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Roland Introduces The TD-4SX
Friday, 04 September 2009 16:05

Roland is proud to introduce the V-Drums® V-Compact® Series TD-4SX, the companion kit to the popular TD-4S, and Roland’s most affordable all mesh head V-Drums kit to date.

The versatile TD-4SX features Roland’s patented multi-layer mesh heads for the snare and toms, providing the incredibly dynamic feel for which Roland V-Drums are famous. With new 6.5" PDX-6 mesh pads for the high-toms and 8" PDX-8 mesh pads for the snare and floor tom, the TD-4SX provides a natural feel and expressiveness for performance or practice. It is also expandable with an optional V-Pad or V-Cymbal Ride/Crash.

The TD-4SX includes the TD-4 Percussion Sound Module, which features quality drum and percussion sounds that can be easily edited for tuning and muffling, allowing the user to quickly customize their kits. New ambience effects that are optimized for drums have been added for a more expressive performance. The Coach and Quick Record functions are ideal for effective practice, providing feedback for improvement. The MDS-4 drum stand allows flexible and solid positioning of the pads and places the TD-4 module in the center for easy access.

The TD-4SX is scheduled to be available in September 2009.


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