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Exclusive Video Premier - Vildhjartas Dagger From The Full Length "måsstaden"
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 19:43


It's our pleasure to be bringing you the drum-cam video premier of Vildhjarta's track entitled Dagger, from their full-length release 'måsstaden'. David is an amazing drummer with a great sense of timing and rhythm. It's been fun to watch how big this band has become in a very short time! If you have not heard the band and like Meshuggah-style riffing, you can check them out on facebook, iTunes or purchase the album via

Producer: vildhjarta guitarist Daniel Bergström
Studio: Their own studio
Mixing: Jens Bogren
A little bit from drummer David Lindkvist: “My biggest influences are by far Sean Reinert and Tomas Haake, but on måsstaden, you will also hear a lot of drumming inspired by bands like Ion Dissonance. This is mostly the guitar players' fault, but it's also something that I really enjoy playing… The album has been re-written like 2-3 times since we started working on it 5 years ago. We wanted to find the right sound for us, and that's why the album took so long to complete. In the end, we had a bunch of old material that we could rearrange and use on the album. The Omnislash EP (2010) was originally just put together to fill-out our old live set, back when we were still trying out different things. The new stuff is pretty different, darker, and more evil, and this was always the direction that we wanted to take.”
David Lindkvist Uses:
- Tama Starclassic Performer BB - 12", 14" 16" toms and 20" kick
- Pearl Free Floating Maple snare 6.5x14"
- Axis Longboards with E-kit triggers
- Sabian cymbals
- Vic Firth 5AXL sticks

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Давай-ка пристанем к берегу, Виргиния, и спросим.



0 # 2011-12-07 21:50

David also performes excellent drumming in the awesome band Terminal Function:

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