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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 16:48

Cease of Breeding

Track: Death to all and all to death
Album: Sounds of Disembowelment

Cease of Breeding was formed in August 2003 by John(guitar) and Tom(bass) under the name Infernal Ritual. A few months later they found a drummer named Bill and Tom's brother, George joined the band in order to be the vocalist. Two months later Tom leaves the band and rehearsal continues as a 3-piece. In may of 2004 Leo joins the band as the bassplayer and the band name was changed to Cease of Breeding. During July, the line-up was completed with Joan as the second guitarist. In december 2004 the band recorded and self-produced the debut demo "Cease of Breeding" with 2 tracks. In February 2005 the band had their first live show in their home town. Then Joan leaves the band, but a replacment was found quickly, on 03-08-05 by Sakis.

Cease of Breeding performed the first Metal Fest in Alex/Poli(Greece) on 05-08-05. One month later Bill leaves the band and was replaced on 25-10-05 by Paul. On 21/22-01-06 the band recorded the "promo-cd 2006" with 2 tracks. In February 2006 Sakis decided to leave the band and the final line-up after all the changes is complete. The promotion of "promo-cd 2006" goes very well with a lot of very good reviews from several fanzines all over the world and with some labels showing interest. Cease of Breeding continues to play gigs and Metal-Fests with a lot of local acts, but in December 2006 the band had the honour of sharing the stage with the legendary Vader, in Thessaloniki(Greece).

Cease of Breeding recorded the first M-CD "-Expanding The Massacre-" in february 2007 and was released in February 2008 by Reverb Productions. In January 2008 Paul quits the band. In 14 March 2008 Cease of Breeding had the honour to share the stage with the Brutal Death Metal band from Germany Despondency, at Larissa Deathfest, with the new drummer Jan Benkwitz (aka Blastphemer (ex-Belphegor).

In 2009 the band started to work on new material for the debut full-length album, Sounds of Disembowelment. The drums for Sounds of Disembowelment were recorded at soundlodge studios in germany in January 2009. Guitars, bass  and vocals were recorded by stelios koslidis at massroomstudios in Thessaloniki Greece, in December of 2009. The debut album was mixed and mastered by stelios koslidis in January 2010. Additional mixing help by Leo.



Track: Embryo To Odyssey
Album: Behold A Pale Horse

Consumned is a progressive death metal band from Houston, Texas. In 2008, the band released their debut album "MANipulation." After the departure of their drummer in early 2009, the band contacted studio drummer Kevin Talley who later tracked all drums on the 2nd album "Behold A Pale Horse."

The album is to be released in Spring 2010. Duane Timlin who joined as full time drummer in Summer 2009 is currently working with the band on an EP to follow the 2nd album.


Enemy Reign

Track: Isolate
Album: Means To A Dead End

Originating from Denver, Colorado, Enemy Reign is a band that does not adhere to the restrictions of a closed-minded genre. Not afraid to draw influence from early 90’S Death Metal, late 80’S Grindcore, East Coast Hardcore, friends and fans have coined the term “Metal For Metalheads” As an appropriate description of the band. 

Enemy Reign is currently marketing their self-financed debut EP, Means to a Dead End, recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Cobalt). Under the leadership of former SKINLESS vocalist Sherwood Webber, Enemy Reign successfully self-distributed the debut EP digipak through their own online web store (, and many other digital distribution and traditional retail outlets. 

In addition to Webber, Enemy Reign also features Andon Guenther, creative director, programmer, and co-creator of Sick Drummer Magazine. Enemy Reign has generated significant buzz gaining the support of international press and radio. While the band would emphatically agree that the Means To A Dead End is a great representation of what they are all about, it’s unanimous among the members that Enemy Reign must be seen live to fully experience the group in its domain. From the acrobatic feats of Webber, to undeniable stage presence and crowd participation, anything can (and usually does) happen. 

In today’s turbulent times of music distribution, Enemy Reign are currently acting as their own record label but are using Means To A Dead End as a provocation to those interested in joining the fight. Looking forward, Enemy Reign plans to continue its homegrown marketing onslaught promoting the EP. The band will record their yet to be titled full length in 2009. With touring and major distribution on the horizon, it’s time to BRING THE REIGN.


Fleshgod Apocalypse

Track: Thru Our Scars
Album: MAFIA (2010)

Fleshgod Apocalypse is born in April 2007. After the release of “Promo ‘07” recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar Studio by the producer Stefano “Saul” Morabito the band signs to Neurotic Records. The two tracks contained in the promo are also included in the 4-way split “Da Vinci Death Code” distributed via Spew Rec. In early 2008 the band performs some live dates to spread his name in the Italian and European underground scene supporting bands like Behemoth, Origin, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Napalm Death and many more. In May 2008 the band enters again 16th Cellar Studio to record its first full-length album, “Oracles”.

In December 2008 the band decides to part ways with Neurotic Records and ink a deal with Willowtip Records that will release the debut “Oracles”. The album is distributed via Willowtip Records (US/WORLD) and Candlelight Records (EU). Right after the “Oracles” release in April 2009, the band started an intense live activity all over the Europe. Supporting God Dethroned in the Balkans tour, then Vader and Marduk in Funeral Nation tour and finally covering the UK and EIRE territories with the first Fleshgod Apocalypse headlining tour. In the mean while new songs have been written for a new opera entirely recorded by the new line-up: Mafia. It’s a big step forward for the band in every way. This one will be released by Willowtip Records (WORLD) on 18/05/2010. EU and US tours to support the new release are planned.



Track: Apprehension
Album: Self-Titled

Floodgates started in February 2009. Will Rhodes and the original drummer, Justin Anderson, had just gotten out of a band and were wanting to start something up. Will brought his good friend, Jeremy Couch, over to Justin's house and they jammed. They wrote a song on the spot and their good friends, Justin Lawson [who was the drummer's roommate at the time] and Patrick Otterson [who was their next door neighbor], heard it and joined in. Jeremy Couch and Justin Lawson stayed in the band and are the guitarists.

Recently, they have been joined by Joseph Whitehead on bass, and are proud to have Seth Powell, former drummer of Misery Chastain, as their new drummer! Will Rhodes is the vocalist of the band. From the start, they've wanted this band to be completely led by the Lord through His Holy Spirit, and they wanted their name to be no different. One night Jeremy, Justin (the original drummer), and Will were at their church in Florence. During the service, Justin felt like the Lord was moving them to start asking for a name. The three of them got in their own little places of worship and just started asking the Lord. When they felt they had heard from Him, they came back to each other and shared what they had heard. They had all heard stuff specifically about rain, a coming storm, and a flood. Will shared the name Floodgates, with the spiritual meaning that we, as the body of Christ, are the Floodgates who need to open ourselves up and reach our full potential as His Bride, so that we can make a way for His glory to pour out onto the world. It just felt right to them.

Immediately after Will shared it, the worship leader started singing the lyrics, "Open the floodgates of heaven! Let it rain!" so they knew they had been given a name!



Track: Black Medium The Great
Album: Victory or Annihilation

Hedor is a Death Metal band that emerges from a deep necessity to awake in each reasonable doubt about the shit spread through the mediums and the social system that is constantly manipulated by forces usually unknown. Hedor was founded at the end of 2003 by Alejandro Rodriguez, guitar/vocals, in Ibague City (col) under the name "Handful of Death".

Since the beginning, the band has had formation and constant work, after several processes and many musicians, (we are very grateful with those people because of their contribution and support in their proper time) the band has been improving and growing.

Nowadays, the band is conformed by Alejandro Rodriguez and Nelson Socha (drums/backing vocals). The band counts with 25 International shows, and had the chance to participate on important festivals in and outside the Country as well, and has shared the stage with bands like: Incantation, Inquisition, Marduk, Putrid Pile, Malignancy, Monstrosity and others with a brilliant International career.


Martyr Defiled

Track: Plaguebearer (featuring Steve Regan)
Album: Debut Full Length Coming Summer 2010

The death metal/hardcore behemoth that is Martyr Defiled, is one of the fastest rising death metal/hardcore bands in the UK, quickly gaining a reputation for an immense live show and unique songwriting. Having formed in November 2007, the band have gone from strength to strength, supporting the likes of The Red Chord (Metal Blade Records), Emmure (Victory Records), All Shall Perish (Nuclear Blast Records) and many others on various tours across the country, accompanied with slots on festivals nationwide.

First signed to legendary UK independant label Thirty Days Of Night Records, Martyr Defiled's highly anticipated debut EP 'Ecophagy' dropped on the 16th Feb 2009, and has sold over 700 copies by direct sale alone. The band has moved on to sign a two album deal with Siege Of Amida Records, and are booked in to record their debut at Foel Studios on the 3rd-18th May, looking at an August release date. The album promises to bring something completely individual to the table as Martyr Defiled's undeniably strong work ethic, constant strive to outdo themselves and commitment to the cause through thick and thin helps shape a sound that is more than technically advanced, yet still retains the hooks and pure riffs of the EP.

We're released a free to download single on the 13th Jan, along with a video and the announcement of the SOAR deal. The single was tracked, mixed and mastered by Justin Hill and Dan Weller of Sikth fame, and features guest vocals from Steve Regan (Annotations Of An Autopsy). We're really happy with how its come out - the single is available to download here!


Mental Apraxia

Track: Verdugo
Against Human Manipulation

Mental Apraxia started in 2001. The first line-up was: Juan Carlos “Masgren3” (drums), Alex (guitars) and Ivan (vocals). The first studio sessions took place in July 2003, "Cinical Hypocritical Existence" was our first full-length CD and it was released in October 2003 by Coyote Records Russia. Also in 2003, the band recorded its first “Promo 03” with 4 tracks showing its power.

Juan Carlos “Masgren3” also drummer of Colombian band “Mindy rotten”, ( won second place in the second edition of “Blast Off Digital Drum Competition” presented by Sick Drummer Magazine and MetalInjection.

Now Mental Apraxia is preparing to release its second full-length CD that will include nine tracks, some lyrics are in English and others in  Spanish for all our fans. Andres Mauricio Gallon was in charge of the production of the second full-length CD; it was recorded at Tucan Records in Armenia and Blast Sound Studio Records in Caicedonia. This track is called “verdugo”. Nowadays the mastering process is taking place, so this track is an example of how our production will sound.

The intention of the band is to play old elements of 90's death metal and the brutality of 2000s. Mental Apraxia lyrics are about human beings, cultural, political and religious problems that affect our existence and do not let us find the balance between reason and passion.

Mental Apraxia has participated in several gigs in Colombia: Bogotá, Armenia, Calarca, Medellin, Neiva, Cali, Pereira, and Tulua, besides  Mental Apraxia has played twice in Ecuador (Quito, Atuntaqui and Ambato), and with Disgorge (Mexico) in 2008.


Mindly Rotten

Track: Outside Forces
Album: Proliferation of Disaster

Mindly Rotten started In December 2003. The first line-up was: Duver Velasquez (drums), Mauricio Gallon (guitars and vocals) and Carlos Fisgativa (bass and vocals). The first studio sessions took place in September 2005, "The Most Exquisite Agonies" was our first full-length CD, and it was released in October by Grind Syndrome Records, a new Colombian label managed by Andres Usma (Postulated), now managed by Goregiastic Records.

At the end of 2007 a new member joined the band: Juan Carlos “Masgren3 “(drums), also drummer of Colombian band “Mental Apraxia”.

Mindly Rotten is now looking for a label in order to release its second full length CD, and its first video clip in HD format “Outside Forces”. It was made in Cali in September 2009 at the Santiago De Cali University, by prowedto,com; you have to keep in touch to be crushed by these two productions soon!

Andres Mauricio Gallon was in charged of the production of the second full length CD. It was recorded at Tucan Records in Armenia and Blast Sound Studio Records in Caicedonia. Andres Usma did the mastering in Canada, at

The intention of the band is to play a Technical Brutal Death Grind, trying to keep its musical roots developed during last 6 years. Its lyrics are taken from the knowledge and human acts which sometimes destroy and keep all human been thoughts, believes and creations down.

Mindly Rotten has participated in several fests in Colombia: Bogotá, Armenia, Calarca, Medellin, Neiva, Cali, Pereira, Tulua, besides Mindly rotten played in Ecuador in 2006 (Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato), and with Suffocation in 2008.


Nailed Shut

Track: A Hearse Named Desire
Album: Indecent Disposal

Formed in 2005, Nailed Shut rolled onto the Minneapolis metal scene like a casket out of the back of a hearse. The detuned decompositions of guitarist Ben “The Ghoul” Hansen were given a thorough bludgeoning by drummer Joshua Fetzek, and the addition of ax murderer Elise Olson (now Fetzek) formed the core of the killing machine that is Nailed Shut. Preceded in death by countless local shows, and a few short out of town stints, Nailed Shut has opened for diverse national acts like Origin, Cephalic Carnage, Vital Remains, and Soilwork . Nailed Shut is currently festering in the studio rotting, er... writing  new material for a second album. Some personnel changes have occurred since their debut album “Indecent Disposal” was laid to rest on self released cd, but the new lineup is more rock solid than a tombstone. Nailed Shut is clawing at  its coffin lid to rise from the grave and feast upon the flesh of the living. Coming to a funeral home near you.


Order of Ennead

Track: The Concept of Our Extinction
The Concept of Our Extinction

Order of Ennead, Hailing From The Legendary Tampa, FL, Play A Unique Style Of Extreme Metal. Blending Elements Of Death And Black Metal Seamlessly Together With Emphasis On Songwriting And Structure. The Well Trained Ear Can Also Pick Up The Distant Influence Of The Days Of Thrash. Not Forgotten Is The Ever Elusive Guitar Solo That At Times Is Melodic And Other Times Shredding.

Lyrically Order Of Ennead Stand Apart From The Typical Death Or Black Metal Topics. With Song Titles Such As "As Long As I Have Myself I Am Not Alone" And "Introspection And The Loss Of Denial", The Band Explores Existence, Abolishment Of Negativity And That Which Makes Up The Self. Almost As Much Time Has Been Spent On Lyrical Content As Has Been Spent On The Actual Music. Delivering These Words Is A Mid-Ranged Raspy Vocal That Is, Dare I Say, Understandable!

Order Of Ennead's Second Album Was Recorded At Audio Hammer Studios(Black Dahlia Murder, Devil Driver, Trivium) With Engineer/Producer Mark Lewis. The Band Consists Of Steve Asheim (Deicide) On Drums, Kevin Quirion (Council Of The Fallen) Handling Vocals And Guitars, Scott Patrick (Resurrection) On Bass, And John Li Taking Care Of Lead Guitars. The Album Is Due April 2010. Extensive Touring Will Follow.

So What Is The Ennead[En-Ee-Ad]? The Greater Ennead Consists Of The 9 Beings That Gave Birth To The Universe And Bestowed Knowledge Upon Man. Order Of Ennead Has Taken This Term And Used It As A Representation Of The Potential Creation That Lies Within. Through Self Awareness We Will Be Enlightened. Through Self Discipline We Will Be Ascended.


Wrought of Obsidian

Track: Bravest Hour
Album: At Long Last

Blending the fierce intensity of grinding death metal with the majesty and lyrical approach of power metal, Texas-based Wrought of Obsidian aim to break new musical ground with its inventive and commanding "warrior metal." Against a backdrop of swirling guitars, blasting drums and ever-changing timings, visions of bloody swords or battling demonic creatures easily come to mind. The seasoned four-piece, featuring Devourment drummer Eric Park, is set to release their debut album "At Long Last" this summer. Known for experimentation and uncompromising musicianship, the group formerly performed under the Hyperion banner, releasing a critically acclaimed EP in 2006, "To Capture The Sun." Tours and dates with In Flames, Cradle of Filth, Cephalic Carnage and Trivium followed. Dedicated to those who stand resolute and persevere, “At Long Last,” is engineered by Braxton Henry (Drowning Pool, A Dozen Furies) and promises to blaze a fresh musical trail of fantasy-driven, viciously aggressive metal.

~Jon Konjoyan, PIT Magazine 



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