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Brutal Beatings Volume VI
Saturday, 19 November 2011 00:44
This is the Sixth Sick Drummer Magazine - Brutal Beatings E-Compilation and we could not be any more excited about it! Who would have guessed that we would be putting out a compilation in 2011 featuring a NEW track from the legendary band Death! We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts.
This compilation features Death, Max Kolesne and Krisiun, F@ck The Facts with Mathieu Vilandré, Jamie Postones and Tesseract, Chris Golding and Sulaco and many other killer drummers & bands! We hope you enjoy this compilation of 25 amazing bands and share it with all your friends. The drumming on this one is more varied than previous compilations, but is still sure to give you some new bands to check out and should certainly keep you busy for a bit...
If you are interested in appearing on our next compilation, please send an email to:
jason [at]

Death, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released the Individual Thought Patterns album (the follow-up to their watershed Human release) in 1993. Expectations were high following Human, but Schuldiner proved once again that he could rise to any occasion. Individual Thought Patterns further honed the forward-thinking and progressive direction birthed with Human, and included “The Philosopher”; arguably the best song to ever come from the world of extreme metal and to this date the most widely-recognized. 
Remixed by DEATH mastering engineer Alan Douches (West West Side), remastered, repackaged and featuring tons of newly unearthed and previously unreleased demo and live tracks, this is the ultimate version of Individual Thought Patterns. 

Right from its inception in March 2000 Demonic Resurrection has been raising eyebrows. Starting out as bunch of 17-year-olds looking to give India a taste of extreme metal, then a nearly untouched genre, the band, spearheaded by Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija, released their first album Demonstealer within nine months of formation. It was an amateurish first attempt but a bold step in a scene dominated by tribute and cover bands that got Demonic Resurrection noticed.
In 2005 the band released their 2nd full-length album ‘A Darkness Descends’ and followed that up with an EP ‘Beyond The Darkness’ in 2007. The band hit the studio in August 2009 to record their third full-length album and what was to be the final chapter in the Darkness trilogy: The Return to Darkness. Roping in renowned artist Michael ‘Xaay’ Lorac (Nile, Karl Sanders, Behemoth, Vader) to design the artwork for the album, the band also released their first video for ‘The Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance’ that received (and continues to receive) airplay from mainstream music channels like VH1. 
The band capped 10 successful years of metal with their first international show at the prestigious Inferno Festival in Norway in April 2010 and will make an appearance at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic in August 2010. The band also signed with Candlelight Records for the release of ‘The Return To Darkness’ and won the ‘Global Metal’ award at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards  in June 2010.
It’s been a long and sometimes arduous 10-year journey for the band – a story of struggle, brickbats, bottles, adulation and acceptance but most of all of incredible amounts hard work, determination and perseverance – and even naysayers will be hard-put to argue that DR are one of the most important bands to have come out of the Indian music scene. But yet, for Demonic Resurrection, the journey is only beginning… 

Drawing inspiration from such forward-thinking metal heavyweights as Decapitated, Meshuggah, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Oklahoma City's Dischordia brings a fresh perspective to the scene by combining tried-and-true US death metal brutality with far-flung ideas from a multitude of global influences. The band's music-first ethos has been forged through years of stylistic refinement and questing for a sound to call their own.
October of 2011 sees Dischordia releasing their debut EP, Creator, Destroyer, with which the band aims to make a noticeable impact. "We're very happy with the results of our work at Intellect Studios,'' comments vocalist Josh Turner. ''The finished product is heavy, technical, brutal, and epic.''
Dischordia have recently shared the stage with such acts as Dying Fetus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour, The Human Abstract, As Blood Runs Black, and more. The band aims to kick live performances into even higher gear as the EP is launched in order to spread its influence over the Oklahoma City area, as well as throughout the rest of the USA.
The digital EP may be purchased at:

Ottawa’s FUCK THE FACTS returns with their long-awaited new album Die Miserable. Even heavier than their previous works, Die Miserable sees the band exorcise darker shades of metal and varied strains of punk amongst their imitable grinding attack. No matter the synthesis, Die Miserable is relentlessly heavy and a furious assault from front to back from one of metals most underrated and prolific bands 
Riffs are skull-crushingly heavy yet catchy, rhythmically sophisticated yet spine-wrenchingly moshable. 
There is a clear respect for the tradition (echoes of Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath), but more importantly a unique and genuine brutality that sets them apart and defines them as what they truly are: a no-bullshit death metal band with a strong focus on violently heavy death grooves.

Formed in late 2006 by guitarists Jay Miller and Jarod Woodcock and joined in 2008 by ex-Effigy vocalist Loz Lamy, Hell Itself in 2009 released the formidable, independently produced demo album 'ART OF DEATH'. Stand-in members covered live rhythm section duties until the arrival in 2010 of Tristan Endacott (ex-Effigy, Winter Gaunt) on bass and Benito Martino (ex-Darker Half) on drums. 
The end product of this union is a carefully crafted piece of death metal savagery, 'SELF SKINNED', a 3 track EP available on Nov 26th through Grindhead Records for world-wide distribution. A second full length album is already in pre-production.
Live, the band continues to gain attention with a tight, powerful and aggressive set that unambiguously reflects the commitment these guys have to their music. And what you hear on the recordings is what you will hear at their show. The message is clear, this band takes no prisoners.
"The music is brutal, well-crafted and polished and as the crowd watches on you can tell there is respect." ~ Jaimey Foti, Mystic Metal (live review, 2011)
"... after listening to their savagely orchestrated brand of chaos you may well feel as though you've come off second best in a headbutting contest with a 'roid raging rhinoceros." ~ Jamie Goforth, Black Belle Music (`Art of Death' album review, 2009). 
Self Skinned EP available 11/26/2011 through GRINDHEAD RECORDS 

Maturity, they say, is not measured in years, but in actions. It is not quantifiable, but one knows it when they see it—or in the case of Krisiun’s The Great Execution—when they hear it. It is an album that sees the band stepping outside of their comfort zone, producing songs that are unlike any of their previous releases—yet distinctly and immediately their own. The songs are diverse, containing extreme tempo variations, distinct patterns, and even clean guitars on select tracks.
“We know this album is a major step ahead from anything we have done so far,” says vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo. “The songs bring a lot more maturity in every aspect of the music, especially in the variation between the songs.”
This newfound experimentation included collaborations with Joao Gordo (vocalist from the Brazilian hardcore punk, thrash-crossover band Ratos de Porao) and acoustic guitarist Marcello Caminha. Gordo is featured on “Extinção em Massa”, adding his distinctive vocal style to the track. In regards to the collaboration, Camargo comments, “We have been a long time fan of his band [Ratos de Porao], so we thought it would be great to have him doing vocals on one of the more old school thrash/death metal oriented songs.” While Gordo brought his hardcore-thrash influences into the song-writing process, close friend Caminha contributed a Brazilian flair with gently plucked strings that counters Krisiun’s destructive blitz. “Marcello is a great acoustic guitar player from South Brasil who shares the same Gaucho tradition and heritage as us,” continues Camargo. “He plays on two songs, putting all of his feeling into the Spanish/Gaucho-like shredding he adds at blazing speeds.”
For The Great Execution, Krisiun also aimed to create a more organic sounding record by using only analog gear and instruments. Their desire to avoid the compressed sound that so many musicians produce today was a wise decision, with the songs on The Great Execution possessing both a warmth and a rawness that is so often lost through digital production. The low end is deeper, with drums that pound instead of bounce and guitar tones that sear rather than hiss. “With our new record, The Great Execution, we managed to capture the sound and the vibe that we were always looking for,” adds Camargo.
With the release of The Great Execution drawing near, Camargo advises fans to prepare themselves for this ground-breaking Krisiun record: “This is not just another death metal album. Go and get your copy, you won't regret it.”

In late 2005, four musicians with different influences including Thrash, Death Metal and Black Metal founded an unnamed band, in an apartment in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Early on a similar interest in science fiction concepts was realised and Lacerta was born.
In 2010 with the help and keen ear of Joe Haley of Psycroptic, the debut album, MIND PROCESSOR, was completed. Being dubbed as a mixture of traditional and modern Death Metal styles, Lacerta offers a dark perspective of the future.
Lacerta have shared the stage with such acts as Psycroptic, Ruins, Astriaal, Dreadnaught, Thrall and Gape. They now look to take their show on to the international stage. 
"We are the tendrils of hatred, spreading the word of the pending arrival of the inevitable demise."

Initially coming together in 2005 as a four-piece outfit, NORSE has gradually found itself diluting into an extreme metal duo; the current 2011 line-up comprising of guitarist and vocalist Treelo Herrington, and drummer Robin 'Frog' Stone [The Amenta].
2006 saw NORSE release their debut EP, entitled 'The Unrelenting', which saw the band begin to increase their touring cycle, and ultimately build their following. During this time, NORSE found itself experimenting with new sound, which has now been solidified in the extreme metal genre, comprising of technical, death, and black metal elements.
August 2008 marked the primary steps in the creation of the band's debut, full-length album, and after fifteen months in studio hibernation - mixed with live performance - NORSE released 'Hellstorm' in February 2010. Recorded and mixed with Erik Miehs [The Amenta], 'Hellstorm' was mastered by Reece Tunbridge at Benchmark Mastering, with the band themselves, and has been described as an "album that bluntly underlines the talent of the quartet" - Voltage Media.
Following their debut release, NORSE engaged in a number of stab shows , which included support slots with Darkest Hour and Carnifex in early 2011.
Once again in the studio for the recording of their sophomore and as-yet-untitled album, NORSE have promised to continue to tour the live scene whilst they work on the forthcoming record with engineer Harvey O'Sullivan.

Started in 2006 by Rifki Bachtiar and Auliya Akbar.Revenge has easily become one of the prominent names in Indonesia extreme metal scene. sweeping complex riffs, drums as devastating as a sonic massive beat, and truly horror vocal ,Rifki Bachtiar, Raja Humunatar, Rizky Adtyawarman, Rabindra Femzar Oewen and Auliya Akbar have created an exceptional concept Death Metal horde.
The brutal extreme metal debut masterpiece,delivered through an essential local underground label Rottrevore Records-Global.Suffering.Disease(2009), Revenge marks the start of a new chapter in career. Global.Suffering.Disease was hailed as a breakthrough, heavy, young brutal beating, and emotionally fueled record.
For the writing and recording of the second album Prelude to Omega(2010) or the first chapter of the planned Trilogy album in the essence of World End, Revenge sought out a new Guitarist and recruited Rabindra Femzar Oewen who joined the devastating combo of Raja Humuntar on guitar. In terms of the writing on “Prelude to Omega", Revenge pointing to expand and explore more dynamics, combining more diverse, and integrating intensity. It took the Five of us really forcing ourselves, and diving deep into the question of who we are as musicians to create something very special. We cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have in store. We are hailing “Prelude to Omega” as the big progress!
Revenge has started to write “The Omega” the next chapter of the trilogy, Revenge’s stated on the coming chapter “its more deep, more intense and more dark. we are digging the new element on our music!and its 2012!”.
Global.Suffering.Disease (2009)
Prelude to Omega (2010)
Track: Massacred In The Name of God
Album: Prelude To Omega
Twitter - @revengedeath
Rifki Bachtiar - Vocals
Raja Humuntar - Guitar
Rabindra Oewen - Guitar
Rizky Adityawarman - Bass
Auliya Akbar - Drums

Sectu was formed in 2005 by Stefan Lundgren (Necromicon, Sobre Nocturne) and was initially known as Cimmerian Dome.
Early in 2006, Peter Nagy-Eklöf (Mörk Gryning, Eternal Oath) joined in as a drummer, but it was soon decided that he would share the vocals with Stefan and play the bass. Later, the band recruited the amazing drummer Calle Bäckström (CB Murdoc) and in 2008 the band performed at the renowned Metal Town Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. After some line-up changes the band started writing material for a full-length album and changed the name to Sectu. Guitar virtuoso Anders Ericson from the acclaimed Danish band Beyond Twilight is now a part of the line-up as well as Kristofer Elemyr who is frequent as a session member in Isole and Ereb Altor Praised in the press for their debut album Sectu is now ready to spread their gospel with a very strong line-up.
Bandmembers from left to right: Anders Ericson, Kristofer Elemyr, Stefan Lundgren, CG Bäckström
Track: Dominion
Album: Inundate (2011)

Shadows of Dawn is a unique mix of sonic insanity from the "serial killers of speed metal." The self-proclaimed trans-dimensional thrash masters of the multiverse, Shadows of Dawn combines heavy riffs and a technical dual guitar attack accented by strings, synths and brutal percussion. With a wealth of musical history from each performer, Shadows of Dawn brings a wide variety of musical styles together to create a new chapter in the history of heavy metal.

Sulaco integrates mesmerizing quirkiness into a devious songwriting regimen that is as spasmodically progressive as it is abrasively visceral. Sulaco's ability to seamlessly employ an explosively direct approach to such technical material is rare when most bands of this nature would rather noodle indiscriminately, consequently sacrificing memorable songwriting for aimless masturbation. Such intrinsic fluidity defines Sulaco as a shining example of world-class forward thinking metal.



Lorenzo Kemp (Guitar, Vocals) and Marlon Matthew (Drums) formed Temblad in late 2010, setting out to write a few songs and put together an EP. Several months later they released "Mockery of the Fanatic" which was recorded in Lorenzo's home studio "Grindzik". The EP received a good response locally from friends and fans. Temblad would like to welcome David Calhoun (Bass) and Kevork Sheohmelian (Guitar) to the ranks. Physical copies of the EP are available through the bands website

UK-based metallers TesseracT celebrated the dawn of the new decade with something truly special when they unleashed their debut album ‘One’. The record marks the realisation of a bold, experimental creative vision that began in 2003 as a solo writing project in the mind of guitarist Acle Kahney, and has subsequently spawned one of the most hotly tipped metal bands in the UK. 
Since the formation of the band’s five-piece line-up in spring 2007, TesseracT have picked up richly deserved props from peers (Textures, Meshuggah) and press alike (Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Scuzz). Following the release of their 2007 demo, TesseracT continue to cultivate a growing International fanbase, through well recieved UK and European tour dates and internet word of mouth. Their reputation of delivering jaw-dropping live performances has been furthered fuelled through appearances at Bloodstock, Hammerfest, Caos Emergente in portugal and the recent Hellfire 2 festival at the Birmingham NEC arena. 
The climax of 2009 finds the band in exciting new territory, with the recent addition of singer Dan Tompkins from First Signs Of Frost, who replaces the departing frontman Abisola Obasanya. “We knew from the first 20-second demo that he would be perfect,” says bassist Amos Williams of the new vocalist.  
“TesseracT is all about three things: experimentation, musical emotion and groove. Dan manages to stay true to all of those ideals, whilst still connecting the listener to the music on a human level. Everything he writes challenges us, surprises and excites us.”
"One of the most promising rising bands in the UK"
Rock Sound Magazine
"Seriously badass!! I don't think you guys realise just HOW badass you are!"
"Nice tone!!! All the demos you've uploaded on the Toontrack forum are amazing!!!"
Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)
"Up-and-coming British prog-metal. From the department of things that are slept on but are Stupendous"
The Washington Post

Formed in 2009, Tulzscha consists of five guys originated from Karlsruhe/Germany who are aiming to create and deliver authentic and honest Technical Death Metal without compromises.  After a long process of song writing and some local shows Tulzscha finally made it to record a 3-Track Demo CD which has been produced by Felix Fried, an upcoming recording and mastering professional in Germany. Needless to mention is that they are highly motivated with an unbounded ambition and the goal to enrich the whole metal scene with fresh new music. 
In the second half of 2011 they had a lot more concerts to take place and shared the stage with some famous European bands like Lay Down Rotten or Purgatory. Praised as “ambitious music for music students” and “an upcoming pearl in the Death Metal scene” Tulzscha got great response from various online metal magazines. Now they are working on their 1st full-length album which is estimated to be released in spring 2012
Tulzscha is:
Daniel Schröder – vocals
Dennis Kromm – guitar
Philipp Fritsch – guitar
Meik Weber – bass
Lukas Fritsch – drums
You can download Tulzscha’s Demo for free at:

Warscythe began its reformation of the Death Metal sub-genre in the fall of 2006. Based on the core foundation of brothers Justin and Tim Sakogawa, Warscythe began composing original material and adding additional talent to fill out what would become their trademark sound of heavy rhythms, technical musicianship, strong songwriting and melodic instrumental elements. 
Warscythe recorded their first demo in the winter of ’07. Over the next 2 years the band took the San Francisco East Bay underground metal scene by storm,  bringing their unique brand of Progressive Death Metal to the stages of such revered venues as the Redhouse, Burnt Ramen, Rooster’s Roadhouse, the Mutiny and the ultimate sanctum of all alternative styles of music, Berkeley, California’s 924 Gilman.
Warscythe has shared the stage with other touring bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Psyopus, Insanity, Dismal Lapse, Deadly Remains, and many others. The end of 2009 saw the release of their first self- titled EP. With the help of Pete Ponitkoff of Agenda of Swine their recordings and merchandise are consignment sold on
Their latest effort, Elemental Fusion@, continues to reshape Death Metal, bringing a new sound to faithful underground audiences. With the addition of Jazz/Metal musicians Steve Danska and Jeff Patterson, Warscythe is ready to take the metal masses by storm with their strongest line up to date. 
Track Name: Elemental Fusion off our EP, Elemental Fusion
Justin Sakogawa - Lead Guitar, Vocals and Creative Drive
Tim Sakogawa – Drums and Relentless Timekeeping
Steve Danska – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Patterson – Bass and Sub-sonic Foundations



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