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Nick Bentzel - Post Mortal Possession - Video Lesson 1
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 19:41

Nick Bentzel - Post Mortal Possession - Video Lesson 1

This video drum lesson covers some beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques you can use for your own drumming. 16th note fills, varying tempos, sticking variations and more.

Post Mortal Possession is a death metal band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, formed in 2013. Post Mortal Possession quickly began writing songs, combining influences from favorites such as Gorgasm, Severed Savior and Severe Torture, along with numerous other classic death metal acts like Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Deicide. After a year of dedicated writing, Post Mortal Possession played countless shows promoting the music alongside touring bands like Vital Remains, Vale of Pnath, Incantation, Rivers of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate, Fisthammer, Dehumanized, Kamikabe with many of Pittsburgh’s local and regional acts. Post Mortal Possession began gaining momentum in the death metal community and became known for their intense riffs, blistering drums, elaborate guitar solos and overall face melting performances.

In 2014 they recorded their debut EP “Possessing Entity” with Shane Mayer of Shane Brutal Studios. "Possessing Entity", consisting of 5 tracks of extreme death metal, establishes itself right out of the gate as a technically proficient, yet fiercely aggressive release (Tyler Cole, Tyler Cole Reviews). It is a clinic of riffs and brutality (Scott, Skull Fracturing Metal). With this release under Post Mortal Possession’s belts, 2015 should prove a catalyst for the ever-growing establishment of the band. This release is merely a taste of what’s to come. You can expect another release by the end of the year and regional touring throughout north-eastern USA as they continue to leave their mark on the death metal underground.

We are playing with Deicide at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA, on December 7, 2015! 

Nick’s Gear:

GMS CL Series Maple Shells

8x8,10x8,12x10,14x12 toms

22x16 kick drum

14x5.5 bronze Tama Star Classic snare

21" Zildjian mega bell ride

14" Paiste sig series heavy hi hats

16",18" Zildjian oriental China trash

16",17" Dream crash

10",12" Dream splash

13" Paiste sound formula mega cup chime

6" Latin Percussion ice bell

Tama iron cobra power glide double bass pedal

Vic firth sticks American Classic Rock 2b

Evans drumheads

Roland trigger and module

Gibraltar rack system

Tama hardware


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