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Roland Introduces Portable TD-4KP V-Drums
Thursday, 01 November 2012 21:33

Roland is proud to announce the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable, a compact, easy-to-transport electronic drum set with a unique and innovative folding design. This new set offers players the industry leading V-Drums sound and performance with maximum mobility and ultra-quick setup time.

The TD-4KP features a kick pad, a snare pad, three tom pads, and three cymbal pads (crash, ride, and hi-hat). An FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller pedal is included as well. The 7.5-inch snare and tom pads feature a cushioned rubber surface that provides a sensitive, accurate response and natural playing feel.
All the drum and cymbal pads are mounted on a durable, integrated stand that folds into a surprisingly small size for transport and storage. To put the kit back into playing position, the user simply unfolds the stand and pads.

The included TD-4 Percussion Sound Module delivers a wide range of expressive drum and percussion sounds that can be easily edited, allowing players to quickly customize their kits. Ambience effects optimized for drums are included for lively, dynamic performances. The Coach and Quick Rec/Quick Play functions are ideal for effective practice, providing drummers with valuable feedback for rapid improvement.
An optional CB-TDP Carrying Case provides a convenient way to transport and protect the TD-4KP. The custom-designed bag features a shoulder strap and detachable pouches for the FD-8 and a kick pedal, plus handy pockets for a kick beater, drumsticks, and other accessories. Users can also swap out the snare pad with an optional PDX-6/8 for a true mesh head feel and dual-triggering capability.
With its extremely portable fold-away design, great V-Drums sound, and expressive playing feel, the TD-4KP is a perfect fit for a wide range of users, from young students to drum teachers to gigging players. Its versatility and small footprint makes it ideal for many different environments, including bedrooms, apartments, lesson studios, rehearsal spaces, and more.
For more information on the TD-4KP, please visit:



+1 # 2012-11-01 21:51
So is it essentially impossible to use a double pedal on this set? You could hook up a separate, upright pad, but how would you had it set up, with not only that center post "snare stand" in the way, but those cross beams which look as though they can't be raised?
0 # 2012-12-04 20:24
I had the same question about double bass and the Roland TD-4KP.

I called Roland, and actually got a callback (wow..woot:), but I'm not sure I got the right answer. I was told that no, you couldn't modify or accessorize to do double bass. They guy said, "That would defeat the purpose of the set to be portable."

Couldn't you just take one of the tom trigger pads and use it to replace the tiny little kick pad? I'm afraid to get this set on the hope that I'll be able to do this.

He did say that you could use one of those standalone kick triggers, but I am hoping to have it just be mounted to the set.

Wonder if anyone out there with one of the 4KP sets might be able to test this out and post a photo or comment?d

+2 # 2013-03-22 15:15
Hi Guys...I own a TD4-KP and I'm pretty happy with it. Indeed, if cannot map a second bass pedal only for the hit-hat pedal. The hit hat cymbal becomes a bass pedal as well! I called Roland and they told me that you can buy a KD-7 bass trigger and then use it with a double bass pedal. Hope it helps.
+1 # 2013-08-17 04:55
I have a same question. Could i use a double bass pedal in TD 4-KP ????? please tell me as soon as possible, cause i want to buy it emergency.

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