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Sick Drummer Camp - George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Sean Reinert, Tim Yeung, Danny Walker, Gus Rios & Dirk Verbeuren!
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 17:50


Sick Drummer Magazine is putting together an exclusive 5 day Sick Drummer Camp, with George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Sean Reinert, Danny Walker. Additionally, Tim Yeung of Morbid Angel, Gus Rios of Malevolent Creation and Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork will be there as guest instructors!
The event is open to those 18 and older and will be held the first week of October in Northern California, about an hour north of San Fransisco on a 5 acre private retreat. This retreat is amazing and offers seclusion, various class/performance spaces, lounge areas, hot tubs, an inground pool, billiards, hiking trails and much more. We will be close to nearby stores, shopping, restaurants, wineries, a casino and many other attractions.
This is not only a chance for you to learn from some of the best drummers available, but a chance to hang out with them for a week! You will be eating with the instructors, racing go-karts and doing other fun activities with them, and pretty much getting to know them over the course of the event. You will not only walk away with what you have learned, but with some new friends in the drumming world and what is bound to be one of the best experiences of your life. Not to mention, all of this will be filmed for a DVD!
Arrival Date 9/30 - Departure 10/5.
A deposit of $250.00 must be paid with registration, which will be handled via email. If you are ready to reserve your space now, please send an email to: drumcamp [at]
$1699 - 1 person room
$1499 - 2 person room
$1299 - 10 person dorm
  • All prices include Lodging, 3 meals per day (+ snacks and drinks) and all special events mentioned below
  • We do not cover the cost of alcohol, extra meals or things that are not listed
  • You are responsible for transportation to and from the event
  • All payments must be made in full by 8/21 - If payments are not made by this date, your space will become available again and the deposit will not be refunded
* There will also be 5 individual daily passes for $250 each. Limited to 1 or 2 per person. Includes 3 meals / no lodging
CLINICS/CLASSES: (more detailed schedule to be posted soon)
  • Daily workshops
  • Small group master classes with each drummer, your choice
  • Live performances
  • Individual time with each drummer  
  • Group jam sessions
  • Kollias, Roddy & Reinert group improv solo performance
  • 1 Show every night by an instructor or guest instructor
  • Indoor go-kart racing
  • Casino night (over 21) We will have a penny slot contest with a nice prize for the winner - movie night or freetime for the people under 21
  • Gourmet pizza night
  • Wine tasting with George kollias (21 and over)
  • BBQ night (we're talking Steaks, not burgers & dogs!)
  • Special private performance by Cynic or other band
  • Each camper will receive an exclusive DVD of the entire event!
  • Each camper (not including day pass campers) will leave with their own DW Go Anywhere Practice Set - autographed by all the instructors
  •  This is going to absolutely RULE!
We will possibly be making 3 van pick-ups at Sonoma County Airport on the day of arrival, but that will be confirmed closer to the event. There would be a 1:00 - 3:00 and 5:00 run, if we can swing it.
BLACK LIGHT MINI-GOLF (optional activity):
Please check back, as we will be adding additional information as it becomes available...
Thanks to all the sponsors who have donated to our first camp, your support is much appreciated: Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, Axis, Taye, Trick, DW, ddrum, Regal Tip, Toontrack and Pintech.
Sick Drummer Magaine reserves the right to alter event details and/or cancel the event due to lack of participation or any other future unseen scheduling/venue problems. If we are forced to cancel the event for any reason, all deposits and full reservation payments will be fully refunded.

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+4 # 2011-06-02 20:10
holy shit crap poop
-2 # 2011-08-10 17:43
What is the point of having this AWESOME festival WAY OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE?!?!?!!

Why not AT LEAST near a major airport so not everyone has to rent a car to drive to this random location???


+3 # 2011-08-12 19:29

The point is to be different from all the other camps. This is not only a drum camp, but a chance to hang out with these guys for a week in a very cool, and secluded, part of Northern California. There are 2 major airports within 2 hours and there are shuttles running, so no need to rent a car.

We are new at this and doing what we can within the range of our limited budget. The good news is, we made it happen :)

+1 # 2011-08-14 00:06
Stupid question ... why dont we do it in the second October week ??
+2 # 2011-08-23 06:26
What a killer idea and set-up. Something totally rad for the drummer community.


Jay Michaelis
0 # 2011-09-10 22:41
this is AWESOME!! however, i am a working class drummer looking to learn and expand my technique and can't afford this price tag+ a trip halfway across the country:( how bout some smaller, local (other state than CA) affordable clinics? -stl,Mo.-

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