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Jeramie Kling - The Absence - October 2013 Tour Blog 3
Monday, 28 October 2013 15:38
Jeramie Kling - The Absence - October 2013 Tour Blog 3
Day 3 - Delaware Deathfest:
Hi! Ah... Delaware (Wayne’s world) It was spooky as hell and looked like a shady part of town (Definitely our kind of place) this place was pretty crazy, had a bunch of merch tables outside, Relapse records had a booth, a hotdog vendor and a huge clown on the front of the building (a freaky looking bastard too), that was our sign this was going to be insane. We walked in and chummed it up with Kevin Quirion from Deicide at their merch table. The place was bust a nut packed and standing room only, a quaint hot little stage was waiting for us. All the bands were amazing and we made some good friends with everyone there, especially the band Another Vendetta and Diego Soria from Disgorge, Great bands! Broken Hope, Suffocation and Deicide all put on a hell of a show!
This Was a great show for us, we rocked hard and heavy the front 2 rows wall to wall were singing all the lyrics with us and it was extremely flattering to see the amount of love for The Absence! After the show we hung out with everyone and had some drinks then all piled back in the van to join that funky smell again then on to New Jersey to Pat's Mom's house for some late night Chinese food. BOOOOM!
Huge Thank you to all the bands and everyone who came out to the Delaware Deathfest! Thanks for having us! Hope to see everyone at the next Deathfest! Next Stop TRENTON!
Oceans - Brand New Single from The Absence, is available in digital stores everywhere NOW!
Instagram: TheAbsenceOfficial

Jeramie Kling - The Absence - October 2013 Tour Blog 2
Friday, 18 October 2013 16:59
Jeramie Kling - The Absence - October 2013 Tour Blog 2
Day 2 - Raleigh N.C.

More of the same with the scent emanating from the back of the van… What’s crazy about this show is we were playing a venue called the Maywood, we were really excited because we’ve only played at Volume 11 and as we pulled onto the street to the venue we got the eerie feeling we’ve been there before! Everything looked so familiar and BOOM... The Maywood used to be Volume 11. The nice thing was the owner, Keith, was the same owner! Great guy! We all sat down after the long drive and had about 3 rounds of shots! While our awesome crew, Cody and Lex loaded in our gear, we went to grab dinner and had some great sushi downtown. Headed back to the venue and Atma Weapon was playing and then another killer local band played, Jonin, both bands ripped it up and then we met some die-hard fans that had made the long trek of over 3 hours to come see us play. Our fans are the greatest! And now it was time to get down to brass tacks!
Pat and Taylor were really tight, had good vibes on stage and excellent crowd participation. We fed off the energy the crowd was feeding us! Can’t wait to play here again! We thank everyone at the Maywood and our loyal fans in NC. 
Our good friend Paul put us up for the night; much needed shower and rest with dick and fart jokes. After much needed morning coffee it was back in the van and off to the next stop - Delaware Get ready!
The Absence Links:
Oceans, a brand new single from The Absence is available in digital stores everywhere NOW!
Instagram: TheAbsenceOfficial

Jeramie Kling - The Absence - October 2013 Tour Blog 1
Thursday, 17 October 2013 16:32
Jeramie Kling - The Absence - October 2013 Tour Blog 1
Day 1 - Tallahassee, Florida:

First 2 hours of tour are the best moments on earth! Super exciting, everyone’s pumped, gas station food, screaming in the van and then reality sets in and a bad smell from the back of the van makes it way upfront for you to enjoy and you're left with hours of boredom. Tallahassee here we come!
Roll up to Tallahassee and get to the venue that wasn’t a venue at all - it was a house! Right then we knew this was going to be exciting. Cases and cases of beer, a cute PA system and lots of people with huge hearts! Crowd was into it, lights off and a very intimate setting and then the sweat started pouring and we rocked the shit out of this house, actually thought we were going to fall through the floor as Jamie had people doing a stage diving contest off the couch. Hung out with everyone after and had a blast, packed up our gear and they were nice enough to let us crash where we played. Hopefully we will be able to do this again! 
Great people! A Huge Thank you to Ben and Jerry & Haff Way House - and back in the van... off to Raleigh!
The Absence Are:
Jamie Stewart - Lead Vocals
Patrick Pintavalle - Guitar, Vocals
Per Nilsson - Guitar
Jeramie Kling - Drums
Michael Joseph Leon - Bass
Jeramie is also the drummer of Infernaeon, who can be found here. Infernaeon's latest release 'The Cancer Within' is now available for purchase here or immediate download from iTunes, Amazon and you can get the physical CD from the Black & Blue Records website or your favorite local record store.
'The Cancer Within' was produced/recorded/mastered by the legendary James Murphy (Testament/Death/Obituary) of Safehouse Production and mixed by Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain) of The Abyss in Sweden.
James Murphy was quoted as saying: "This is one of the best death metal albums I've worked on in a long time."
More blog posts and news from Jeramie coming soon...

George Kollias - Nile Euro Tour 2013 - Blog 1
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 18:06

Fifth day of the tour, pedals working better than anything I have ever played before! VERY happy every night! Well, not every night actually, thanks to Lot Airlines and US Airways my gear got lost and I had to borrow someone else's Axis A Longboards to do the show in Warsaw, which went ok.
I love the way this new beater sounds/feels! I can hear my natural kicks even with these loud monitors on stage and the weight is absolutely perfect. I keep telling for years, the beater is one of the most important things when it comes to the pedal. Even if you trigger, the weight of the beater and the shape are so critical for your playing.
Everybody on the tour loves the pedals and we are seriously having some of the smoothest shows. Tension is "almost" all the way up, gotta tell you these Microtube Spring Tensioners can go really tight!
These pedals work better than my previous A Longboards and what makes me really happy is that I get this right out of the box! They come with everything I needed before, so I can boost my pedals - hell yeah!
Stay tuned for more!
~ George Kollias
Upcoming Nile Tour Dates:
2013-09-05 - München (Backstage)
2013-09-06 - Bologna (Zona Roveri)
2013-09-07 - Spreitenbach (Open Circle Festival)
2013-09-08 - Darmstadt (Steinbruchtheater)
2013-09-10 - London (The Garage)
2013-09-11 - Manchester (NQ Live)
2013-09-12 - Glasgow (Audio Glasgow)
2013-09-13 - Dublin (Button Factory)
2013-09-14 - Dudley (Rock Zombie)
2013-09-15 - Brighton (The Haunt)
2013-09-16 - Cardiff (Bogiez Rock Bar)
2013-09-17 - Paris (Divan Du Monde)
2013-09-18 - Würzburg (Posthalle)
2013-09-19 - Breda (Mezz)
2013-09-20 - Vosselaar (Biebob)
2013-09-21 - Haarlem (Patronaat)
2013-09-22 - Leeuwarden (Romein)
2013-09-24 - Copenhagen (Amager Bio)
2013-09-25 - Hamburg (Markthalle)
2013-09-26 - Rostock (Alte Zuckerfabrik)
2013-09-27 - Szczecin (Slowianin)
2013-09-28 - Gdynia (Ucho)
2013-09-29 - Toruñ (Od Nowa)
2013-11-14 - Brisbane (The Hifi)
2013-11-15 - Sydney (The Manning Bar)
2013-11-16 - Melbourne (The Corner Hotel)
2013-11-17 - Perth (Amplifier Bar)
2013-12-14 - Lima (Bar Etnico)
2013-12-15 - Santiago (Caupolican)
2013-12-17 - Buenos Aires (Roxy Live Show)
2013-12-19 - Curitiba (Music Hall)
2013-12-21 - São Paulo (Carioca Club)
2013-12-22 - Porto Alegre (TBI)

Ryan Hilerio - System Divide / Epica North American Tour - Blog 2
Monday, 05 November 2012 22:09

What's up everyone? Ryan here with another update from the System Divide tour. I figured this week I'd go over my setup for anyone that was curious as to the gear I am using for this tour.

Shells: While I usually play a five piece kit, for System Divide I use a 4 piece Keller Maple kit - 22"x18" kick, 10"x6" rack tom and 13"x 13" floor tom and a Spaun 13"x5 1/2" acrylic snare.
Pedals: I've always been a fan of the Axis A longboards. They just allow you to play much faster for longer periods of time with much less effort than standard pedals.
Cymbals: My cymbal setup is a mix of various Meinl, Sabian and Zildjian models. My setup, left to right is as follows:
  • Meinl Byzance 10" Splash
  • Sabian 15" AAXtreme China
  • Sabian 12" AA Mini Hats
  • Sabian 18" Vault Crash
  • Meinl 10" HCS Splash
  • Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel
  • Sabian 20" Vault Crash
  • Zildjian 20" Z Custom Power Ride
  • Sabian 18" Hand Hammered China
Heads: I'm currently using Evans coated G2's on the toms and an Evans Genera Dry on the snare. For the kick drum, I'm using a Remo Pinstripe.
Electronics: My trigger setup consists of a Roland RT-10K kick trigger run through an Alesis DM5 module.
Sticks: Vic Firth 5A.
Thanks for reading everyone! Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more updates and some live footage!
Keep blasting,
Ryan Hilerio

Ryan Hilerio - System Divide / Epica North American Tour - Blog 1
Thursday, 01 November 2012 21:48

What's up SickDrummer crew? Ryan Hilerio here checking in with an update from the road, currently touring with System Divide. The tour so far has been absolutely incredible! The response from the fans is amazing. The venues on the tour are unlike any I've ever played before. Going from playing small clubs to 2,000 capacity opera houses is definitely a huge change for me. 

I've made some awesome new friends in System Divide as well as our tour mates Epica, Alestorm, Insomnium and Blackguard. This has been the best experience of my life, hands down, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'll try to get some decent drum footage soon and get back to you all!
~ Ryan
System Divide, Epica, Alestorm, Insomnium and Blackguard

11/02/12    Cleveland, OH          Peabody's Downunder
11/03/12    Pittsburgh, PA         The Altar Bar
11/04/12    Joliet, IL                  Mojoes
11/05/12    Saint Paul, MN          Station 4
11/07/12    Denver, CO              Bluebird Theater
11/08/12    Salt Lake City, UT     The Complex
11/10/12    Vancouver, BC           560 Club
11/11/12    Seattle, WA               El Corazon
11/12/12    Portland, OR             Hawthorne Theatre
11/14/12    San Francisco, CA      The Regency Ballroom
11/15/12    San Diego, CA           House Of Blues
11/16/12    West Hollywood, CA   House Of Blues
11/17/12    Phoenix, AZ               Joe's Grotto Music Venue
11/19/12    Dallas, TX                  Trees
11/20/12    Houston, TX               Scout Bar
11/21/12    San Antonio, TX         Backstage Live San Antonio
11/23/12    Louisville, KY             Headliners Music Hall
11/24/12    Baltimore, MD            Baltimore Soundstage

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Грудь вздымалась едва заметно и "скачать последние хит" часто.

Тем не менее, Румоко, разрушив Новый Салем, отправил на тот "скачать все сезоны спанч боба" свет так много народу, что, я "Mc office скачать бесплатно 2003" думаю, Румоко-2 отправит еще больше.

Наступил "бесплатные игры для всей семьи скачать" день, вокруг спешили по своим делам люди, "игра домашняя рыбалка скачать" но никто не увидел его, кроме старой женщины, взглянувшей "мини игры гонки играть" ему прямо в глаза.

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