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Taye Launches New Community Site
Thursday, 29 January 2009 16:13
My Taye DrumsTaye Drums is excited to introduce a place that drummers from all over the world can call their own!

MyTaye, gives you your own voice. Post video, pictures, blog (if you already have one, create another); why not have your opinion out there more than once?). You can even post audio files so we can hear the band and hear its progress. This is a place for you to write about your day, your experiences at a show, how your lessons are going or when you get a brand new drum set. (even if its not a Taye!)

Come let us know who your favorite drummer is, what drum heads you use and ask for help, find a sub or a teacher. It can all be done at one place&&

Your questions can be answered at: , or

Come one, come all, join the newest drumming community!


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