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Brutal Beatings Volume VII
Monday, 20 February 2012 21:41

This is the Seventh Sick Drummer Magazine - Brutal Beatings E-Compilation and again, we could not be more excited about it! Coming off our last compilation that featured Death and Krisiun, we now get to release one that features Terrorizer and Spawn of Possession! We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts.

This compilation features Terrorizer with Pete Sandoval, Spawn of Possession with Henrik Schönström, Fleshgod Apocalypse with Francesco Paoli, Terrordrome with Billy Stavrianidis, not to mention Duane Timlin appears on two tracks, and then there's some killer stuff from ten other bands. Be sure to share this around on all your pages, and thanks for the support! 
If you are interested in appearing on our next compilation, please send an email to:
jason [at] 

Abhorration is a four piece progressive, slamming, brutal death metal band based out of Redondo Beach, California. Founded by Nick Shepetuk (drums) and Tom Myers (bass, guitar, vocals) under the name Eviscerator in mid 2010, it was mainly a non-serious side project with influences ranging from black and thrash metal to slam death. After a few months the project took an indefinite hiatus, with little activity until August of 2011. Nick recruited guitarist Michael Johnson to restart the band as a serious full time, slamming brutal death metal project, with Tom on vocals only. For the next two months Michael and Nick focused on writing new material.
At this time Tom was in contact with Daniel Osborn of Inherit Disease, owner of New Standard Elite Records. Dan was looking  for bands to sign, and was interested in the band, which at the time had no name. After deciding on the name Abhorration and bringing in friend of the band, Matthew Bishop on bass, the four piece signed a contract with New Standard Elite Records.
They immediately went into the studio to record their debut EP, “Infatuation with the Accursed Enmity,” which will be released in February of 2012. Since then Abhorration has continued writing for their upcoming full length release, “Piercing the Dominion on Intransigent Extermination,” due out later in 2012, and has shared the stage with such bands as Condemned, Cerebral Incubation, Gortuary, Euphoric Defilement, Rottenness, Insanity and many more. 

In 2007 Al Sauce and Kevin Bradley wanted to do something both fun and brutal spawning the inception of All the way to the Bank. Shortly after the concept took form, John Hate Ramos (ex-Vital Remains) joined as the bands fundamental guitarist. Hate created what is the central feel of the bands music in The Tetris Chainsaw Massacre. After several line up changes, and the recruitment of ex-Dying Fetus drummer Duane Timlin, the band in its present state took its form.
With new addition of Brad Cook the re-arrival of Marvin Ruiz and of course the brutal vocal ability of Matt Mapes, the band is as determined as ever. With a more progressive look and feel, and some new talent, the upcoming album Sentinel will prove that All the way to the bank wont die.

Crowned Beheaded was originally founded in 2007-2008 By John Ramos and Duane Timlin after their time with Houstons' Funeral Rites. This project has been a challenge to get together since both are active session players and work with multipule groups. As with all bands (in the early stages) we went through a few line-ups as well as a name change.
Here we are in 2012 and our focus is on our band, We have recently recruited Andy Perez (Blaspherian) on vocals and John Micheal Torres on bass, who has worked with both Hate and Duaniac. We are currently preparing for our first full length, as well as preparing to destroy as many towns as possible live. Now that we have a line-up with everyone in the same town locked in, were ready to do this. We look forward to getting out and slaying everyone very soon! Hails brothers and sisters. 

Originating from Denver, Colorado, Enemy Reign is a band that does not adhere to the restrictions of a closed-minded genre. Not afraid to draw influence from early 90's death metal, late 80'3 grindcore, East Coast hardcore, friends and fans have coined the term "Metal for Metalheads" as an appropriate description of the band.
In today’s turbulent times of music distribution, Enemy Reign are currently acting as their own record label but are using their two latest releases: Means To A Dead End & Between Hell and Oblivion, as a provocation to those interested in joining the fight. Looking forward, Enemy Reign plans to continue its homegrown marketing onslaught promoting the latest EP due out early 2012.

Italy's brutal/symphonic horde, Fleshgod Apocalypse, have returned with their definitive epic masterpiece Agony. With only two releases under their belts, Oracles (2009) and the Mafia EP (2010), Fleshgod Apocalypse have already become one of the most talked about bands in the underground. Their unique blend of technical death metal with a symphonic elements have quickly made them a favorite with fans and critics alike. Now, after a slew of successful tours in Europe and the US, the band have unleashed their defining moment in the form of Agony!
Fleshgod Apocalypse was born in April of 2007 when they released a two track demo entitled Promo 07, which was later released as part of the 4-way split called Da Vinci Death Code. In early 2008 the band started to perform live in the Italian and European underground scene supporting bands like BEHEMOTH, ORIGIN, DYING FETUS, HATE ETERNAL, SUFFOCATION, NAPALM DEATH and many more.
In May 2008 the band entered 16th Cellar Studio again to record its first full-length album, Oracles. In December that same year the band decided to part ways with Neurotic Records and inked a deal with Willowtip Records. Oracles was released in April 2009 and the band started an intense show schedule all over Europe. First touring in support of GOD DETHRONED in the Balkans, then with VADER and MARDUK on the “Funeral Nation” tour, then finally they covered the UK and EIRE territories with their first headlining tour.
The Mafia EP was recorded, mixed and mastered again at 16th Cellar Studio in January 2010 and released by Willowtip Records. The release marked a big step forward for the band in every way. Right after the end of the recording session the band embarked on another European tour supporting SUFFOCATION followed by a headlining tour of Russia. 
After some Festivals and gigs in the summertime, the band flew overseas for their first tour of the US/Canada dubbed the Decibel Defiance Tour 2010. The tour took place in October/November 2010 with SUFFOCATION, THE FACELESS, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD and DECREPIT BIRTH. Before the end of the year the band played several more gigs in Europe. 2011 opened with the Bonecrusher Fest, a European tour with DYING FETUS, KEEP OF KALESSIN, CARNIFEX, ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY and ANGELUS APATRIDA. 
In November of 2010, the band signed a worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group, Inc. and began writing their second full length album. In May of 2011 the band signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records and began wrapping up work on this album. During this time Francesco Ferrini, the pianist and orchestrator who has worked with the band from the beginning, joined FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE as full-time member. This enabled them to have even more grand symphonic arrangements on Agony, taking the bands signature sound to new euphoric heights.
Agony hones in on the bands unique traits giving fans everything they could hope for and more. Marco Hasmann once again crafts an intricate depiction of the bands concept with his cover art. As always, the mix and mastering work of Stefano “Saul” Morabito from 16th Cellar Studios is so superb that you can expect to hear his name quite a bit more in the future. Make no mistake, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are soon to be one of the leading forces in the extreme metal scene! Francesco Paoli was our 2011 favorite drumming album winner, for his work on Agony. 

Thrash Metal has somewhat been reinvented into a genre about partying and consuming as much beer as humanly possible during the late ‘00s. Although this rebellious nature is partly true, it has been adopted and used in excess by many of today’s young thrash metal bands as the main focal point and foundation of creating one of the purest forms of metal. When thrash was born it was about fusing the relentless speed and intense anger of punk with the potent innovative riffage of heavy metal. RedMist Destruction are not influenced by the current thrash ‘revival’ as thrash metal never declined or neared its death bed. Instead, the fact that legends of the genre excelled with little or no assistance from commercial sources is why it never died or never will.
Formed in 2009 after four good friends synchronically ended their current band projects, RedMist Destruction, “RMD”, got together  to create their first love; thrash metal. With the aim to bring something fresh to a genre saturated with carbon cut outs, RMD breathe new life and energy into it the way it was meant to be.  Since the inception in Nov’ 2009, they have performed alongside the likes of Evile, Gama Bomb, Savage Messiah, Cannabis Corpse, SSS, The Plight, A Textbook Tragedy, Rolo Tomassi and not to mention the cancelled tours of Deicide and Belphegor of which the band had main support for the northern dates. The growing juggernaut that is RedMist Destruction rolls on with there debut album Nobility In Death. The future of thrash is in safe hands. Photo credit: Mark Latham

Seal of Saturn are an extreme metal band from Kankakee, IL. Formed in 2008, Seal of Saturn draw inspiration and aesthetics from death metal and black metal. The lyrical topics range between occult practices and Lovecraftian themes. Musically, Seal of Saturn are a synthesis of technicality and atmosphere and an overall dark brutality.
The upcoming debut release, titled "Nine Circles", features the drumming expertise of Darren Cesca. Darren has been a featured artist in previous Sick Drummer articles and has drummed on numerous major label releases.
Be sure to check the band's social pages for updates, merchandise and contact.
Band- Seal of Saturn
Track- "Curse of the Revelations"
Album/EP- "Nine Circles' (unreleased)

Spawn of Possession rose from the ashes of various constellations in Feb. `97, consisting of Jonas Bryssling (guitar), Jonas Karlsson (guitar) and Dennis Röndum (drums). The whole idea of the band was to create brutal and sick music that went beyond all that had been done before in death metal history!
After three years of dedicated song writing the band went to record their first demo, "The Forbidden", which got nothing but great responses and earned the band a respectful name in the death metal community world wide! Right after the release of "The Forbidden" the band found bass player Nick Dewerud to fill the empty bass spot the band had suffered from since the start! A year later the band once again laid siege to the studio to record their second demo, "Church of Deviance" which got praised in every review it faced and in Dec.2001 Spawn of Possession signed a deal with Unique Leader Records.
Spawn of Possession worked extremely hard on new material for the next six months and in June 2002 the recording of the debut album, "Cabinet", commenced! The band ended up in Pama Studios together with the highly acclaimed producer/engineer Magnus Sedenberg with whom they had worked on previous recordings. The recording, mixing and mastering of Cabinet went smooth and the final result followed up the band's expectations for a complete satisfaction!
With nothing but great press and a rapidly growing name it was now time to start supporting their release live. First off was a 4 week European tour together with Disavowed, Vile, Inhume and Mangled. The tour was a major success and opened up a lot of new doors for the band. Shortly after returning home the next tour offer was knocking on the door. A six week North American tour together with Unique Leader label mates, Severed Savior, Pyaemia and Gorgasm. Traveling coast to coast including a five gigs ride to Canada, Spawn of Possession executed no less than 27 shows on this tour. Needless to say, this was of course a huge step up for the band.
After coming back from the US tour Spawn of Possession was fortunate enough to be able to do another tour, this time as a part of the annual No Mercy package in Europe, with bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Exhumed, Vomitory and Carpathian Forest. The tour consisted of 14 shows, playing in front of 600 to 1500 people a night at some of the biggest club venues in Europe. After this spring-tour summerfestival offers kept poring in having the band perform at 8 festivals including Fuck The Commerce (Germany), Stonehenge (The Netherlands), Grind You Mother (Italy) and Mountains of Death (Switzerland).
During this period and the beginning of fall 2004 Spawn of Possession also started to work on new material. In mid September the writing however got interrupted as the band joined Cannibal Corpse as direct support on a 24 show tour throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic/eastern European states. This was without a doubt one of the strongest tours up to date leaving the band with a new good tour experience and dozens of new recruits to the Spawn of Possession fan base.
After coming back from that tour, Spawn of Possession focused entirely on the new material. and in January 2006 they entered Pama Studios once again and recorded their second full-length album entitled Noctambulant. In May-June same year they did a European tour with Hate Eternal, Shadows Land and Fall of Serenity. After that tour Dennis left Spawn of Possession and the the band got back to writing on yet another masterpiece soon to come...

Coming from Chile, South America, Target was created in the middle of the year 2005 by experienced members of the Chilean metal scene whose ideas guided them to be one of the best metal acts in Chile. After several rehearsals and full worked ideas, Target decided to record its first masterpiece: “Knot of Centipedes” an album that means a new way about how metal music must be - extreme, modern and defiant. 
Complex drum structures and unexpected riffs define Target’s sound. Sometimes related by the media to bands like: Decapitated, Scarve, Textures, Mayhem, Meshuggah, Neurosis and Tool, they use all kinds of different influences to make an  original sound beyond the ordinary and abused ideas, and that’s what makes their first album one of the best metal releases in Chile in the year 2011. 
The four entities behind this are: Alejandro Arce (Mar de Grises, band signed by Season of Mist Records), Luis Soto (Masaya, 2X, Entrefuego), Pablo Vera (Animus Mortis, Ex-Timecode), Andrés Piña (Ex-Psicosis). Four musicians who come from different musical styles, but with just one target: make blasting and extreme music, something strange and unknow by the chilean and South American metal scene. Their first album is rising over the world, being highlighted by several media outlets

Formed in Thessaloniki (Greece) around the fall of 2001 by Sakis Chatzitakis (guitars) and during subsequent recordings, Terrordrome’s sound developed into more aggressive, intense and technical death metal. Each release demonstrates the band’s growing abilities at delivering music that is both brutally fast and technical.
With the band’s line-up solidified with Peter Ouzounis (vocals), Anestis Varitimiadis (bass) and Bill Stavrianidis (drums),Terrordrome presented in 2008 the debut album “Vehement Convulsion” which gained tons of great reviews by both the fans and press setting the band in the global underground death metal scene.
After 2 years of intense promotion and many live appearances in both Greece and Europe Terrordrome returns with new material which is more complex and technical from anything they have done in the past but it flows more easily for the common listener. It has also a more straightforward and catchy riffing, it is way darker than the band’s previous works having a fully organic sound, far away from most modern plastic and uninspired sound productions. This sound will stay untouched by time. In addition, Terrordrome have added flamenco techniques and patterns to their music, all absorbed into a death metal maelstrom. Terrordrome has always been adjusting different music genres, but with the flamenco addition they really want to give and express something innovating and refreshing for the death metal genre.
The new album, “The Day of Sacrilege” is expected for an early 2012 release through Grindethic Records.

US Grindcore legend Terrorizer is back with a brutal crack of skull and bones! "Hordes of Zombies" are unleashed onto the world in a massive riff avalanche that leaves no doubt that this genre defining band originating from Los Angeles in 1987 is delivering yet another masterpiece of sonic destruction.
True to the American interpretation of Grindcore Terrorizer amalgamate the most forceful elements of Death and Thrash into a true juggernaut of Metal. Since their famed debut "World Downfall" (1989), this beast has been driven by the relentless and precise pounding of Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), who delivers yet another jaw-dropping barrage. Fans will be delighted to see Morbid Angel frontman David Vincent once more returning to play bass on this album. They will also be glad to hear that excellent singer Wolf aka Anthony Rezhawk (Resistant Culture), who already refined the highly acclaimed second album "Darker Days Ahead" (2006) is again adding his resonant and fierce growls as well. The new line-up is completed by Katina Culture (Resistant Culture), who is replacing the sadly late Jesse Pintado (August 28th, 2006) on guitar.
Terrorizer continue in the vein of their previous releases, but with added years of experience and musicianship. Their mature and effective songwriting is sonically refined by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. As an offer for their loyal legions, the different formats of "Hordes of Zombies" will feature selected bonus tracks. Get ready: the godfathers of Grindcore are back from the undead!
Band: Terrorizer
Track: Subterfuge

Gross, Grimy, Groove is the best way to describe Southern California's The Devastated. 
Featuring past members of Impending Doom and Oblige, The Devastated have been hard at work crafting their first eardrum assault! The band is currently wrapping up tracking with young producer Chris Eck, and mixing later this month with Daniel Castleman at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA. Now, Century Media is excited to announce that The Devastated has inked a worldwide deal with the label and is gearing up to release this dirty, destructive record this summer. 
The Devastated states: "We are proud to announce our signing to Century Media Records. The backing and tremendous sense of family is that of which we have always hoped for in a label. We knew almost immediately that this was the perfect fit. We can't wait to release the record and get out on the road. Expect the unexpected and stay tuned to our facebook page for constant updates."
To get a taste of what The Devastated is all about, head over to their official Facebook page to hear a rough version of the song "Pseudo Smile Campaign".

Known for their intensity in both their music and live shows Boston based experimental death metal band The Summoned are being considered as fore-runners in the New England metal scene. They've been referred to such bands as Between The Buried and Me, The Faceless and The Red Chord but that doesn't stop them from experimenting with their sound but maintaining the intensity they're most known for. With Steve Thompson on Vocals, Tony Paterno and Shaun Murphy on Guitars, Joe Zahareais on Bass, and Sam Hang on Drums The Summoned believes they have collectively brought out all their separate influences to create their own vision of experimental death metal.
Formed in the winter of 2007 in a span of just four years The Summoned has completed two east coast tours, played shows in fifteen states, released an EP, released a full length and has had the honor of opening for national acts such as The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Ion Dissonance, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Through The Eyes of the Dead, Carnifex, Suffokate, Overkill, Vader and more.
With the release of their highly anticipated full length "If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures" The Summoned truly believe this is their best work to date. Vocalist Steve Thompson proclaims "We wanted to truly create an album that is just unrelenting, an album that needs to be listened to from start to finish as opposed to song by song. We wanted to truly capture the feeling of our intense live shows and include it in "If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures" and we believe we've achieved that in this album."
With two east cost tours, an EP release, endorsements, opening for national acts, radio air play and a highly acclaimed full length under their belt The Summoned has proven that their hard work with song writing and live shows strike a nerve. Praised by their peers and highly acclaimed responses from fans, The Summoned have no intentions of slowing down and maintaining their status of fore-runners in the New England metal scene.

The Vile Impurity are a tech-death metal band from Springfield, Illinois. Miles Ellegoods outstanding guitar playing and Pete Rocks thunderous drumming set out a new level of intensity in Summer of 2010. They recruited Dustin Ogle for his brutal vocal offering, bringing the voice that brought the sound together. Aaron Kaufmanns tremendous bass playing was the only missing piece the band needed to finish the line-up.
Immediately, results began to flourish and the band quickly found themselves in the studio recording their first e.p. titled, "Sanctity In Ruin." After releasing the e.p. under the name, After the Burning, they quickly began building popularity in the surrounding music scene. Show offers began pouring in with great opportunities for the band. They began sharing the stage with such talented acts as Origin, The Browning, Periphery, Abysmal Dawn, Wretched, Goatwhore, and many others. Their vigorous ambition and extreme dedication led them back to the studio the following year to begin efforts for their next release. The newest album, titled "Anathema," is set for release in early 2012. Jake Lahniers (Lividity) replaced Aaron Kaufmann, bringing a whole new breath of intensity to the line-up. 
Along with the line-up change, the band decided to change their name to identify the ferocious entity the band has encompassed. The Vile Impurity are determined to stop at nothing to deliver brutally heavy music, represented by their intense and raw energy on and off the stage, keeping them hungry and chomping at the bit of any opportunity presented. Touring in support of "Anathema" will begin Spring of 2012 after the albums release. The Vile Impurity is a band to keep a watchful eye on, for their aspirations for greatness keep them focused and motivated to turn heads every which way that they look, or as they state lyrically, "Devastation which you will never forget!" We caught drummer Pete Rock on camera at NAMM 2012 testing out the Molecules Drums! Take a look.

Vaginal Bear Trap (also known as VBT) is a death metal-infused grindcore band with crushing slams, fast blasts, and an original sound. The have been playing in the Texas Death Metal scene for over 3 years, but started as a one man band in 2006. This year, VBT will be playing the 2012 Central Illinois Metalfest as well as the first all-underground South By Southwest showcase, as well as an april tour with Rottenness. VBT self released their first 2 recordings, Piss Drunk on Menstrual Blood and Slow Jams through the internet, bu their 2nd full length will be released by the houston record label Ossuary Industries later this year.



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