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Brutal Beatings Volume V
Thursday, 15 September 2011 21:29

This is the Fifth Sick Drummer Magazine - Brutal Beatings E-Compilation and we are pretty excited about it! We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts. 

This compilation features Anatomy of I with Dirk Verbeuren & Steve DiGorgio, Tobias Persson (of Vomitory) with Visceral Bleeding, Mauro Mercurio (ex Hour of Penance) with Eyeconoclast and four great bands from the Season of Mist family - Generation Kill, Nightbringer, Nader Sadek and Elitist! We hope you enjoy this compilation of 25 amazing bands and share it with all your friends. There is plenty of Sick Drumming on this one to keep you busy for a while.
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Anatomy of I was formed by Michael Dorrian in 2009, with longtime friends Steve Di Giorgio and Dirk Verbeuren joining the fold. Mixing a wide array of influences ranging from 70's jazz fusion to grindcore into a mold of thrash/death metal, presenting various forms of experimental and avantgarde music without losing focus and staying within the structures of straightforward
The band name ‘ANATOMY OF I’ stands for self expression and integrity. The lyrics deal with various subjects presented through allegories, leaving the listener to delve into a myriad of thoughts rather than blatantly forcing ours upon them.
MICHAEL DORRIAN has played guitar in various underground acts and cover bands over the last two decades, covering many different genres, like jazz fusion, blues, classical, flamenco, metal, death metal, etc... Never willing to compromise, his main focus is to bring his own vision to life, which resulted in the birth of ANATOMY OF I. STEVE DI GIORGIO has played bass guitar in bands such as SADUS, DEATH, TESTAMENT and SEBASTIAN BACH. He is widely renowned for his technical skills on the fretless bass. 
DIRK VERBEUREN is an all-around world class drummer, mostly known for his work with SCARVE, the band he founded, and SOILWORK. Over the years, he has played as a session drummer on many releases, such as Warrel Dane's solo album 'Praises to the War Machine' and Devin Townsend's 'Deconstruction'.
Their debut album 'Substratum' will be released on September the 5th through Tunes, Amazon and a multitude of other digital stores. The CD is exclusively available at

In today’s music scene where countless bands are effortlessly duplicated, Angel Vivaldi stands out as a cutting edge and unprecedented up-and-coming artist. His blend of spell-binding guitar anthems, tasteful yet virtuosic playing and engaging song arrangements have captured the ears of many who would have never given instrumental music a listen. 
Angel’s debut album, “Revelations,” gained him enough notoriety to land him a spot as lead guitarist for Black Market Hero, (post-40 Below Summer/FLAW). After 2 years, he parted ways with the band to focus on his second release, “The Speed of Dark,” which was released in 2010. Now on his third release titled “Universal Language,” (May 2011) the Ibanez endorsee is focused more than ever to catapult guitar instrumental music back into the world of metal and hard rock. He recently recruited ex-Mutiny Within (Roadrunner Records) drummer Bill Fore to complete his lineup of master live musicians including Jason Tarantino and Jake Skylyr.

Founded in March 2010, Balor’s Eye is a progressive metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. Fusing elements of several different metal genres into a very unique sound, Balor’s Eye is quickly making a name for itself in the scene. 
With no musical, political, or societal agenda, Balor’s Eye is merely striving to write great music for people to enjoy. Many bands plan out their style, or what kind of songs they want to write, or a certain aspect of uniqueness they want to embody, but Balor’s Eye is simply four guys pushing themselves as far as possible musically. With the utmost respect for music and dedication to their craft, they create a sound that is very progressive, powerful, technical, groovy, and authentic.
At its foundation the music that Balor’s Eye creates is progressive metal. Verses and choruses are difficult to define, but there are clear themes and a general continuity within each song. As the band continues to progress, each song is becoming more and more technical. This appears to be a worsening problem as the details are getting more and more numerous, and the rhythms more and more in-depth. But although the music is often technical and complex, a thick, constant groove is always at the forefront. 
Balor’s Eye has accomplished much in their short time as a band. They signed to Dark Harvest Records in July 2011. Break Open Management has picked them up. They were finalists in Project Independent’s 2010 National Metal Showcase, they have been booked for shows with The Faceless, Suffocation, Protest the Hero, Periphery, TeserracT, Through the Eyes of the Dead, The Human Abstract, Decrepit Birth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and they released their debut EP in March 2011, recorded with Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios.
Balor's Eye has recorded two new tracks to be added to their self-titled EP for a rerelease on Dark Harvest Records (projected October 2011).

Catarsis Incarne is an extreme death metal band from San José, Costa Rica. Created from the rupture of Katharzys (2001-2008), band where Nashand Monestel played together and set a high bar in the death metal scene of Costa Rica. Catarsis Incarne was created in the need of a fast, heavy, dynamic and powerful death metal band with energetic blast beats and schizophrenic guitar riffs. Nash and Monestel started the recording of the debut album in Plectro Studios in 2009 in San José. The line-up is completed with two great musicians of the local scene, Oscar “Brutalizer” on lead guitars and Pablo “Gorebanzo” on bass. The extreme sound of Catarsis Incarne promises an unique and original death metal style.
The title of the album “Katharma” means a repulsion or purgation a system, individual or set suffers due to an illness or even a war to bring back the natural state. They make reference to the history of Costa Rica and their ancestors who suffered the Spanish conquest in 1502, murdered in their own land and losing what once was theirs; gold, culture and freedom. Overall, the album talks about all these attempts of conquest and attacks against our freedoms, led by politicians, religions and gods.
You can check their music on facebook. The official video of "Falsos Hijos del Sol" on YouTube and buy the album Katharma on bandcamp. 
Catarsis Incarne is:
Esteban Monestel "Monín": Guitar/Vocals
Ignacio Blanco "Nash": Drums
Pablo Sánchez "Gorebanzo": Bass
Oscar López "Brutalizer": Lead Guitar
Catarsis Incarne official video:
The official email to contact the band is info[at]

Featuring a combination of Death and Thrash metal, Edmonton-based Death Toll Rising are known to devastate their audiences with their high octane, energetic performances, having shared the stage with high profile names such as KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY, THE HAUNTED, and ABORTED (to name a few).
Originally formed in 2003 in Stony Plain, AB, Canada, they have been grinding the Western Canadian metal scene steadily, gaining huge momentum over the last 3 years. New addition Tylor Dory on guitars has introduced a technical and progressive element to the band they have not had in the past. Add in the intense and relentless drumming provided by Bryan Newbury (recently recruited by Canadian Prog/Death powerhouse INTO ETERNITY), as well as the well-rounded rhythm provided by Drew Copland on guitar and Devin Davis on bass, and you get a monster that is only now being unleashed upon the masses. Vocalist Jesse Berube tops things off with a combination of brutal death growls and Tomas Lindberg-esqe high shrieks.
After a successful string of shows and tours throughout 2010 and 2011, in support of their first full length album "Defecation Suffocation", Death Toll Rising is in the midst of writing and preparation of their sophomore release, which is expected to drop in 2012. Following that release will be an extensive Canadian/US tour that will bring them to the forefront of the North American masses.

Hailing from Montreal, Derelict mixes the brutal and technical elements of the Quebec metal scene with listenable structures and melody, resulting in an unforgiving yet accessible package. The band’s trademark sound has led to comparisons with the likes of Death, Strapping Young Lad, and The Black Dahlia Murder.
In 2009, the release of the Unspoken Words album through Year of the Sun Records marked a kickoff point for Derelict with several national tours, increased media exposure, and greater critical acclaim. Now in 2011, Derelict is back with a revamped lineup, a fresh perspective, and new finely honed songs that get to the core of what the band is best at.
"Our interest has always been in writing fast and technical metal that’s loaded with melody," says vocalist Eric Burnet. "With these new songs, we put a lot of effort into making sure that the chaos is well wrapped in a memorable package; something that sticks in your head rather than just a bunch of quickly delivered notes."
With the help of constant touring covering all of Canada, and support for international acts such as Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, The Agonist, Revocation, Ion Dissonance, The Last Felony, and Threat Signal, the band is expanding its fan base exponentially and is making itself known as a force to be reckoned with.

With the release of THE FALLEN PROPHET (Twilight Distribution) in March 2011, DEVASTATING ENEMY reached the next step in their young carreer. They received excellent reviews, played big festival-shows (Metalcamp Slovenia, Metalfest Austria, Metalfest Hungary, Euroblast Cologne ...), club and arena shows with bands like THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, HEAVEN SHALL BURN or DAGOBA, and did two European Tours! Also a music video for AS BLOODSHED BEGINS was done, and a second one will be shot in October. 
For the young band this is not enough, so they began writing new material in summer and finally started the Pre-Production for their new album in August. After finishing THE DEMONIC ALLIANCE TOUR with DARKANE & DESTINITY in September/October 2011 the band will play some headliner shows, before they head back to the studio. The yet untitled album will be recorded in December 2011/January 2012 and DEVASTATING ENEMY will work together with their long-time producer NORBERT LEITNER (UDIO MEDIA STUDIOS) again.

ELITIST are emerging on top of a new scene growing rapidly in the United States of America. Hailing from Portland, Oregon the quartet has its roots in the Hardcore scene. Yet under the influence of early Death Metal in the vein of MORBID ANGEL and a strong dose of Black Metal their sound shifts to something as fresh as radical. The crusty spirit of Sludgecore transparent in chaotic structures and moments of uncontrol is vomited upon the world with screams of anger and disgust by vocalist Joshua "Josh" Greene. This is met by the burning hatred of blazing guitars carrying the force of Death and darkness of Black Metal. Loud and passionate ELITIST force the world to listen first with their self titled EP "Elitist" in the year 2009, which was followed by a split 7" with TRANSIENT (2011). Having shared stages with GAZA, TRAP THEM, TRANSIENT and others the Americans are now ready to unleash the fury of their debut album "Fear in a Handful of Dust" with the help of Season of Mist. In ELITIST's own words: "This is for those of us who observe and recognize the evidence of evil in faith, hypocrisy of government and the poisons of herd mentality. We'll scream our message of discontent from bloody throats and open wounds." Get ready for a violent punishment and a lesson in destruction. Get ready for ELITIST! 

The band move its first steps into the eerie realm of heavy music 2003. After some initial lineup changes, the band started to personally build it's own musical address influenced by the killing death trash metal scene, mostly from the Swedish and American bands like The Crown, Defleshed to mention a few. The band records the first raw demo "Cursors" and begins the live activity.
Soonafter the band records the debut promo "Binary Encoded Sunset" (2004) at the 16th Cellar Studios by Stefano "Saul" Morabito, which soonafter substitutes  Cristiano trionfera (now on guitars with FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE).
Eyeconoclast started promoting "Binary Encoded Sunset" with many live shows (including an epic and crowded gig in Caserta opening for the death metal legends Dismember on their Italian tour). The band starts to work on brand new material for the forthcoming full lenght release. In the early 2005, Mauro Mercurio from HOUR OF PENANCE joins Eyeconoclast.
The band continues with several live acts in the whole peninsula. The 1st of June 2005 marks the beginning of the recording session for the successor of Binary Encoded Sunset, "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors": a 5 tracks self produced MCD is unleashed; 
In june 2006 the band signs with DOWNFALL RECORDS (swe) label for the release of a full length album. After appearing on 2 compilation for Terrorizer Magazine, (fear candy #32 and #75) the band recorded the album, named "Unassigned Death Chapter" during 2008. The album featured Giulio Moschini (guitarist of death metal killers HOUR OF PENANCE) on the bass duties. Soon Afterwards both Giulio and the vocalist/concept writer Carlos “Synder” Mastantuono parts from the ensemble; the band catches the talented bass player Paolo “Urizen” Ballarotto (coming from the black metal band MALFEITOR) and recorded the new EP “Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream” (2011) with Synder session screaming the hell out of it. Soon after Eyeconoclast found a permanent singer in Filippo Palma (also coming from Lunarsea). The band is preparing a new full lenght still heavier and killer than before!
Eyeconoclast Is:
Carlos  Mastantuono - Vocals
Alessio Cosenza - Guitars
Stefano  Morabito - Guitars
Paolo Ballarotto - Bass
Mauro Mercurio - Drums

Thrash or be damned! GENERATION KILL are the final answer to all that tedious talk about a comeback of Thrash Metal. Their debut album "Red White and Blood" has everything any aficionado of the genre might have wished to hear for the last decade: crunchy riffing, capturing melodies, killer solos and exactly the right dose of unashamed aggression that propelled bands like METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and many others to the forefront of extreme Metal music in the 80’s. Yet GENERATION KILL do neither serve a dusty trip into nostalgia, nor is this a bunch of kids desperately trying to recreate what they never experienced. These Americans absolutely know what they are doing and it could hardly be done better. This should come as no surprise as GENERATION KILL was formed by current EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti (ex-PRO-PAIN, M.O.D.). Drawing deeply from their roots that show through openly, the duo enlisted two lead guitarist/song writers to introduce a whole new dimension. While Jason Trenczer is a master of technical guitar work, Lou Lehman adds his catchy riffs and solos. Veteran drummer Sam Inzerra (MORTICIAN) has a Death Metal background, which adds an extra dose of speed and power. On top of its stunning musical merits, "Red White and Blood" offers a full concept telling the all too real story of a war veteran turned serial killer through his traumatic experiences at the front. GENERATION KILL is not a side project! "Red White and Blood" will give you the thrashing of your life! 

Everything started in September 1991. The goal was to establish a national new standard in heaviness and speed. Assuming a more grindcore approach in our beginning career, the band introduced technical elements throughout the following years due 90’s brutal death metal influences, As a result, after 20 years, Grog is undoubtedly one of the references within the brutal death-grind genre nationally, and has both a good reputation in the European and North American markets.
As result Grog has a considerable underground activity as a live band. Here’s a small list of some international and national acts with whom we played, Ancient Rites, Blood, Sodom, Destruction, Nile, Macabre, Sinister, Grave, Avulsed, Dead Infection, Suhrim, Wormed, Absu, Origin, Machetazo, Ingrowing, Belphegor, Human Mincer, Fermento, Unleashed, Soilent Green, Malevolent Creation, Magrudergrind, Jesus Crost, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Nolencia, Rato Raro, Gama Bomb, Dead Meat, Process of Guilt, The Firstborn, Ramp, Namek, Decrepidemic, Holocausto Canibal, Simbiose, Desire, Decayed and many more.
After a long period of internal combustion, Grog is back full of strength and ideas to spread amongst the musical scene. Powerful as ever, we will continue to expose the creepy motivations of human reptilian brain with a lot of bad taste and organic juices, properly combined with shredding riffs, insane beats and ripping growls.
As result in 2010 Grog released through Grindhead Rec. a 3 way split CD with five new songs and after that out on Vomit My Shirt Rec., Murder Rec., Sevared Rec. and Lucidistro came our 18th year celebration CD with 27 songs and 70 min. of pure Grog Brutal Deathgrind history. Besides these releases, we also began the recordings of our 3rd full length to be released in 2011.
For this propose Grog signed with Murder Records and Scooping the Cranial Insides is set to be released in April 2011. 
This new CD sets a new stage of relentless brutality, speed intensity, pounding technicality and cavernous grunting for Grog. So if you want to experiment some furious head banging, hear it…but be aware for the neck breaking injuries.
Grog Grind Combat Team Line-Up 2011:
Alex – Ghandi's Pulse and Extra Ham Squeals;
Ivo – Shamanic Strings, Didgeridoo Healing, Uruboric Percussions and Backing Throat Chants;
Pedra – Belly Growler & Throat Chords Scratcher
Rolando – Drumstick epilepsy, Pathological feet tremors, Woodblock, Shakers, Hand Cymbals and Maniac Screams.

Four piece death metal band Hadean Reign comes from a small one square mile town just outside Philadelphia called Riverside, NJ. Formed in January 2010, they released their first full length CD shortly thereafter in May of 2010 titled "Insufferable Torment." Since then, they’ve opened for Nile, Wretched, Arsis, Conducting from the Grave, Hate, Vital Remains, The Absence, Goatwhore, and many others. They are currently in the finishing stages of releasing a new EP that will be released in the coming months, and are planning on setting up an east coast tour.
Hadean Reign tries to blend the traditional style of death metal, along the veins of Bloodbath, Entombed, and Death, with the newer style, along the lines of Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Fleshgod Apocalypse, and the pummeling style of technical death metal like Arsis, Nile, and Origin, to bring a style that hopes to have every edge of the death metal spectrum banging their heads.

I CHAOS is a death metal band from The Netherlands, founded in 2009. Their unanimous desire to thrash has resulted in a concept of sheer musical brutality. Their debutalbum, entitled ‘THE HUMAN REPELLENT" is out now and is being received very well. 
Noteable Quotes:
"I CHAOS have made a beast of an album" 93/100 (LORDS OF METAL)
"A deadly mutation of Thrash and Death that is one of the best debuts of the year." 85/100 (THE METAL OBSERVER)
"One of the best recent brutal death metal releases" 85/100 (AARDSCHOK)
"This is solid, hard-punching, flesh-ripping tech death that’s concise, to the point and unrelenting." (NO CLEAN SINGING) 
I Chaos is:
Harry van Breda - Grunts
Rory Hansen - Gitaar
Joost van der Graaf - Bas
Koen Herfst - Drums 

"In the Flesh" is the brainchild of Egyptian-born, New York-based conceptual artist Nader Sadek. Known for his impressively twisted sculptures, masks, and installations used for example by bands such as MAYHEM and SUNN O))), Sadek is now venturing into the realm of recorded music- including songwriting credits on this album! 
The band NADER SADEK emerges out of a collaboration between Sadek and some of extreme music's most talented artists with its core made up out of songwriter/vocalist Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL), CRYPTOPSY drummer Flo Mounier and Norwegian composer/guitarist Rune Eriksen (AVA INFERI, ex-MAYHEM). A host of guest-appearances lends additional weight to the musical impact of "In the Flesh" by leading artists such as Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), Travis Ryan (CATTLE DECAPITATION), Tony Norman (MONSTROSITY), Descructhor (MORBID ANGEL), and Nick McMaster (KRALLICE). "In the Flesh" is firmly based on a technically masterfully executed unique style of Death Metal with a pitch black twist that creates a multi-cultural symphonic abyss where melody and corrosion meet.
As a work conceptual art "In the Flesh" is best explained like this:
NADER SADEK invite you on a journey to the depths of the earth, where substances of a repulsive nature dwell. Beneath the earth's crust, over millions of years creatures have disintegrated and decayed until taking on ghastly new life as petroleum. Like a return of the undead, petroleum and its derivates have wrought cross-cultural conflict, environmental pollution, and economic distress. With a visual and aural assault, Sadek's new work "In The Flesh" re-interprets petroleum's sinister insinuation into our everyday lives. Nine songs and a series of original drawings video works explore several aspects of the commodified resource we find ourselves fatally dependent on.
"In the Flesh" exploits the sonic links between death metal and gasoline-dependent heavy machinery such as automobile and airplane engines. These links shaped the process of musical composition itself: The album opener, "Petrophilia", kicks in with a sound evoking an engine starting up. Another song, "Of This Flesh (novus deus)", follows the sonic structure of a car shifting gears. While continuing to link musical composition to mechanical transformations, other songs depart from engine-based references. The outro to the album, "Nigredo in Necromance" which is already accompanied by a video, dwells on an individual's recognition that he must die in order to reunite with his deceased lover. The song riffs on the life-in-death of an oil-drenched society, as the lovers' reunite in their decomposition and rebirth as petroleum. This theme also drives the track "Mechanic Idolatry", which channels the uncanny thrust of Sadek's recent artistic output, as live human beings provide the fuel for machines transforming themselves into flesh.

NIGHTBRINGER was created as a conduit for our contemplations on the mysteries of death as it is understood in the tradition of the art magical. Formed in the year 1999 by Nox Corvus (guitars, percussions, bass and vocals) and Naas Alcameth (guitar, bass, lyrics and vocals), the band from Colorado in the United States recorded a two song rehearsal demo, which would be later self-released in 2001 on the CD-R compilation "Horde of Darkenwood" and featured again on the NIGHTBRINGER release "Emanation" put out by Starlight Templer Society in 2010. Ophis (guitars and lyrics) joined the circle in 2001, and two years later the trio entered Hellion Studios and recorded two tracks, "The Void" and "Mors Philosophotum", which were to be released via Vae Victis Productions. But the label folded, and NIGHTBRINGER signed to Full Moon Productions soon after. In 2004, NIGHTBRINGER made their first live appearance at the Gathering of Shadows in the woods of the Colorado Mountains. Since that day they appeared annually at this event until 2011. In 2005 the split EP with TEMPLE OF NOT, entitled "Rex ex Ordine Throni", was released via Full Moon Productions. The following year, a split 10'' record with brother band SERPENTINAM was released via Forever Plagued Records. After three years of writing and recording, NIGHTBRINGER's debut, entitled "Death and the Black Work" (recorded at Hellion Studios, now re-named "Flatline Audio"), was released in 2008 via Full Moon Productions in CD format and Forever Plagued Records in 3x LP box set format. The same year, the Americans were joined by members Valfor (percussions) and Horridus (bass) formerly of the cult Black Metal act DEMONCY. With the live line-up completed, NIGHTBRINGER played a handful of live fests on both the US coasts and opened for WATAIN in Denver in 2009. Shortly after, members Horidus and Valfor split ways with the band and session members were used for future live gigs. NIGHTBRINGER signed to The Ajna Offensive in 2009 and the following year was featured on the four-way vinyl split "On the Powers of the Sphinx" alongside SATURNALIA TEMPLE, NIHIL NOCTURNE and ALUK TODOLO. The same year, their second debut "Apocalypse Sun", recorded once again at Flatline Audio, was released via The Ajna Offensive in North and South America and by Avantgarde Music in Europe. At the close of 2010, Starlight Temple Society released a compilation of NIGHTBRINGER's unreleased and rare tracks entitled "Emanation". In the summer of 2010, NIGHTBRINGER did a West coast mini-tour for one week with Australian Black Metal act NAZXUL followed by an appearance alongside KRIEG and PROFANATICA at The Return of Darkness and Evil fest. 2011 saw the return of Valfor to the lineup. The same year, the Americans signed with Season of Mist and, in March, entered Flatline Audio once more to record their third full length entitled "Hierophany of the Open Grave". Conjuring up unholy sounds that draw from the blackest sources ranging from the majestic elegance of early EMPEROR to the fierce aggression of MARDUK, their third full-length gives rise to a mighty demon. Strings are screaming frosty hymns burning with bitter buzzing melodies, over which deviously arranged multilayered vocals are hissing incantations and spew forth throat-grinding blasphemies. This album also featured the lyrical additions and guest vocal work of Ar-Ra'd al-Iblis (Carl Nordblom) of the acts ACRIMONIOUS and MORBID INSULTER. Discover the new American darkness!

In the middle of 2008 Robert Nowak (Guitar) and Kai Bracht (Drums) came together in order to celebrate both technical and catchy Death Metal. The sound of the first song structures, created during the initial rehearsals, is best described as a mixture of Origin and Beneath The Massacre. It didn't take too long to complete the band's line up. The missing members were found in Michael Stifft – Bass and Christian Markwald – Vocals.
Soon after agreeing to pick PHOBIATIC out of a million ideas for the band's name, they hit the Studio in 2009 in order to record their first demo-CD called „Spreading The Plague“. In 2010 they recorded 2 tracks which can be found on their promo-CD called „An Act Of Atrocity“. After sharing stages with Immolation and several other death metal bands, they will now start recording their first full-length album which will be released on Hadean Records and mixed by Mana Recording Studios 2011.

SAMMATH NAUR is an extreme metal band from Poland featuring Valeo from VESANIA (Orion/BEHEMOTH, Daray/DIMMU BORGIR, Heinrich/ex-DECAPITATED) and Lucass – one of the best metal drummers in Poland -
The band was founded in 1999 by Sigmar and until now he is the only original member from the first line-up that has changed couple of times so far. SAMMATH NAUR released their debut album „Self-proclaimed existence” in 2005 in Poland through Empire Records (the label was owned by Mariusz Kmiolek of Massive Music) and in USA via Crash Music Inc. in 2006.
The album was re-reliesed in Poland in 2008 by Metalmind Productions. The band promoted it on Polish tour with bands such as Hate, Darzamat and Crionics.
In 2010 SAMMATH NAUR recorded „Beyond The Limits” LP which is the highest class black/death metal opus showing the modern vision of the genre. The band called it's style as a „Blackened Death'n'Roll”. The guest appearance of Orion from Behemoth and Vesania on vocals made the album desirable for fans all over the world even more.
Sammath Naur is:
MARO – vocals and additional guitar solos
SIGMAR – rythm guitars
VALEO – lead guitar
TAS – bass
LUCASS - drums

Sangrena was formed in Amparo-SP in August 1998 by Luciano Fedel (vocals, guitar) and Fábio Ferreira (guitar) and some months later Marcos (drums) and Adriano Chersone (bass) joined in. With these members, Sangrena recorded their first demo, named Sangrena, with four songs. That material was very important for the band as it was a period that defined the band's musical personality as well as style witch, at that time, was something between Thrash Metal and Death Metal. After a few gigs in the state of São Paulo in 2000, Marcos was substituted by Rafael Costa who had already been an acquaintance. Sangrena worked on new songs wich, in the Beginning of 2002 ended up begin in their second demo, named "Sanctuary of Fear" also bringing four songs. This work's repercussion was very good, generating contacts for shows in some states of Brazil and even abroad as well as several positive reviews on specialized magazines. In the same year Adriano Chersone leaves the band and Ricieri Geremias joins in to make Sangrena even more powerful. After many gigs in Brazil, once again the drummer leaves the band. In 2004, Rafael Costa leaves the band in order to live abroad and this time the guys in the Band have a hard time finding someone to replace him. They even found a great drummer, Diego, who lived in Jacutinga-MG, but a car made it impossible him to attend rehearsals in Amparo (although he destroyed the car, he escaped unhurt). After the tragic accident the band, looked for a drummer for two years, resuming their active in 2006, when finally they found Alan Marques, Who took even the post with had beaten with great competence. 
In 2007 Sangrena went to the studio in order to record their first album, named "Blessed Black Spirit" containing eleven heavy and fast songs. Sangrena became more mature and Gained valuable experience throughout of those almost tem years on the road. Playing an Old-School Death Metal and, influenced by Morbid Angel, Slayer, Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, among others, their tried to show all their hatred in the songs in the debut CD. The album "Blessed Black Spirit" has already finished and was released in 2009 by Darzamadicus Records (Europe) and Sevared Records (USA). 
In 2009 Sangrena played with the Brazilian band Krisiun at Campinas city and in 2010 they made a great show with the top American band Nile in São Paulo.
Sangrena is:
Luciano Fedel – vocal, bass
Fábio Ferreira – guitar
Ricieri Geremias – guitar
Alan Marques – drums

SLYTRACT was established in 2005 May, after Gábor B. Melegh’s previous band disbanded. Months later Tamás Galántay joined the band as the new drummer, and due to it, the activity of SLYTRACT increased, as Gábor has imagined before. The first shows were played in 2005 October. The first major step was taken in 2006 March, when SLYTRACT recorded the first demo with seven songs. Reviews were released by the local media, but the demo was immature, so the articles were not too stirring.
In the summer of 2006 Gábor broke his leg, and this brake-period caused a line-up change in the band. A new bass player arrived (Viktor Jakab), from this point the band stepped from a hobby band status to a professional. In the meantime, Gábor and Tamás spent a lot of hours and days in the rehearsal room, and the result was an overall style transformation. The music became faster, more aggressive, and technical features appeared in this thrash/death metal beast.
The next EP (009) was recorded in 2007 April with three new songs, better sound, better studio, which resulted a better production. The reviews about this EP were much more positive, than the previous one. It looked that SLYTRACT took some serious step ahead. The time has come to send press-kits with the 009 EP to record-labels. More than 30 companies and labels got the kit, and the Austrian NoiseHead Records took an offer to the band, and after a month the NoiseHead – SLYTRACT contract was signed. After signing the contract Viktor couldn’t continue his work in SLYTRACT due to his family life, so the new bass-player became Ákos Tuza.
In 2008 February SLYTRACT recorded the debut album titled Explanation: Unknown in Vienna. There are 9 tracks on the record, the producer was Mario Jezik. The album was released in 2008 April, and the Release Party was held in Vienna’s Viper Room, with Graveworm's headlining status. The album has marketed in Europe by NoiseHead and underground distros, and in US by Relapse Records. From 2008 April, Gyula Czeglédi as session guitarist supported SLYTRACT in live.
Explanation:Unknown earned positive reviews in the world-wide metal-media, and the album won the 1st place in the „Newcomer Of The Year” category on the IV. Hungarian Metal Awards. ( The first video was produced by SLYTRACT, and shot by Midgard Media in 2008 May, based on the track „Answer”. In the rest of 2008 SLYTRACT did a tour called „Spreading The Explanation” to promote the album all over Hungary and nearby countries, and during the tour the band teamed up with Powerground Management. 
Ákos left the band in February 2009 due to personal and musical problems, after that Viktor stepped back again as a session bass player. In 2009 SLYTRACT focused on further promotion of "Explanation: Unknown", played live as much as possible, and in the meantime the band also handled the writing and pre-producing process of the forthcoming material. It was a very hard-working, and successful year.
In March, the second part of "Spreading The Explanation" tour fulfilled, SLYTRACT shared stage with bands like Hypocrisy, DevilDriver, God Forbid as a warm up act. During the tours a new bass player arrived, Szabolcs Zsengellér, and due to it, the line-up is strong and fixed again.
The recording session for the new album was finished in 2010 December. The new songs are faster, more technical and melodic as well, get ready for some serious shit!
The new album, Existing Unreal was released on 5th August 2011 in Hungary. The World-Wide release date is 26th August. In October/November Slytract will go on tour with Demonical and Volturyon from Sweden., over Europe. The new album is also distributed by Nuclear Blast. 
Slytract is:
Gábor B. Melegh - guitars/vox / keyboards 
Tamás Galántay - drums
Szabolcs Zsengellér – bass/clean vox
Gyula Czeglédi - live guitar
Tamas blastbeat attack:

During the last cold month of 2010, vocalist MIKE CRESS and guitarist NIELS VISSIA decided to join forces once again to start a new band that would take the term “MELODIC DEATH METAL” to a whole new level. They recruited the talents of guitarist MARK OVERMAAT and bassist TIM BREMER to make sure they were able to achieve this goal . Devious drummer FRANK SCHILPEROORT was hired in January 2011 and agreed to help the band out during their live shows and studio sessions.
TSC (The Scarlet Claw) are influenced by the top of their genre. Bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, At The Gates and In Flames have influenced the band but make no mistake, their mixture of Scandinavian Death Metal and Deathcore blend in to a certain sound
and music that is clearly their own.
The members of the band have earned their stripes with their former bands and have played a total of 1500+ shows combined throughout Europe supporting bands like Hatesphere, DevilDriver ,
Volbeat , Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Dark Funeral, Nachtmystium, Born From Pain, The Haunted, Entombed, Merauder, Rage, Evergrey, Apocalyptica, Vader, Carcass, Sodom, Destruction & Neaera.
Their already highly anticipated first EP “BLACK ORCHARD” will be released September 30th 2011.
The Scarlet Claw is:
Mike Cress – Vocals (ex- Gilo, ex- Forced Evolution)
Niels Vissia – Guitar (ex- Gilo)
Mark Overmaat – Guitar/Vocals ( Iniuria, ex- Dead In Decadence)
Tim Bremer – Bass (ex- Dead In Decadence)
Frank Schilperoort – Drums (Devious , ex- Altar)

Since 2006 , technical death metal outfit Vale of Miscreation out of Albuquerque, New Mexico has been ascending the blazingly fast yet classicaly minded ranks of the most elitist genre to exist in metal. From their first painful birth of "Emergence Within the Corridors of Unholy Lacerations", the vision has been uncompromising in a quest for inner reflection, religious hypocrisy, and political intrigue. Headed by lead men Daryl Garcia and Brad Burris , the band is going in new directions with it's latest material from their self-titled demo. " We write about what moves us...from overwhelming political and religious hypocrisy to personal experience with individuals that have shaped us for better or worse." 
Their newest material takes their foundation of technical death metal ( based on Necrophagist, Beneath the Massacre, and Mozart influences) and builds a black fortress of dual harmony guitars layered with twin vocalists for an overwhelming, yet mathematical beast that is sure to devour death metal fans from all sub-genres.

Vale of Pnath was formed by guitarist Vance Valenzuela, bassist Alan Parades, and original vocalist David Lercher in Denver, Colorado in 2006. Shortly after establishing the lineup, the trio added guitar-guru Mikey Reeves to solidify the melodic and technical beast; afterward heading straight to Dave Otero's Flatline Audio studios to record their four-track EP.
The Tribunal Records release, while only achieving mild popularity, garnered rave reviews from the technical and melodic death-metal community. After a month-long west coast tour, the band returned to Denver to work on new material. Due to complications, vocalist David Lercher was replaced with newcomer Ken Sarafin, who joined as the band signed with Willowtip records.
The band released their first full-length, "The Prodigal Empire" on Willowtip records on August 9th, 2011.
Jeremy Portz was our studio drummer for both the EP and "The Prodigal Empire", and Eric W. Brown is currently our live drummer.

Visceral Bleeding was founded in the late nineties by Peter Persson on guitar and Niklas Dewerud behind the drums to perform what they thought was lacking in the Swedish death metal scene. A mixture of raw brutality and technical skill. With Calle Löfgren on bass, Dennis Röndum on vocals and Marcus Nilsson joining in as a solo guitarist they had found the right mixture to play their extreme metal.
In 2002 the band released their first album entitled "Remnants of Deprivation" on british label Retribute Records. Shortly after the CD was recorded, Niklas decided to quit the band focusing on his bassduties in Spawn of Possession instead. His place was quickly filled by Tobias "Rotten Boy" Persson.
Remnants of Deprivation received great response from all over the world and the reviews were overwhelming. Visceral Bleeding was at this time picked up by record label Neurotic Records and immediately started to write, arrange and complete songs for what was going to be the their second full-length album "Transcend into Ferocity".
Once again the reviews were overwhelming and "Transcend into Ferocity" made sure to establish Visceral Bleeding as one of the most extreme death metal bands out there. Following the release, Dennis Röndum decided he couldn't continue focusing on two bands without one of them suffering. Realizing he couldn't give 100% to both, he decided to leave Visceral Bleeding to focus on his main obsession - Spawn of Possession.
A replacement was found in Martin Pedersen who immediately joined in and gave the band a breath of fresh air. To promote "Transcend into ferocity" the band toured all across Europe as support to re-united Obituary and as main support to death metal legends Deicide. 
During writing process of album number three, "Absorbing the Disarray", lead guitarist Marcus Nilsson decided to take a step back from the scene and was quickly replaced by Martin "Germ" Bermheden. Directly following the recording of "Absorbing the Disarray" Calle got married and had a daughter, therefore deciding to take a step back from the band for an undetermined amount of time. Filling his shoes in the band and also helping out with the recording of Absorbing the Disarray was Martin "Body" Eklöv.
Visceral Bleeding kicked off the new line-up and album release with a five week European tour with Skinless / Cryptopsy soon followed by a another European tour, once again as a main support to Deicide. Visceral Bleeding then decided to take a year off from band activities and concentrate on their personal lives. When it was time to start up again they soon realised that Martin "Germ" Bermheden had gotten other priorities than Visceral Bleeding and decided it was best to part ways. Not long after Peter Persson decided to leave the band and fully concentrate on his personal life leaving the band without any guitarists.
A year of extensive searching for people to fill the guitarspots went by before Benny Bats from Prostitute Disfigurement contacted the band saying he was up for the challenge to take on the rhythm guitar spot. He was after a brief auditioning taken in as a permanent member of the band.
After almost four years in hiatus the band is now working hard on writing material for their fourth album, at the same time as the search for a suitable leadguitarist continues.
On Sick Drummer Magazine:
From the violence-ridden bowels of Baltimore emerges VISCERAL DISGORGE vomiting forth their debut album INGESTING PUTRIDITY. Serving up 9 bloody cuts that will captivate the enthusiasts of brutality everywhere! Featuring artwork by the legendary Toshihiro Egawa. Be prepared for this deadly release on Amputated Vein Records to hit stores June 6th, 2011. Make sure to catch them live this summer at 'America's biggest metal party of the year' the Maryland Deathfest, the Brutality Reigns Supreme fest or this fall at the New Jersey Deathfest or Las Vegas Deathfest in 2012, along with extensive giging to support the album. For a complete list of current shows, info and merch visit:
Visceral Disgorge was originally formed in early 2007, spawning from the remains of a former death metal band. After many many setbacks due to internal issues they are back. In late 2009 Visceral Disgorge recorded a single demo track that got the attention that resulted in signing a record deal with Japanese Death Metal label Amputated Vein Records for the worldwide release of their debut album.Visceral Disgorge then quickly built local, national and international hype. With just the release of a single demo track the band has managed to form an impressive fan base. 

Your Pain Is Endearing is a modern death metal band from Boston, MA. Though they draw influence and inspiration for the current state of music, they do not seek to follow trends. Their musical journey is far more personal and the music reflects their need to satisfy these individual urges.
Created in 2008 by Jason Eick (Burn In Silence, Better Left Unsaid), Your Pain Is Endearing has combined devestating brutality and technical mastery, along with a thirst for pure aggression. Each member of YPIE has brought their own unique dynamic to the band, while working towards the common goals. Pushing their musical boundaries in both performance and composition, they deliver the memorable and intense live show metal fans crave.
Your Pain Is Endearing has released a six track EP entitled Fall of An Empire, as well as a music video for the track Dawn of the Apocalypse to support the EP. Currently, they are working with Darren Cesca (Goratory, Burn In Silence, Arsis) to complete their first full length titled The Human Condition.
Your Pain Is Endearing has shared the stage with great acts such as: Emmure, Born of Osiris, Catalepsy, Attila, This Time It's War, Deception of a Ghost, The Ghost Inside, Motionless in White, It Prevails, The World We Knew, Chelsea Grin, Hell Within, The Summoned, After the Burial and more.

Единственный путь, который мне " "известен, начинается здесь.

Но чтобы видеть, мне не " "нужны были глаза.

Мы с Тувуном " "считаем, что в этот час он особенно " "прекрасен.

Огромное, ужасное существо " "посаженное на цепь между двумя бурыми " "колоннами, рыдало, уткнувшись в каменное основание, вокруг него " "неподвижно стояли зеленоватые вонючие нечистоты, подходящие "тинькофф потребительский кредит"почти к самым " "краям основания.

Пока ты еще в силах ее поддерживать, но "Веллер скачать аудиокниги"следующий удар тебя раздавит.

Скоро он получит ответ от тигра в ночи.



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