the ‘I Robot’ movie and deal with our dependence on technology. Destructive Force is an observation of what’s going on around us on a daily basis.”
Both Richard Ebisch and Susan Gerl tracked the vocals for Destructive Force. This is something neither guitarist had done in the past. Gerl comments, “recording the vocals was initially a challenge for us since we are first and foremost guitarists. Neither of us had any experience with singing that long and that much and recording our vocals this way. I used to do some additional vocals with my previous bands but had never recorded any vocals for a full length CD. But we were really well-prepared and had practiced our singing extensively beforehand. The recordings went smoothly and we are really happy with the way our voices sound on the album.”
On Destructive Force, expect a practiced, precise, and mercilessly heavy attack from three veterans of the European death metal scene! 
Susan Gerl: Guitars / Vocals
Richard Ebisch: Guitars / Bass / Vocals
Roel Sanders: Drums

Liklukt started out in 1994 as a two-man project, consisting of Tapir on drums and Cigar on guitar and vocals. While some additional members came and went in the early years, the band now consists of the same two founding members. For the four last demos and onwards, Tapir has also handled vocal duties. 
The Liklukt sound has always been somewhat melodic but simple death metal, and it's likely to stay that way. During the 19 years since the band was formed, several demos have been recorded and given away to interested parties for free. The current release was also meant to be a free demo, but the band was contacted by the people at Funeral Industries in Germany who wanted to release a Liklukt full length, and that is exactly what happened. The album, called "Bay of Kings", was released in july 2013.

Formed in 2010, Lord Dying come from Portland, Oregon, a place over abundant with purveyors of the heavy riff. A region where the inhabitants are plagued with nerve and joint damage due to lack of sunlight. In a time where everyone is trying to out-sludge or out-doom each other Lord Dying gives something less than a fuck. Members Olson, Capuano, Reid, and Evans are veterans of the heavy metal scene, having played in bands such as Black Elk, Portals, Le Force, and Cremains. Smashing the riffs of High On Fire into the groove of Kylesa, Lord Dying have delivered one of the most impressive metal debuts in a long, long time. Lord Dying are poised to be the new heavyweight champions of metal.
Lord Dying have released a sold out 7” and a self-titled tour EP. Says Aaron Beam (Red Fang), "Lord Dying brings the freshest, purest metal riffery I have heard in years. And while the riffs are relentless, the attention to song craft is what compels you to listen to them over and over and over and over.” In January 2013, Lord Dying signed to Relapse Records. Lord Dying recorded their forthcoming full-length debut with Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Yob, Rwake) to be released Summer 2013.
In their short time as a band, they have shared the stage with Unsane, Red Fang, Yob, Valient Thorr, Down, and Floor. They have braved the west coast twice, the first time alone, only to meet up with crazy prog-shredmeisters Danava and heavy lust-lifers Lecherous Gaze for a few shows, followed a few months later by another co-headling tour with local heavy punishers Nether Regions. In May/June of 2012 Lord Dying travelled coast-to-coast and played some shows as direct support for Black Cobra and Gaza to eventually meet with Witch Mountain and tour with them as direct support for several weeks. In October/November 2012, Lord Dying hit the road to support Red Fang and Black Tusk for another U.S. tour.
Lord Dying are here to pummel with heavy riffs and promote simpler things like Cold brew-Hot Shower. Lord Dying are a young band that has matured well beyond their years into a fully developed titanic heavy metal band.

No Dawn hails from Steinkjer, in the middle parts of Norway. Formed back in 2002, as a thrash metal project. The band sounds quite different today opposed to the beginning, going from extreme thrash to being a more brutal and technical death metal act. 
The new album also includes orchestration, giving the band a bigger sound than on the earlier demo's.
The band has more and more frequently entered the stage and toured with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Master. They have also played numerous festivals including norways Inferno Festival and Wacken Open Air. 
No Dawn will release their debut album 'Dark Aura' through  WormHoleDeath Records / Aural Music Group, in late 2013 / early 2014.
No Dawn Is:
Paal A. Sandnesmo – Guitars / Orchestration / Programming
Andreas Bruheim – Guitars
Tor Erik Simensen – Vocals
Ludvik Brandsegg – Bass
Kent Skjeflo – Drums
For contact and/or interviews, send an e-mail to: paal.a.sandnesmo[at]

Oblivion formed with the intent of creating extreme metal music that will last the ages. Music that transcends genres and time. Members of Oblivion all have their own unique story: bassist Ben Orum was the founder and primary songwriter in All Shall Perish, lead singer Dr. Nick Vasallo is a professor of Music and internationally acclaimed modernist composer, guitarist Victor Dods is completing his PhD in Math, guitarist Ted O'Neill is a 25 year veteran from the scene, and drummer Luis Martinez is a young musical phenom.
Drum play-through of Binary Souls:
Oblivion features original members from Antagony, All Shall Perish, Hacksaw to the Throat, and Feast.
Nick Vasallo - vocals
Ben Orum - bass
Ted O'Neill - guitar
Victor Dods - guitar
Luis Martinez - drums

New York Death Metal guerillas Pyrexia are back with their most skull crushing attack since "Sermon of Mockery".  Entitled "Feast of Iniquity" their new album features 10 new tracks of fire breathing, trend killing, pure and mighty - Pyrexia Death Metal. 
This album is stacked with 2 drummers, Dave Culross and Doug Bohn, both assaulting the drums with ferocity and thunder along with biting guitar riffs and slams that can only be described as original and contagious. A threatening audio theater of agony and emotion, “Feast of Iniquity” brings Pyrexia to their truest form, and once again shows why they are a tall pillar in todays’ Death Metal arena. Available October 29th on Unique Leader Records.

Formed in 2009 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Rivers of Nihil – which can be can be defined as the continuation of a neutral flow of retaining emptiness; humble, egoless…— took shape after Jake Dieffenbach (vocals), Ron Nelson (drums), and Jon Kunz (guitars) got together to create a band to push the boundaries of death metal. Formed out of the ashes of their previous band, Jake, Ron, and Jon played their first show as a three piece, but soon after the band recruited Adam Biggs (bass/vocals) and Brody Uttley (guitars) who had both recently exited their own old band. Rivers of Nihil went on to self-release two EPs—2010's Hierarchy and 2011's Temporality Unbound. The band played several shows and toured throughout the East Coast and Midwest, including stops at Midwest Fuckfest with Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Arsis, and Akron Deathfest with Complete Failure. Rivers of Nihil continued to tour in support of their EPs, sharing the stage with Suffocation, The Faceless, Despised Icon, Revocation, Beneath the Massacre, Dysrhythmia, Decapitated, Six Feet Under, and Decrepit Birth, logging over 50 dates in the US alone.
Enter the summer of 2012; Rivers of Nihil and Metal Blade Records began talks, and in September the band was officially signed to the label. In March of 2013 Rivers of Nihil entered the studio with death metal master Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel) at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Exhumed, Mountain Goats) in St. Petersburg, Florida to begin the recording of their first full-length studio set for release before the end of 2013.
Rivers of Nihil proudly endorses and abuses the following fine companies:
EVH amps
Lace Pickups
Imperial Cymbals

Sidian is a five-piece death metal band from California that was formed in late October of 2010. Shortly after the band formed and 6 months of vigorous writing, they released their debut 4 track demo "El Sol Tace". 
In 2012, after parting ways with their drummer, they teamed up with drumming prodigy Alex Bent (Arkaik, Decrepit Birth) and recorded a single 'Eternal Bloom of Lamenting Dawn' with Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios. Although this brought a high amount of attention to the band, this praise was countered by the bassist and drummer having to leave the band in an effort to pursue different careers. 
Fortunately enough, current bassist Wesley Wojcik immediately brought himself to the bands attention. As well as an incredible set of bass shredding skills, he also introduced the band to both its current lead guitarist and drummer, Luke Farmilo and Luis Martinez (Oblivion). This perfect storm of musicians is now currently writing their full length album.

Tarim is a melodic death/black metal band that combines somber melodies with intense drums and engaging lyrics to convey philosophical themes. The band formed late in 2011 with members James Wicks, Matt Garrison, and Julio Escamilla, and were joined by bassist, Geoff Colvin in March, 2013.
Tarim’s artistic vision incorporates extreme music and thought-provoking lyrics to give metal listeners a more personal experience, touching on issues like insecurity, alienation (both voluntary and involuntary), and emotional suffering. Tarim’s music is fast, heavy and intense, as well as beautiful, organic, and accessible to all fans of metal. Songs are written in such a way as to inspire and empower others dealing with personal anxieties. 
Tarim is influenced by a number of bands and artists, writers, and philosophers; namely, Type-O Negative, Albert Camus, Hypocrisy, Plato, Socrates, Strapping Young Lad, Dimmu Borgir, Dave Sim & Gerhard—anyone who has read the comic, Cerebus will recognize the band’s name—Children of Bodom, Friedrich Nietzsche, Samael, Nile, René Descartes, Arthur Schopenhauer, Immortal, and many, many others.
James Wicks

Auckland, New Zealand-based unorthodox death metal act Ulcerate was formed by guitarist Michael Hoggard and drummer Jamie Saint Merat in 2000, with the aim of creating, dark oppressive death metal. This focus has since developed and metamorphosed into a far more dynamic approach with a fully realised sense of atmosphere and mood, while furthering their foray into the darker end of the genre’s spectrum. The band has remained DIY where possible, handling all facets of album production and visual design.
Ulcerate recorded their first demos in a two year period between 2002 and 2004, the latter of which ‘The Coming of Genocide’ garnered the band it’s first taste of international attention and critical response. A line-up shift introduced vocalist Ben Read and live guitarist Michael Rothwell into the fray, and from here preparations began for the band’s debut album, released via Dutch label Neurotic Records in 2007. ‘Of Fracture and Failure’ offered 9 tracks of crushing dark death metal, a new-found appreciation for linear song-writing and a mix of pure rhythmic and dissonant extremity. They toured New Zealand extensively and secured main support slots for Nile, Decapitated, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide. 
In 2009 the band’s bassist Paul Kelland stepped up for vocal and lyrical duty, and brought the band back to a vocal attack not unlike their first demos, and Oliver Goater was recruited as live guitarist. Signing with Willowtip Records, they released the widely touted ‘Everything is Fire’ - punishing, churning dissonance mixed with the their trademarked sense of melody and textured rhythm work, coupled with a greater foray into mood and atmosphere. The album received incredible critical response internationally and cemented Ulcerate’s place in a truly global sense. New Zealand and Australian headlining tours ensued, and in late 2009 they toured throughout Europe for 5 weeks with Nile, Grave, Krisiun and Corpus Mortale.
Throughout the months of 2010 the band developed what was to become ‘The Destroyers of All’, which saw the light of day in January 2011. Ambitious, oppressive and expansive, with a strict adherence to the tradition of total bleakness the band is known for, ‘The Destroyers of All’ presented the most atmospheric and challenging listen from the band to date. Again, critical response was exceptional. In support of the album, headlining runs of New Zealand and Australia were again undertaken with newly recruited guitarist William Cleverdon, and in 2012 Ulcerate will tour with French horde Svart Crown for 4 weeks in February and make their debut on US soil at MDF X, as well as a handful of side-shows. The band will commence work on their Relapse debut, album number 4, in early 2012.
Ulcerate is:
Paul Kelland: Bass/vocals
Michael Hoggard: Guitars
William Cleverdon: Guitars
Jamie Saint Merat: Drums

From the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, Wretched has come to unleash their brand of technical death metal unto fans everywhere. Bursting with tight riffs and strong harmonies, they have taken the underground world by storm, unveiling their new take on old school thrash. Combining elements of heavy metal, technical death metal, European and melodic metal, this five-piece act has proven to crowds worldwide that Wretched is here to stay.
In September of 2005, drummer Marshall Wieczorek and guitarist Steven Funderburk got together and formed AND SINCE FORGOTTEN, their first attempt at a metal band. Gaining a strong following of locals playing the North Carolina circuit, Marshall and Steven were able to recruit Joel Moore, Billy Powers, and David Briggs and successfully tour the east coast. Taking notice, powerhouse label Victory Records offered the band a contract in 2008, and quickly released The Exodus of Autonomy, their first full-length record in 2009. Blowing competition away with their impressively methodical solos and stylized structure, Wretched received nationwide recognition.
With a lineup change in 2010, Wretched now boasted guitarist John Vail and bassist Rico Marziali and felt confident these changes would propel them further into metal glory. Perfecting a new sound, they released Beyond the Gate later that year, pulling in more positive reviews than ever before. Implementing instrumental-based material into their death metal sensibilities, they were able to add to their already impressive fan base, showing the world they are not one-trick-ponies. Mixing up genres while still providing the scene with traditional growls and technical riffs, Wretched had opened the minds of music fans everywhere. Touring with the likes of KILLWHITNEYDEAD, DISKREET and HAVOK, they drew in thousands from the thrash, old school and hardcore scenes, creating a newfound sense of unison in the world of metal.
The success of Beyond the Gate proved too much for the band, who suffered another lineup change in 2011, creating what would be today’s Wretched. With Adam Cody (GLASS CASKET) on lead vocals and Andrew Grevey on bass joining Marshall on drums and guitarists John and Steven, the group finally felt complete. Motivated by their new additions, they joined The Metal Alliance Tour alongside metal favorites, THE FACELESS, JOB FOR A COWBOY, DEVILDRIVER, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and DYING FETUS to premiere their 2012 creation, Son of Perdition. Shocking the scene with their hypnotic instrumental tracks paired with heavy-hitting beats, Wretched had taken a very deliberate step away from traditional metal.
Fans and critics alike have fallen victim to Wretched’s charismatic discography. Outburn Magazine cited, “the briefest listen proves how dedicated these musicians are to their craft” providing solos that “demonstrate both proficiency and a devotion to melody”. Committed to breaking down boundaries, they are constantly perfecting their sounds and adding even more energy to their already electric live shows.
Due to popular demand, the band has been on a consistent tour cycle, including runs with thrash and death metal legends DEATH ANGEL and SIX FEET UNDER. Addicted to connecting with their fans, Wretched will begin their next tour with SOILWORK, JEFF LOOMIS, THE BROWNING and label-mates BLACKGUARD in 2013, only months after the current tour ends. Committed to spending every minute doing what they love, the band plans to provide the metal scene with new material, fresh ideas and killer tours for years to come. Delivering a unique, high-energy performance every set Wretched, North Carolina’s premiere metal band has come to kick some ass and take some names.
Wretched Is:
Steven Funderburk - Guitar
John Vail - Guitar
Andrew Grevey - Bass
Adam Cody - Vocals
Marshall Wieczorek - Drums
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