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Evans G14 Series Tom and Snare Heads
Saturday, 05 May 2012 17:05

D’Addario is proud to introduce the new Evans G14 series of tom and snare drum heads. The G14 features a single ply of 14mil film that delivers unprecedented durability, combined with the dynamic response of a single-ply drumhead. Ideal for use in high-volume performance situations, the G14 can withstand heavy-hitting while projecting through the mix to provide a full, aggressive sound.
The G14 is available in both clear and coated white versions, sizes 6”-20”. The Evans proprietary white coating provides additional warmth of tone. The clear version provides a full frequency response for maximum projection. The G14 is the loudest, most durable single-ply head on the market
“The G14 is the loudest drumhead available,” says Dick Markus, Evans Product Manager. “The 14mil film resists wear and tear while providing a full tonal response at all dynamic levels.” Evans G14 drumheads will retail for $21.00-$43.50 and hit the market in February 2012. 
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