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Exclusive Album Premier - Terrordromes "The Day of Sacrilege" Streaming In Full Now!
Monday, 17 December 2012 19:39

Grindethic Records are pleased to present the second album from Billy Stavrianidis and Greek death metallers Terrordrome! The band returns with "The Day of Sacrilege", a concept album detailing the rise of a renegade fallen angel in a blasphemous epic of technical metal. Terrordrome have added some new experimental elements to their sound by mixing their earlier brutal style with sections of distorted flamenco.

Recording Details: “The Day Of Sacrilege” was recorded and mixed at “The MIX” Studio by George Brigos, September and October 2011 and was Mastered at “Odeon Mastering” by Tolis Siopis, February 2012. The record was produced by George Brigos and Terrordrome and all cover art and layout designed by Tom Bradfield for Grindethic Design.

Guest appearances: Guest vocals on “Impale the Unfit Servant” by Tom “Grindethic” Bradfield. Guest guitar riff contribution on “Antediluvian Malediction” perfomed and written by Sverre Dæhli of the mighty Norwegian Thrash outfit Audiopain.

Track 1: Alas In The Wound
Track 2: For Mayhem To Begin
Track 3: Bounded
Track 4: Moribound
Track 5: The Day of Sacrilege
Track 6: Compel To Sin
Track 7: Conceit Is The Disease
Track 8: Impale The Unfit Servant
Track 9: Antediluvian Malediction

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Drum Gear - Acoustic Kit:
Stage custom Yamaha bass drum 22’
Stage custom Yamaha Power toms: 8', 10', 12', 13', 14'
Stage custom Yamaha Floor tom 16'
Snares: Snare drum 13/7' Joey Jordison signature, Snare drum 14/5' Devil’s Workshop custom made Bill Stavrianidis, Snare Drum 10/5’ Yamaha stage custom. The 10/5' snare is only used in the "drum&bass" part in Antediluvian Malediction track". 
* Dixon Super Rack
Crash: 16' zildjian projection, 16' zildjian k thin dark, 16 paiste 2002, 14 zildjian k thin dark
China: 18' zildjian oriental, 12' sabian hand hammered, 10' sabian hand hammered china kang, 14’ stagg
Splash: 8' paiste alpha, 10' paiste alpha, 10' zildjian k, 12' paiste alpha
Hi-hat: 14' zildjian new beat
Ride: 20’ earth ride Zildjian
Pedals: Axis longboards double pedal
Drum Sticks: Vic Firth
Heads: Evans
MIC Set Up and other recording details:
  • Kic Drum: D112 + Shure B52 in-out (2 mics)
  • Snares 13/7’ & 10/5’: AKG D 905 up and down (2 mics each snare drum)
  • Snare 14/5’: Shure SM57 up and down
  • Toms: Audix D2
  • Floor tom: Sennheizer MD421
  • Overhead: 2x AKG C414B (No separate mics for the hi-hat & ride)
  • Room MICs: 2x AKG C414B for room mics as no artificial reverb was used
  • Room MIC: AKG 451 CK5 (mono)
* Pro tools recording system - All drum sounds are natural, no triggers used apart from the kick drum, but the sample was created from the sound captured by both kick drum mics.

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