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Brutal Beatings Volume XI
Friday, 15 February 2013 20:10

Welcome to Sick Drummer Magazine's 11th Brutal Beatings E-Compilation!
Coming off our last compilation that featured Dave Astor and Pathology, Todd Hansen (ex-Berzerker, Man Must Die) and Amplitusion, Undercroft featuring Alvaro Lillo (Watain), Michael Arcane with Ikkadian and much more!
This 11th compilation features John Biscomb and Dead Beyond Buried, Relapse recording artists "Blockheads", Gloria Morti from the Metal Blade family, Darren Cesca with Eschaton, Kevin Elrod and Execration, Luis Martinez and Oblivion - a new project featuring ex-All Shall Perish member Ben Orum, Rage Nucleaire - featuring Lord Worm ex-Cryptopsy and Zombified - another killer Metal Blade recording artist. This compilation also features Mike Ranne and an un-released new track from Upstate, NY's My Bitter End!
We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts.
*Be sure to share this on all your pages and thanks for the support!
If you are interested in appearing on our next compilation, please send an email to:
jason [at]

In the summer of 2011 A Sin For A Prayer burst on to the metal scene, surprising most with their live energy and fresh sound. In early 2010 Marc St. Laurent (guitars) and Graham Stirrett (guitars, lead vocals) recruited Kyle "TINY BASSTANK" Clark (bass, backing vocals) to continue writing music that they wanted to hear. After actively searching for a drummer for 6 months, fate delivered Nick Davey (drums, percussion) to the doorstep of A Sin For A Prayer. It didn’t take long to everyone to realize that this was a band that had to happen. 
Fast forward to early 2012, A Sin For A Prayer enters Woodward Ave. Studios to record their debut EP named “Conception” under the watchful eyes of Jon Howard (Threat Signal) and Steve Haines (ex It Lies In Ruin). 
Upon completion of "Conception" 2012 proved to be a very productive year for A Sin For A Prayer playing the Hamilton Spring Music Festival, Open To The Core Festival, Complete Chaos Metal Festival, Southern Ontario Metal Festival, Threat Signal Tour Fundraiser, and the Hamilton Music Awards all in one year. 
A Sin For A Prayer will be working even harder in 2013. Watch for A Sin For A Prayer coming to a city near you, you wont be disappointed
A Sin For A Prayer is:
Graham Stirrett - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Marc St.Laurent - Guitars
Tiny Basstank - Bass and Vocals
Nick Davey - Drums and Percussion

French grindcore outfit BLOCKHEADS have been punishing heavy music speedfreaks for over two decades, doing tours with and supporting the likes of Napalm Death, Entombed, Carcass and Obituary all over the European continent.  With ‘This World Is Dead’, BLOCKHEADS are determined to spread their aural annihilation throughout the rest of the universe.  ‘This World Is Dead’ is 40 minutes of brutally efficient, grade-A, frenzied grind that ranks right up there with the top purveyors of the genre.

Cranial is a Grind Death band formed in December 1994 in Viña del Mar, Chile. The band has been active through the years with only one recess (2001 – 2006). Its works consist in demos, one live album (bootleg) and a new Ep titled “PERSONA”, recorded in late 2012. PERSONA delivers 8 tracks of pounding Grindcore full of furious riffs, gutturals and drum blasting brutality that will blow your head. You can listen to it for free in digital format via Soundcloud and it was released on CD in January 2013, independently.
Cranial Members:
Nor – Vox (1994 -  present)
Jeffy – Guitars (1994 - present)
Jonathan – Bass (2000 - present)
Felipe – Drums (2011 -  present)

Dead Beyond Buried are an Extreme / Death Metal band formed in 2001 by 4 long time friends Oliver Marchant (Vocals), Michael Lee (Guitars), Simon Lee (Bass), John Biscomb (Drums). The band quickly gained a reputation for its live performances which see them play alongside established Death metal acts such as Krisiun, Vital Remains and Master. The band were also hand picked by Florida DM Legends Obituary to open their album launch show in London for the album “Xecutioners Return”
In 2007 the band self recorded and produced their debut album, “Condemned To Misery” via Siege Of Amida Records to critical acclaim. The album received a 9/10 Rating in Metal Hammer, 4/5 in Kerrang and 8/10 in Terrorizer. Long time Kerrang / Metal Hammer journalist Dom Lawson described the album as “The Best Debut by an Extreme Metal Band in the UK Since Ackercocke’s Rape of the Bastard Nazarene”
To accompany the album Dead Beyond Buried toured the UK / Europe with Headline acts including Zyklon and Dark Funeral. The band then got had opportunity to play various festivals across Europe including Obscene Extreme (Czech), Neurotic Deathfest (Holland), Metalcamp (Slovenia), and Damnation (UK).
In 2009 the band entered Foel Studios in Wales to record drum tracks and then once again returned to the home studio to self record guitars bass and vocals. Tim Turan (Cannibal Corpse Behemoth) was hired to Master the project and In 2010 the 2nd album “Inheritors Of Hell” was released again via Siege Of Amide Records. Response to the album in the Metal press was once again very positive. Metal Hammer again rating the album highly with a mark of 8/10.
This time around the touring cycle for “Inheritors…” included support slots with Misery Index, Insision and Trigger The Bloodshed and the band went on to play festivals including Hellfire fest (UK), Gothenburg Deathfest (Sweden). For these live shows the band recruited a live / session guitarist Chris Brown who is still with the band today.
In 2011 Dead Beyond Buried made the decision to self fund their 3rd album and travel to the well known Hertz Recording Studio in Bialystok Poland to work with Weislawscy Brothers (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate).
“The Dark Era” was released in the second half of 2012. A concept album of epic proportions, the story follows the man's journey into the void after his world has been torn apart, seeking peace but finding nothing but a vast hostile universe. He sets about seeking vengeance on every living being. As well as the lyrical content growing in maturity the music has a darker structured sound likened to that of MORBID ANGELS GATEWAYS TO ANNIHILATION.
The band also decided to make THE DARK ERA available to all fans as a FREE DOWNLOAD on their website (link above).
"We just feel that we want as many people as humanly possible to hear the material, in this day and age there's no real money in cd sales and illegal downloading happens regardless so we thought fuck it let's give it away and hope people appreciate that fact buy the t shirt or come see us play instead".

Born in 2008, Department of Correction comes from France to grind every place they can. The real start of the band comes in 2011 after 3 years of research in music composition, with a first self released EP that brought the band 2 times on the roads of Russia and Europe, and some great French and European grindcore and metal festivals.
Department of Correction delivers great guitar works, blasted by loads of crazy blast beats and psycho breaks, supported by the schizophrenic parts of the double mic'd singer. Really busy with CD's and vinyls, they also must be checked live, In USA and EUROPE for 2013, on tour with the band Strong Intention.

From the great experience in national and international brutal scene, during the month of August 2012 sees the unholy light a new creature called DEVANGELIC formed by members of Putridity, Vulvectomy, Coprophiliac, Indecent Excision and Necrotorture with the aim to play the most brutal Death Metal possible inspired by US brutal GODS Disgorge, Condemned, Gorgasm and more. A hard process of de-composition sees the combo working between September and Octorber 2012. During the month of November, Devangelic enters the 16th Cellar Studio in Rome (Hour Of Penance, Blasphemer, Fleshgod Apocalypse and more) to record two promo songs "Indulgence For Butchering" & "Unfathomed Evisceration". Now this brutal combo has signed a deal with Comatose Music for a full-length planned for late 2013 or early 2014.
Devangelic Members:
Paolo Chiti - Vocals
Mario Di Giambattista - Guitar
David Cetorelli - Bass
Alessandro ” Venders” Santilli - Drums

Eschaton (es-kut-on) is a New England Based metal band that combines technical skill and thoughtful composition, forging an unforgiving and aggressive sound that as a listener, will leave you picking up the pieces of that wimpy thing you called a life.  Blending neo-classical progressive death metal riffs with grooves, solos and epic harmonies, guitarist Joshua Berry has a writing style that punches your face, many times, and leaves you crying for more. Not a fruity pie?  You will be, once Darren Cesca (Ex. Arsis, Pillory) riddles your body with relentless blast-beats and lightning-fast fill combinations. 
Combine all this with half demon, half angel, half man vocalist Jason Viteri’s dynamic highs, brutal gutturals and greasy long hair and what do you get? Windmills. Following up their 2009 EP “Wake of the Ophidian,” Eschaton hits even harder in 2013 with their first LP “Sentinel Apocalypse.”

Execration started in late 2006 with a vision of chaos and brutality. The music put forth on Comatose Music has done just that with "Infernal Annihilation" E.P. in 2007, "A Feast for the Wretched" full length in 2008, and "The Acceptance of Zero Existence" full length in 2012. The newest effort spews forth a much darker and technical version of themselves while staying extremely aggressive. With comparisons such as Hate Eternal, Immolation, Origin, Morbid Angel, and many others, it's no wonder these guys are getting a great worldwide response from "The Acceptance of Zero Existence". Execration is always known for their raging intensity at live shows, so make sure you check them out if you get the opportunity. 
Execration Members:
Wyatt Houseman - Vocals
Kevin Elrod - Drums
Jerred Houseman - Guitar
Brian Palmer - Guitar
Shawn Shannon - Bass
* Pictured from left to right - Kevin Elrod, Wyatt Houseman, Brian Palmer, Jerred Houseman.
Infernal Annihilation - E.P. 2007 - Comatose Music
A Feast for the Wretched - Full Length 2008 - Comatose Music
The Acceptance of Zero Existence - Full Length 2012 - Comatose Music

GLORIA MORTI began their journey in Heinola, Finland in 1999. The goal was simple: have fun and play thrash. Not long after their inception, and a handful of lineup changes, the music was steered towards a more demanding and aggressive sound.
After a series of rough demos, the band entered Sundi Coop to record "Ephemeral Lifespan". The release would lead to the band signing with Japan's World Chaos Productions. With the help of such individuals as Lars Eikind and Nino Laurenne the debut album "Lifestream Corrosion" was created.
GLORIA MORTI's second album, "Eryx", continued to push the band's sound in an even more aggressive direction. The sophomore album was the first album to be recorded and mixed by the band's guitarist Juho Räihä. "Eryx" was released through Stay-Heavy and Cyclone Empire.
After "Eryx", GLORIA MORTI's line-up went through a change with drummer Jarmo Juurikka and keyboard-player Jenni Kemppainen parting ways with the band. The place on the drum throne was quickly taken by Kauko Kuusisalo. With the keyboard and orchestration duties, the band decided to trust their long time friend, and producer of the first album, Lars Eikind.
With the new and driven line-up, GLORIA MORTI entered Juho Räihäs's project studio to record their next album, entitled "Anthems of Annihilation", which took a more cinematic, yet aggressive, direction. The album landed the band their first European tour and took GLORIA MORTI one step further. Between the tour and the recordings for the fourth studio album, guitarist Juho Matikainen decided to leave the band and concentrate on other aspects of his life. Matikainen was replaced by a young and talented Eero Silvonen (Casket, Final Harvest, Routasielu, Death Confronting).
GLORIA MORTI's fourth album, Lateral Constraint, was recorded and mixed by the band's guitarist Juho Räihä and mastered by Svante Försback.
Guitarist Juho Räihä elaborates: "On Lateral Constraint, I made a conscious decision to write without over analyzing or burying the point with anything unnecessary. The lyrics are about mankind's inability to step aside and think outside the box. Almost all of our problems seem to be a side-product of clinging to old beliefs and institutions. Mankind needs to evolve laterally if we want to survive and elevate ourselves to the next level. We are not civilized as long as we have wars and poverty. Musically, Lateral Constraint was probably the easiest Gloria Morti album to write. We just went to the natural direction of the band and had a really relaxed and emancipated recording experience. All in all I honestly think that Lateral Constraint is by far the best Gloria Morti album to date, and it will be hard to top in the future."
GLORIA MORTI have been "blessed" with a vast number of exceptional supporting slots. They have had the honor to share the stage with such bands as BEHEMOTH, ZYKLON, MAYHEM, THE CROWN and DISSECTION. Lateral Constraint is an exceptional entry in the field of melodic death metal, more than worthy of mention alongside releases from Septic Flesh, Zyklon, Amon Amarth, etc.
Gloria Morti Members:
Eero Silvonen - Guitar
Kauko Kuusisalo - Drums
Juho Räihä - Guitar
Aki Salonen - Bass
Psycho - Vocals

We’re Hatecharge, a pure swedish death metal band of four maniacs created in 2011 set out for total malevolent destruction. We always deliver raw power on stage. As probably noticeable in our attached live footage underneath, we always work hard to please a hungering crowd. We never want to walk of a stage leaving the audience in a needing hunger for savage brutality, and we always work hard to deliver the best performance possible. Virtually we’ve released two promo cds on the web, and a physically release is within our full length album Reckless Abomination where the track Seeds Of Torment is from.
Track Name: Hatecharge - Seeds Of Torment (for the comp)
Live Clips: - Seeds Of Torment / Drum-Cam

My Bitter End (Featuring members from Through The Eyes of The Dead and Dr.Acula) are back with a tremendous force with their debut We Are Triumphant Records release Nostalgic Sentiments. After their acclaimed release of 'The Renovation' (Uprising Records) My Bitter End has spent a great length perfecting their new EP. With slamming guest vocal appearances from Nate Johnson of Fit For An Autopsy and Cody Smith from Towers the EP picks up right where The Renovation left off with providing extremely progressive metal with a now more mature sound and a new level of heavy.
Since debuting on the metal scene in 2003 Few groups in Metal & Hardcore embody the passion, devotion, and commitment that New York's My Bitter End has when it comes to creating music. With the help of Eliot Geller recording and Shane Frisby (The Ghost Inside, Bury Your Dead, On Broken Wings) mastering Nostalgic Sentiments is My Bitter End's best release yet. The band plans to support the release with a few headlining tours followed by support in summer 2013.Nostalgic Sentiments is incredible piece of progressive music filled with technicality every metal head can enjoy. The sound delivered awakens an almost nostalgic sound with a new twist that thrills the listener.

OBLIVION formed with the intent of creating extreme metal music that will last the ages. Music that transcends genres and time. Members of OBLIVION all have their own unique story: bassist Ben Orum was the founder and primary songwriter in All Shall Perish, lead singer Dr. Nick Vasallo is a professor of Music and internationally acclaimed modernist composer, guitarist Victor Dods is completing his PhD in Math, guitarist Ted O'Neill is a 25 year veteran from the scene, and drummer Luis Martinez is a young musical phenom.
Oblivion Members:
Nick Vasallo - vocals
Ben Orum - bass
Ted O'Neill - guitar
Victor Dods - guitar
Luis Martinez - drums
Get "Called To Rise" here:

Hailing from Dallas TX, PROTEST is known for one thing, an unrelenting, no bullshit metal onslaught on stage. The band effortlessly blending it's thrash roots with a modern twist of hardcore and denim shredding old school metal attitude. Formed in 2003, the band has shared the stage with such acts as Obituary, Unleashed, Prong, Goatwhore, Incantation, God Forbid, Skin Lab, Devastation, Kill the Client, The Destro, Carnifex, Cough and Within Chaos. Now PROTEST is back after a much needed break to continue leading the charge of no compromising heavy metal!
Song: The Corruption Code / Album: The Corruption Code

Montreal's RAGE NUCLEAIRE, featuring ex-CRYPTOPSY vocalist Lord Worm and current and former members of FROZEN SHADOWS and DEMONICAL, unleash hell on earth with their merciless debut album Unrelenting Fucking Hatred. The band's cultish black metal archetype bears down on the listener with blazing speed, inhuman drumming, haunting keys and the ruthless brutality of Lord Worm's deranged vocal attack. RAGE NUCLEAIRE are totally f*cking extreme, and Unrelenting F*cking Hatred is exactly as it seems.
Song: Violence is Golden
Artist: Rage Nucleaire
Album: Unrelenting F*cking Hatred
Release Date: Tue, Nov 06 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Rage Nucleaire Members:
Alvater (Compo, keyboard, bass, sampling)
Dark Rage (Compo,guitars)
Lord Worm (vocals and lyrics)
Fredrik Widigs ( Drum )
Case Study ADL 1107-RN6
Subject: Rage Nucléaire
Case History
I. Background Information
Rage Nucléaire (hereinafter referred to as “Subject”) was never actually born. Instead, Subject’s component parts began to accumulate, sometime in AD 2000, for the purpose of directing their aggression outwards. No reason was given for this. A first album (Unrelenting Fucking Hatred) was completed in early September 2011 and will be unveiled to the public by collaborators Season of Mist during October 2012. Influences range from early Emperor and Immortal, to Anaal Nathrakh and Mysticum. There are most certainly others, but these are not listed.
II. Description of the Presenting Problem(s)
Subject’s primary preoccupations include global genocide (Endziel), universal pornocracy (The Feeding Habits of Homo Horriblis), violent suicide and flies. Secondary obsessions include burning (The Gift of the Furnace), hanging (The Gallows and the Black Coffin), firearms (30 Seconds in the Killhouse) and swine. Please refer to Unrelenting Fucking Hatred for tertiary concerns of note. Subject feels an especially virulent loathing for humanity, although a close second is humanity-yet-unborn; dead humanity runs a distant third. Subject fully intends to kill you. Nothing can change this.
III. Diagnosis
Subject is violently homicidal, suicidal, genocidal and vindictive, and can usually be found in an aggressive state of fury. For all intents and purposes, Subject should not be approached, unless large cash donations are being offered, with which Subject might purchase more firearms. Besides, fuck the DSM-IV and its silly little “codes”.
I. Psychoanalytic Approach - Subject is obviously insane, with all that that implies. Everything Subject does and/or thinks, clearly illustrates this point. Fuck this approach.
II. Cognitive-Behavioral Approach - See Psychoanaytic Approach above. Also, musically speaking, Subject’s proclivities include bonesaw guitars, punishing rhythms, bombastic keyboards, revoltingly inhuman vocals, and an orgiastic array of ghastly samples. Subject’s suicidal fixation is maybe not a bad idea, all things considered.
III. Humanistic Approach - Ply Subject with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, firearms and heavy foods. Also, give Subject scads of money.
Note: The APA format was not employed in this case study. F*ck the APA. Thank you.

Formed in 2002 in the center of France with and by members of Defecal Of Gerbe (Goregrind), Blosius (Brutal Death) and Brennkelt (Black Metal), SAVAGE ANNIHILATION is all about being true to what its name suggests.
A first eight tracks demo, “Death in Progress” is released in 2004, which gets them the opportunity to open for a wide amount of bands (among which Happy Face, Trepan’Dead…). The demo is followed, in 2008, by a split CD (with Decrepify (US), Visceral (Chile) and Ad Nauseum (FR)), featuring three tracks, among which a Sepultura cover that’s gonna end on two different tributes also (“From Roots to the Seed” – Chabane’s recs & “A Grind Tribute to 80’s Thrash” – Inhuman Homicide recs). Since then, the band has constantly played everywhere they’ve been able to in Europe.
For their tenth year mark, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION are proud to announce that they’ve inked a multi-album deal with up-and-coming French label KAOTOXIN RECORDS (home of Darkall Slaves, Dehuman, Eye Of Solitude, Gronibard, Infected Society, Insain, Unsu, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx…) which will result in the release, on October 1st, of their debut full-length, “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” (ten tracks, 40+ minutes).
Raw, brutal, fast, blasting and featuring sick soloing, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION is bringing back  that primal proto Death Metal feeling the likes of Morbid Angel (“Abominations” / “Altars”-era), (early) Sepultura, (early) Krisiun, Nephasth or Nefas made popular before them, with the addition of their very own vision of twisted-ness.
“Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” will unleash SAVAGE ANNIHILATION’s heretic Armageddon upon mankind, joining the Great Old Ones in their quest for the (savage) annihilation of mankind.

Scottish Death Metal bruisers Scordatura have spent years crafting their sound to reach the perfect, bludgeoning experience they are set to unleash on the world this February in the form of 'Torment of The Weak'.
Having formed the band in 2007 they have gone on to play all over the UK supporting the likes of Cryptopsy, Misery Index, Aborted, Beneath The Massacre, Malevolent Creation, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Condemned & many more as well as touring with Cerebral Bore in 2011 and two self booked tours of Scotland in 2009/2010.
The debut album 'Torment of The Weak' features eight blistering tracks of pure Death Metal which has received acclaim from fans, bands and labels alike. Recorded in 2012, mixed by Scott Fuller of Abysmal Dawn and mastered by Fuller and Max Karon. The album is set to drive Scordatura into the forefront of the UK death metal scene with distribution throughout North America and Canada by Blasthead Records and featuring guest vocals by Hideous Divinity vocalist Enrico Di Lorenzo.
The band take to the road once more in 2013 to support the albums release with a European tour with Pyrexia and Beheaded which will cover the UK and mainland including a stop off at legendary metal festival Nurgberg Deathfest. The band are planning more tours throughout the UK and Europe throughout 2013.
2013 is certain to see Scordatura burst onto the international Death Metal scene to show them how the Scottish Death Metal scene really is one of the best in the world.
Scordatura Members:
Daryl Boyce - Vocals
Dave Coia - Guitar
Owen McKendrick - Guitar
Mark Scobie - Bass/Vocals
Tam Moran - Drums

Within Destruction is a Slovenian death metal band, mixed with the essence of black metal and deathcore, awakened from the blackest part of the universe and its goal is to perish all what stands in its way of conquering the poisonous realm.
This bloodcult was risen from the serpent's pit in 2010 when Luka and Rok decided to spread the sickness across their pestilent town Jesenice. Soon Ervin joined on guitar and other members as well, but they left the band during it's destructive and rapid evolution. After a few months Matjaž joined the band as the second guitarist. Soon after his arrival the 1st video "Cardiomypathy" was made and live performances across the sickened land were played. Within Destruction had countless shows in Slovenia, but their highlights were as a support act for Suicide Silence, Benighted and a late show at Metalcamp 2012. Two more changes were made on bass which led to our current bassist Janez Skumavc.
Within Destruction stepped into the studio in Fall 2011 to record the debut album "From The Depths" which was released on the 15th of September 2012 by an Austrian label Noiseheadrecords. The album is a superior Blood-anthem against the laws of this miserable, decaying world and it is a portal to the Death's womb. The debut album has been accepted well in the worldwide metal community and described as a powerful basis for further creations.
The band is currently preparing for the recording of a video for "King of Serpents" and writing material for the second album.
Within Destruction Members:
Rok Rupnik - vocals
Ervin Bešič - guitar
Matjaž Muhič - guitar
Janez Skumavc - bass
Luka Vezzosi - drums

Zombified was started as a two man project by guitarists P. Myrén and P. Fransson in the winter of 2006. After some beers, and a three song demo, they decided to assemble a full band and record an album.
They got in contact with the session members "Von Pest" and M.Askinen and with them they gave birth to the first album 'Zombified Slaughtermachine'. After the release, M.Fiebig and R.Karlsson joined the band on drums and vocals and Zombified didn't waste any time and created a new album called "Carnage Slaughter And Death". Shortly thereafter, M. Fiebig decided to leave the band and a new drummer was found in J. Johansson.
Zombified Slaughtermachine led to the band signing with Cyclone Empire. Carnage Slaughter and Death will be released in February 2013 by Metal Blade Records in North America. Carnage Slaughter and Death was recorded at "Shotgun Studios", which is owned and operated by the band. Additionally, the band is wasting no time and has already begun assembling material for a third album.
Zombified Members:
Patrik Myrén – Guitar
Pär Fransson – Guitar
Roberth Karlsson – Vocals and Bass
Jacob Johansson – Drums



0 # 2013-05-09 21:02
Hello, I'm Santiago Sauza from Argentina and i want to know where i must to send the info about my band to appear. I'm the drummer from Demoniac Infected.
0 # JeffreyFit 2017-01-14 10:15
natomiast powie "tak" do słuchawki. Prawdopodobnie pomyślisz, że pretendent aż do pracy prosto Twoja osoba, podczas gdy i istnienia, jest wyzwanie stawiane przedsiębiorstw a, a nawet się, że w najbliższej przyszłością społeczną. Ochudzanie. Ci, którzy nie na odwrót na beneficjum, jednakże także cechuje się tylko kolejnym sukcesem w sprzed firmami, którym ufają. Jaka powinna egzystować.
Kross level b2

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