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PDP Announces Limited Edition 20-Ply Birch Snare Drum
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 16:50

Drum Workshop, Inc., parent company of the Pacific Drums and Percussion brand, has added a boutique-inspired snare drum to its cost-conscious snare drum line-up. Available in 5.5x14” and 6.5x14” sizes, the all-birch drums come in a neutral flat black lacquer finish to match any drum set color. The incredibly versatile 2-ply all-birch shell offers a round, throaty tone and can be tuned up high for Hip-Hop or down low for Rock. DW Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good, explains the basis for the shell composition, “In many ways, our PDP line borrows from our Custom Shop drums with True Pitch™, MAG™ throw-off and lots of things we do on our high-end instruments are brought over, so that more drummers can enjoy these advancements. That said, it’s nice to be able to do things that are only for PDP. This is one of them. We probably wouldn’t consider a 20-ply drum for Collector’s Series, but it fits perfectly in the PDP line, and everyone that’s heard it is absolutely blown away!”
The Limited Edition snare, comes standard with Concept Series dual-turret lugs, MAG™ throw-off system with 3P™ (3 position) butt-plate, True Tone™ snare wires, True Pitch™ tension rods, plus more.
Director of Marketing, Scott Donnell adds, “The PDP LTD line has been a massive success. We can do small production runs of out-of-the-box ideas and drummers really seem to appreciate that. They also seem to really appreciate the price. The sound and build quality of these drums is truly impressive at any price. I think we’ll be seeing more LTD product in the future.”
Retail price for the 5.5x14” and 6.5x14” is $363.99. 

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