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Brutal Beatings Volume X
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 18:00

Welcome to Sick Drummer Magazine's 10th Brutal Beatings E-Compilation!

Coming off our last compilation that featured Primate - a grind band featuring Kevin Sharp of Brutal TruthDave Whitworth & Shayne Huffof Atlanta's The Despised and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon, the drumming of Andols Herrick on the track from I Will Break Thee and Season of Mist recording artists Carach Angren!

This 10th compilation features Dave Astor and Pathology, Todd Hansen (ex-Berzerker, Man Must Die) and Amplitusion, Undercroft featuring Alvaro Lillo (Watain), Michael Arcane with Ikkadian and much more!

We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts.

*Be sure to share this on all your pages and thanks for the support!

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"Expect violent velocities, yet melodically delicious
This summer marked Amplitusion's biggest live performances, shredding for crowds of 20,000 as the official band of Toronto's Warrior Dash.  With Aussie Extreme Drumming Icon, Todd Hansen (The Berzerker, Rome, Headkase) as the weapon of mass percussion, the Canadian Crushers are now in the spotlight of intensive anticipation for their full album sequel to come.  
Drums for the sophomore effort were recorded on the Gold Coast of Australia at CORE Studios. 
"Alcoholic Venom Snake" (2012) is a journey of immortality - a myth of a sacred drink that would bestow superpowers to anyone who could endure the intensity, but no one yet has survived. Do You Have What It Takes?

Bloodtruth born back in 2009 by the friendship and the common music interest of Stefano Rossi Ciucci (Guitar), Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi (these last now in Fleshgod Apocalypse).Paolo Rossi  began to schedule vocal parts while Stefano and Francesco were writing the music; obviously the project was "part-time" for everyone, so we took all the time necessary to get things done properly but without coming to terms with the Fleshgod boom, which forced Francesco and Paolo to leave the project and to concentrate on their main band. After few months Stefano contacted Riccardo Rogari at bass, who studied all the pieces, but they didn’t ever have the opportunity to try / record together at that time. The project also remained in standby since 2011 when Stefano came in contact with Giacomo Torti and reactivate the band with Riccardo, and after few months, with Luigi Valenti at vocals; this is the current Bloodtruth’s line up.
The name comes from a collaboration with Paolo Rossi from Fleshgod Apocalypse who participated, in the beginning, at the concept realization. The moniker is directly connected at our vision of the world and also to the concept album: the words ''blood'' and ''truth'' are put together to represent the fact that the History of human beings, overall the ancient one, is written with blood. Particularly we focus on the history that church has written ( and this is the motivation of the Gregorian chants into the songs) bringing not only death, but also fear and mysticism.
Song: The song is called "Summoning the Heretics" and it's a 2012 single.
Email:               BloodtruthBand [at]

Corpse Garden is a death metal act hailing from Heredia, Costa Rica. The band was formed in early 2008 due to the dissolution of a gore/grind band. In 2009, they hit the studio to record a demo. In 2011, they hit the studio for the second time to record their debut album Burnt by the Light in, Bushido Audio Productions in Costa Rica. Also, the album was mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. The album entitled BURNT BY THE LIGHT was released in January 20, 2012 and received very good reviews and ratings. Also in March 31 Corpse Garden won the Wacken Metal Battle in Central America subsequently allowing them to perform in the WOA Headbangers Stage on August 1st , 2012. 
Corpse Garden has shared stage with Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Mnemic and Disgorge. 
Corpse Garden Is:
Christopher de Haan (Vocals) 
Federico Gutierrez (Lead Guitar) 
Luis Cambronero ( Rythm Guitar) 
Esteban Solano (Bass) 
Erick Mejia (drums)
Email - info [at] 

Based out of central North Carolina, Cursed From Birth formed in the summer of 2012. They recorded their first EP, “Sins and Sacrifices,”at Warrior Sound Studios in Chapel Hill, and immediately began playing shows. 
In June of 2012, Cursed From Birth successfully competed in a battle of the bands, winning a local opener slot on that year's "Mayhem Fest" in Atlanta, Ga. "Sins and Sacrifices", was released unsigned to positive reviews on August 30th, 2012.
The EP title is "Sins And Sacrifices".

Eternal Rest are a death metal act from Brisbane. Their powerful energy must be seen to be believed. This young band is surging forward with momentum and are set to have a bright future.
Eternal Rest have played with many national and international artists such as Unearth (USA), The Black Dahlia Murder (USA), Guttermouth (USA), Ulcerate (NZ), Sybreed (Switzerland), Alchemist, State Of Integrity and many more.
The band just finished recording their debut full length which will be available early 2013 through deepsend records. The album was recorded and mixed by Joe Haley (Psycroptic).
Track Name: Acts of The Unspoken 
Album Name: Prophetic

Formed by Matti & Grant in December 1988, purpose: to perform Carcass covers exclusively from the 1st album. Name thought up by Matti, derived from some graphical medical handbook, an interest which Matti and Grant shared with a certain morbidity. Inconsistent line-up. Inspired by seminal Stockholm noisecore band Berbe (part of Matti's unkown dark past.) Managed to rehearse a few Carcass covers and incomprehensible noise, which by a massive stretch of imagination could be mistaken for songs. Nothing remains on tape. For obvious reasons. Did not last. For obvious reasons. After several months of inactivity, Matti gathered a fresh batch of sad bastards who were willing to elevate this special brand of musical Carcass-worship to unknown heights. Feeding off the instant chemistry between them, 3 songs were almost instantly completed, although rehearsals were limited to some 2-3 times a month. By February it was decided that these foul practices of forensic insanity had to be recorded. 
The word had got around, and it did not take long before the label "Stockholms most hated" was applied to the band. Mustered by this stigma, the band went ahead and recorded their first three songs. Recording took place at the highly unlikely facility of an amateur theatre group with recording equipment. This may have contributed to the final result, which was shockingly brutal and very Grind. May even be seen as out-"noising" the "Reek of Putrefaction" album, which, ultimately, was the purpose from the start. This recording was eventually released as the Erosive Offals demo tape. 
Not wasting any time, the band were on stage a few days after the recording had come to a conclusion at the end of March. The scene for this excercise was in a rather shabby suburb of Stockholm with heavy metal gods Unleashed, Afflicted Convulsion, Crematory and Macrodex. Needless to say these bands were completely outclassed... in terms of grindcore, anyway. And in every other aspect, come to think of it. The accompanying bands and audience were completely blown away by G.S. and their massive five-minute set (which still exists on video), describing it in such appraising words as "complete shit", "by god, that truly sucked", "huh?", "what, you mean that was a band playing?". The band having also foreseeing the uniform trend by all wearing Carcass t-shirts. 
Despite the general lack of understanding by mere mortals, they felt that greatness was just around the corner. Also many more opportunities to severely piss people off. However, when the band sat back and actually listened to the demo itself, they quickly decided to re-enter the studio (a real studio this time). Matti decided that the lyrics needed a cerain something to heighten them and thusly contacted Grant and asked him to re-write the lyrics, what with his Scottish background and impressive eloquency. Needless to say, Grant was completely willing to jump on the bandwagon and share any fame/infamy the band might gather. For free too! Sunlight Studio was quickly booked being the prime choice for any self-respecting band on the more brutal side of the musical spectrum. The band was slotted in between actual "real" recordings by "real" bands, working an intense six hours completing both the recording and mixing in one night. 
The result was "gargantuan". Named by the band's acquired lyricist/non-vocalist Grant as Pestiferous Anthropophagia, which nobody really knows the meaning of, least of all himself. This was a step forward in reaching their own special sound... of ripping off a certain band. Fifty copies were duplicated on Jocke's double tape deck at home, the layout of the tape done using scissors, typewriter and glue (which, despite popular belief did not end up in the band members' noses.) These were distributed in a small amount by the band, though, thanks to tape traders, managed to reach quite an amount of people for which we are eternally grateful. After some time Rickard left the band to focus on his main band Unanimated, and Grant, being the natural choice, re-joined the band. Whoopee! 
By this time, a man of great and awesome taste, Bill Yurkiewicz, was interested in releasing something by the band on his then label Grind Till Global Perfection. A split single with, amongst others, Soilent Green was planned. As time passed, his label morphed into Relapse Records and talk of a full EP was discussed. After a lot of silliness from the bands side, it was arranged that G.S. yet again enter Sunlight studios. During this time, the band quickly got a hold of a semi-functional portable studio and recorded their repertoire to see how they'd sound with McWilliams foul tones on it. 
Thoroughly disgusted, but without any better options, they decided to go ahead and enter the studio. Yet again Tomas Skogsberg was to be exposed to these sickos. So, during a few days in November 1990 the "classic" Necrology EP was recorded. The band decided to record their entire repertoire of seven songs (which was all they had been able to spew forth during their 10 month life span). Thusly, the three demo tracks resurfaced for this recording as well, along with all the new material the band had written since the recording of the "P.A." demo. This initially was released as a vinyl EP, minus two songs (The Succulent Aftermath of a Subdural Haemorrhage & An orgy of Flying Limbs and Gore) which were to appear on a split EP that was to be released after the vinyl 7". Directly after recording the EP, Matti left the band to pursue his spiraling career in Dismember. The remaining three wished him luck and thusly found themselves without one of the major forces behind the band. 
After dithering about trying to write new songs and getting absolutely nowhere (except tentatively naming their forthcoming, and potentially non-existent, album "Sex-God-Pathology"). At this time, they decided to call it a day. As everybody knows, you're better off quitting while you're ahead. Anything to achieve a kind of mythical status among a few. Mats lay down his drum sticks, walked off into the setting sun, and was never heard from again. Rumour has it that he became a P.E. teacher, but the remaining living members of the band deny this as too horrible to be true. Jocke insisted on being heavy metal with Afflicted, before shaving off all his body hair and being one of the founding members of Face Down. Grant went back to abusing various substances and ended up studying Library & Information Science in some hellhole in the south of Sweden. This mostly happened before the EP was released (and three years before the CD), so none of the members really had any idea of how popular it would become (No, we're not exactly modest about it...) Had it been any other way, maybe the world would have been blessed with perhaps several more gore dripping insane grindcore anthems.
Approximately ten years after their short, but intense, reign of idiocy - they resurface, to the extreme consternation of everyone. Bigger,better...blah blah blah. It's pretty much the same as before, but sicker, faster and as f*cked up as ever. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. After reforming in 1999 and the false start that followed, where the band only managed to crank out one track (the contribution to the "Requiems of Revulsion" Carcass tribute), GS once again was put on ice. The primary reason for this was the problem of finding a permanent line-up, and mostly the problem of finding a proper drummer for the band. 
Out of the myriad of drummers that was tried, most of them declined to join the band due to time constraints (In one case a drummer was forbidden to join up with GS because his band felt that the presence of the "mighty" GS would annihilate their own band. Whatever.) So, after recording the Carcass track in November 2000, very little happened. Some drummers were tried out. Some fit in but couldn't join the band after all. The band slowly drifted back into a coma, only to be woken up by late summer 2002 when guitarist Jocke met up with long-time associate Andreas Eriksson (Sayyadina bassist/vocalist). 
They decided to try out recording some serious grindcore at Andreas' place with the aid of his computer and a drum machine. A couple of songs were quickly written (using riffs that were composed for the 1999 reunion). The pair found themselves with a couple of songs, and considered getting GS going once again. They asked Grant if he was interested, and he rejoined the band. Once again, the search for a drummer was in progress. Luckily enough, Andreas knew of the capabilities of Birdflesh drummer Adde Mitroulis, after he had filled in as a session drummer for Sayyadina on their German tour the same year. He was asked if he was interested, got a few old tracks on CD and said that he wanted to do it. 
With a full line up, serious writing and recording took place from September to December 2002. Seven new tracks were quickly completed and recorded at Andreas' place, and the results were over expectation. The band were not sure about what would be the most proper way to release their new material. At the same time, they were contacted by Dr. Morton Fairbanks of fellow Carcass worshippers The County Medical Examiners, asking them if they would consider releasing their new material as a split CD on Razorback Records. Naturally, this was such a great opportunity for the band that they could not pass it up. The band played their first rehearsal with drummer Adde in January 2003, and since it went so well, it was decided that the recording should commence as quickly as possible. This time around the band have actually produced concrete results, which should hopefully please both those who enjoyed the "Necrology" EP and those who haven't been subjected to us before. We're just pleased to have a stable line-up and be playing the same kind of music as before, which we all still have a soft spot for.

Ikkadian is guitarist John Cornnell, drummer Michael Arcane, and vocalist Donny Doss.  The group hails from Northern Virginia, where they have united to unleash their debut album “Of Alpha and Omega”.  Their brutal brand of crushing metal is a fusion of raw black metal and blistering precision deathmetal presented on an epic scale.  The ten song album is a non-stop assault which features guest solo artist James Murphy (Death/Obituary/Disincarnate) on the track “Relentless March Towards Apocalypse” before reaching the crescendo that are the title tracks “Alpha” and “Omega”.  
Ikkadian are 100% independent, 100% underground, and they proudly offer the entire album for free download at
Song: "Relentless March Towards Apocalypse"  
Album: "Of Alpha and Omega"

Hailing from Graz, Austria, Life Crime was formed in Summer 2010 through a mutual love for old hardcore punk music a la Black Flag and Poison Idea, grindcore and blast beats. 
This band functions like a catharsis for each member because it gives the opportunity to let out all pent up aggression through the performance. The lyrics deal with everyday problems just as much as with personal experiences and political topics. Music and lyrics combined result in a harsh soundtrack for any train wreck.  
Within the 2 years of existence Life Crime shared the stage with lots of bands from all over the world including Napalm Death, The Accused, Now You´re Fucked, Oral Fistfuck and Onanizer.
In 2011 the band recorded all their material which is to be released soon via Unundeux Records.

Mesmerized by Misery was formed in early 2011 in Heppenheim, Germany. After having gone through some lineup changes they commenced the songwriting process.
Being influenced by a wide spectrum of artists they blend different genres and elements of metal which leads to an agressive sound while still remaining melodic. Their music can be best described as a modern approach to melodic death metal with different influences drawn from other genres.
On September 15th 2012 the band released their debut EP entitled "Nurturing the Vultures" which is downloadable for free on their website and also available as digipack.

Looking for a balance of unimaginable savagery and unique songwriting? Look no further… PATHOLOGY is here to deliver such chaos. This death metal quartet looks to spread their reign of brutality to fans across the world. 
Formed in 2006 by drummer Dave Astor (formerly of THE LOCUST and militant death squad CATTLE DECAPITATION), PATHOLOGY has released five albums in that time and have toured relentlessly spreading their disgust and power in a live setting. 
Alongside Dave Astor is vocalist Jonathon Huber (formerly of I DECLARE WAR), guitarist Kevin Schwartz and bassist Oscar Ramirez, who combined are the engine that fuels the beast, PATHOLOGY. Together these four provide songs that will quench the listeners’ thirst for lightning fast blast beats, devastating breakdowns, chainsaw guitars, and vocals that will cause your throat to rip out of your body if you even attempt to sing along. 
PATHOLOGY has toured North America and Europe with death metal legends like OBITUARY, DEICIDE, NILE, VADER, IMMOLATION, and GRAVE. They have a devoted fan base as seen by their 125,000 plus followers across their social media websites and the credibility of a hard-working, down-to-earth band who have paid their dues and risen from the underground and continue to invade and crossover to new and younger fans.
The future is promising for the San Diego death metal band as they have just completed their latest collection of roaring mayhem, once again with producer Daniel Castleman (AS I LAY DYING, WINDS OF PLAGUE, IMPENDING DOOM) at Lambesis Studios in their hometown. Their third Victory Records release, entitled The Time of Great Purification, is out September 25th, and focuses on the apocalyptic prophecies of 2012 featuring once again spectacular cover artwork by Par Olofsson (IMMOLATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, IMMORTAL).
Setting up the release the band wastes no time and are headlining this summer’s Slaughter Survivors tour with FALLUJAH, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY and ENFOLD DARKNESS. This is not metal for the faint of heart. This is true death metal that will stop at nothing to obliterate all which stand in its way. Consider this a warning, PATHOLOGY is coming...
Pathology is:
Oscar Ramirez - Bass
Jonathan Huber - Vocals
Kevin Schwartz - Guitar
Dave Astor - Drums

We are a forward thinking, progressive metal band located in North Hollywood, California. We play progressive metal with many elements ranging from Jazz fusion, ambient music, to the heaviest of death metal. Our music is inspired by the world around us and life itself and is only limited by the constraints of our own minds. We hope you will enjoy the songs we have crafted and hope they affect you into thinking more about the world around you and how you perceive it. 
Samudra is proud to play Sterling by MUSICMAN Guitars ( and Saluda Cymbals (
Track Name: "Revelation: Perceived Existence"
Album Name: "Reformation"
Samudra is (left to right):
Collin Duffy - Guitar/Vocals
Patrick English - Vocals/Guitar
Randy Rigg - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Homen - Drums
Official Blog:
Email: samudrametal [at]

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Shuma Gorath have been making sure that there is no short supply on fast, heavy, and technical metal in the queen city. Originally formed in early 2009, the band has undergone member changes and has been developing a constantly evolving sound.
After a short lived hiatus, Shuma Gorath returned in early 2012 after gaining vocalist Andrew Willingham and drummer Evan Goodwin of Viginia tech-metal band Dysphagic. These combined forces have been hard at work creating faster heavier music than the band had ever imagined. With an approaching EP release and hard at work writing their debut full length Shuma Gorath aspires to bring something new to the table and aid in the evolution of extreme metal. 
With influences ranging from Beneath the Massacre to Between the Buried and Me, the sky is the limit, and Shuma Gorath intends to never lose momentum.

In 2008 Sonneillon Black Metal was formed by Bellerophon after his former band Ater split up. Initially, the main idea was to reform Ater and start all over again, but he then decided to create a new project from scratch. At that time, and still without a band name, Bellerophon started recruiting members so he could get the band started. 
The band is Bellerphon the founder compose teh songs in studio with help the session members and now have a consistente line up for live shows and studio recording.
In the same year Sonneillon BM entered the studio to record the devastating self-released E.P. named "Diabolic War". With a growing number of concerts and a great reaction from the public, Sonneillon Black Metal is a full on, crushing panzer, aimed at bringing chaos, destruction and pure fucking War to you.

Chile's UNDERCROFT, featuring Alvaro Lillo (WATAIN),  have come a long way since emerging from the underground in '93. Their reputation spread quickly through South America with their early albums and shows with KREATOR and MORBID ANGEL before the band relocated to Europe. Now they return with 'Ruins of Gommorah', their first new album in six years. The Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, BEHEMOTH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) produced album is a burning attack of pure, old-school metal.
"Ruins of Gomorrah", UNDERCROFT's new album, is the next release from Season of Mist's Underground Activists division and will hit the stores on September 21st (October 9th in North America). 
Here is track listing of the Chilean thrashers' sixth opus:
Intro (SLM)
El Triunfo de la Muerte
At The Gardens of Hatred
Black Magik Witches
Dead Human Flesh
Ruins of Gomorrah
Legions of Beelzebub
The Art of Vengeance
Empalando Al Invasor
Outro (Drained By Succubi)
The Beast [Bonus Track - Twisted Sister cover]
UNDERCROFT recently shot a video for "El Triunfo de la Muerte", a song from "Ruins of Gomorrah". Watch it on Season of Mist's YouTube channel!
"Ruins of Gomorrah" is available for pre-order on Season of Mist's e-shop as CD (first pressing comes with a bonus track) and hand-numbered double LP with digital download card limited to 250 copies.

Wretched is a melodic death metal band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Formerly known as And Since Forgotten, Wretched was formed in September of 2005. Recreating what seems to have disappeared from the NC scene, is the blend of European, and American Metal. For the first time listener, Wretched brings sonic mayhem to their ears, leaving them with a craving for more. Keeping the NC thriving music scene going, Wretched are an immaculate take on this music scene. 
They are unstoppable, unyielding, and powerful live and on record. With a devastating live show, a show attendee leaves more than satisfied anticipating the urge for more Wretched.
Wretched is:
Adam Cody - Vocals
Steven Funderburk - Guitar
John Vail - Guitar
Andrew Grevey - Bass
Marshall Wieczorek - Drums

И "Шаманизм для начинающих Опыт мировых целителей" Долли, и даже ее обычно несообразительный "ГИА Матаматика 9 кл Практикум по вып. типовых тест. заданий" муж, без труда поняли, "Сестричка" что это значит.

Может, Синанджу у "Загадка последнего сфинкса" них так называется.

В конце концов, я не совершил "Большая детская энциклопедия досуга" никаких криминальных действий, а "Поэмы и стихи" кроме того, теперь никто не "Читать по ладони Легко" мог отнять назад "Янтарные небеса" мое превращение.

Вот тут-то мы и "Энциклопедия архитектуры" нагрянем на них!

Вот именно, обрадовался Шеф, "Мужчина и женщина Секреты семейного счастья" Анджела Фарадей.

После соскользнул с подоконника и исчез.


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