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Jordan Mancino - As I Lay Dying - DVD
Saturday, 13 December 2008 10:56

Band Name: As I Lay Dying
Drummer Name: Jordan Mancino
Release Date: Spring 2009
Venue Name: The Grove - Anaheim, CA
Engineer Name: Daniel Castleman

Cymbals: Zildjian

14 K Hit Hat Top
14 A Mastersound Bottom
18 A Custom Projection Crash
19 A Custom Projection Crash
20 A Custom China
21 A Sweet Ride
22 A Medium Ride

Drums: DW Custom W/ Maple Shells (X shell construction)

22 x 20 Kick Drum
22 x 20 Kick Drum
18 x 16 Floor Tom
14 x 12 Floor Tom
10 x 8 Rack Tom
14 x 7 Edge Snare Drum

Pedals: 2 - DW 5000 Accelerator Single Pedal

Sampler:  DigiDesign Mbox W / a Mac Book Pro (this what I use for samples and my click track)


Kick - Shure Beta 91 (inside), Audix D112 (outside)
Kick - Shure Beta 91 (inside), Audix D112 (outside)
Snare - Shure SM 57 (top), Shure Blue SM 57 (bottom)
Rack Tom - Audix D 2
Floor Tom 1 - Audix D 4
Floor Tom 2 - Audix D 4
HiHat - AKG 451 B
Ride - AKG 451 B
Stage Left Cymbal Overhead - Neumann KM 184
Stage Right Cymbal Overhead - Neumann KM 184
China - AKG C3000

Live Recording Tips:

Anybody recording a live DVD, make sure you have a full set of back-up cymbals within reach in the case that you crack one mid song.  

During this live recording I cracked my china mid song, so thanks to proper planning and my drum tech Michael, we were able to switch out the china in a matter of seconds. I don't think anyone even noticed... I hope.

Drummer Comments:

Make sure to use lug locks on your snare!  Especially in the heat of a club, snare drums go out of tune rather quick.  Nobody likes to hear the nasty ring of an out of tune snare drum.  This latest live recording was a whole new experience for me.  It can be a little more stressful than a studio situation, since you only have one take per song.  However, there's something about capturing a live performance that cannot be replicated in the studio.



0 # 2012-02-21 07:11
Just wondering what a "Shure Blue SM 57" mic was. I was thinking it might have been a typo since there seem to be a few, like its an AKG D112 not an Audix D112. This is the only one I can't seem to figure out for myself though. Help?

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